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At Virtual Days we specialize in transforming the way businesses connect with audiences worldwide.  Our cutting-edge Virtual Event Platform empowers you to: 

  • Attract top talent globally 
  • Engage candidates in immersive, interactive experience at scale 
  • Convert interest into actionable and measurable results 
virtual event platform

Connect. Engage. Convert.

At Virtual Days, we go beyond traditional recruitment methods. Our state-of-the-art technology creates the world’s most attractive digital events, using 3D replicas of real-world venues. In your custom designed virtual booth or showroom with personal avatars, you can connect with candidates worldwide.  Beyond design, our platform features a range of communications tools as well as candidate matching, job applications and effortless interview scheduling directly in the platform.  

We run some of the largest recruitments events globally, cost efficient and accessible from any browser, on any device. Experience the future of recruitment with Virtual Days – where innovation meets results! 

One platform - endless possibilities​

Although we specialize in recruitment events, our platform offers endless possibilities for enhancing any audience. From conferences and trade shows to fairs, open houses, concerts, and more, we always create virtual events with a wow factor. 

User Cases

Explore how businesses like yours have thrived with our virtual events solutions.


Virtual Career Fair

Check out this insightful customer case study revealing how we created Sweden’s largest Digital Career Fair – Virtual Career Days. Gain valuable insights and inspiration for your event!

case study virtual trade fair

Virtual Trade Fair

Do you have clients who want to connect with customers worldwide? Host a Virtual Trade Fair!

Explore this inspiring customer case study revealing how we effectively organized a series of Virtual Trade Shows for entrepreneurs. Get inspired and learn from their success!

hybrid event digital layer

Hybrid Event

Add a digital layer to any event 
Looking to attract a global audience to your physical event? Go hybrid! Explore this insightful customer case study showcasing how a UK-based company transformed their physical event into a hybrid format, enhancing accessibility and sustainability.


Enhance Virtual Experience for Audiences Joining the Virtual Reality Event Platform.

Job Matching Technology

Our virtual event software governs on job matching algorithms which help filter candidate profiles and match them with their respective recruiters. Employers use job matching technology to search and shortlist the most qualified candidates applying for jobs and onboard the best resources.

Live Interaction

Engage the audiences in life-like virtual events and build candidate pipelines with live interaction tools. Virtual days extend its chat and networking features with meeting scheduler options to engage with each candidate right at the recruitment events platform.

Customizable Environment

Offer a fresh and wholesome virtual experience to your audiences with the complete branding of the virtual environment. Forget about typical virtual environment elements and custom design the virtual space with interactive booths, branded exhibition halls, and moving avatars.

Meet Our Clients

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sharing the experiences of our happy clients


We hosted our first virtual Job Fair on the VRD platform and were really pleased that the event attracted over 550 attendees and provided them the opportunity to engage with employers who were actively recruiting. Indications are that the event was very successful.

Tom Wick

We've been running virtual fairs with VRD for years, and all I can say is that their product is impressive. The chat feature works seamlessly and all 3D animations are a great addition. The support and tech teams are reactive and always happy to help - I believe VRD is the best platform in the online events market. I can't recommend enough.

Elsa Thumerel Marketing Manager

We are super happy with the result and the platform! Thank you so much for your support before and during the fair - the communication has been great and massively improved since last year!

Ella Reuterswärd Student Engagement & Partnerships Manager

We’d like to thank you for your help during our Online Open days. The event was a success and it went smoothly the way we wanted it to. Your Support Team has been available when we needed, and it was appreciated.

Juliette Maucoronel Digital Marketing Officer at French Institute of Fashion

Working with Virtual Recruitment Days is a great experience. I have produced four events with them and exhibitors and visitors have loved the experience. Their scalability, product, and support are top-notch.

Abby Guthrie EMG – Educations Media Group

I liked the feature enabling to view the candidate’s preferences – this helped a lot when searching for relevant profiles. The chat function as such is great.

Jana Houhova Johnson & Johnson Czech Republic

The event was fantastic, it made finding appropriate candidates very easy.

Eanna Crowe Manpower Ireland

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How Do You Build a Strong Alumni Network?

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How Attendee Retention Works in Virtual Events?

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Free Guide to Virtual Conference

Download this free guide for planning a Virtual Conference.  

All you need to know when thinking of creating a digital business event. Whether you’re a seasoned event organizer or new to the world of virtual gatherings, this guide covers everything from the basics and benefits of virtual conferences to organizing, planning, and executing successful events. We delve into conceptualization, technology selection, content creation and pre-event preparations. You’ll find guidance on choosing the right technical soulutions and a helpful project plan to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

Sweden-based company supported by Microsoft

Host beautiful virtual events through Microsoft

As a startup, this Sweden-based tech company was selected for the Microsoft Start-up Program. Now, we are full-scale Microsoft Solutions Partners in Modern Work and AI. Thanks to our close cooperation with Microsoft, we offer the opportunity to host virtual events through your Microsoft accounts and using Microsoft credits. All our services are available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and our products are co-seller ready for the entire Microsoft network.

Recently, we were also chosen for the Sweden Business Catalyst Accelerator Program as one of Sweden’s most promising scale-ups.



Check out our virtual events’ frequently asked questions

Virtual Days is a virtual event platform which provides software and services to enable different organizations, educational institutions or event organizers to host different types of virtual meetings and events. 

VirtualDays has created and owns a world leading software platform that provides all the tools necessary to execute world class online events. We also have an experienced team who have been running both client and our own events since 2018 with best-in-class processes and support. 

We believe in the value of physical events but in many use cases a virtual solution either on its own or together with a physical event can save time and money, increase reach and return on investment and offer greater accessibility and sustainability  

A virtual careers fair is an online event where employers and job seekers meet in a virtual environment. Employers present job vacancies and career opportunities to fresh graduates and other job seekers. The employers each have a stand in an exhibition hall which you can visit, like a face-to-face event.

You can, but for the best experience, we recommend logging in on your desktop or laptop using a Chrome browser.