Case Study: Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Trade Fair

The Challange

Eget Företag is a private company hosting trade fairs for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses looking to showcase their products and services to anyone looking to start their own business.

Prior to the pandemic Eget Företag organized large-scale physical events, serving as vital platforms for startups and business vendors. However, when the pandemic struck, the traditional model of these fairs became unfeasible, with few opportunities for their exhibitors and visitors to meet and connect. Eget Företag had to look for options, to keep their operations running.

The Solution - A virtual trade fair

The solution was to find a virtual event platform that could host large scale events, capable of replicating the immersive experience of in-person fairs while facilitating meaningful connections between exhibitors and their target audiences, using both chat and video meetings. Eget Företag discovered the Virtual Days platform and in close collaboration with the Virtual Days team, they crafted a virtual showcase that was not only flexible and interactive, but also had that wow-factor. Key features such as customizable venue designs and booth layouts appealed greatly to their clients, enhancing the overall experience.

virtual trade fair


Throughout our partnership, Eget Företag has during the years continuously innovated their tailormade virtual trade show, integrating an array of cutting-edge features such as live video meetings and digital goodie bags, resulting in an immersive and impactful experience for their audience.

The platform’s unique matching technology is used to match the audience interests, in this case business owners and entrepreneurs, with exhibitors’ services, all based on the visitors interests and needs. The exhibitors can collect relevant information about their audience, such as business information as well as contact details, enabling future lead generation and guiding them through the sales funnel using other channels.

During the events, attendees and exhibitors engage through chat, video calls, or schedule speed meetings, such as for complimentary counseling sessions or product demonstrations. Another notable highlight has been the live seminars organized by exhibitors, which have effectively showcased their brand and offerings.  

Additionally, visitors also have the opportunity to gather exclusive offers within a digital goodie bag—a feature that not only adds an element of enjoyment but also enhances the overall value of their experience, for both visitors and exhibitors.

Hybrid event - with pysical live sessions

A complement to their digital arena, has been a physical event scene where live seminars have been held, and then broadcasted live for the digital audience. This combination has offered a unique opportunity for exhibitors to engage not only with each other in person but also with a select group of entrepreneurs face to face, as well as the larger audience online.

Results and Benefits

The data collection part of the platform has provided Eget Företag and their clients to with actionable insights into visitor engagement, chat interactions, webinar views, and more.

Eget företag has not gone back to physical events, opting instead to embrace digital and hybrid alternatives. This transition to digital has not only widened their reach, attracting a larger audience but also their commitment to sustainability and efficiency. By eliminating the need for travel, digital events have proved to be a time-saving and environmentally friendly solution for both exhibitors and attendees. An impressive 95.7% of participants recommend their event to others, a testament to its success.

trade fair live session

-          "This marks our 8th event partnering with Virtual Days, and our journey has been quite remarkable. Since our first event, we've welcomed over 10,000 visitors to our fairs, with an impressive 95.7% recommending the event to others. They appreciate the accessibility, immersive 3D environments, and highly valuable content. Our digital seminars have been a success, with an impressive 40 000 views. Virtual Days stands out as one of the most feature-rich event platforms, empowering us, our partners, and exhibitors to connect with a wider audience in an efficient and engaging manner!"

Mats Evergren virtual fair
Mats Evergren
Owner, Eget Företag


"We at Svedea believe that the digital trade fair is a success. Participants can connect regardless of where they live in the country, and there is the opportunity to participate both in the evening and during the day. Perfect for the prospective entrepreneur who has not yet taken the leap and who finds it difficult to be away from their current job during the day. It is also positive that visitors have the opportunity to meet us exhibitors in various ways, such as through chat, seminars, short films, and to take advantage of offers."
Jonas Nilsson
Head of Direct Business, Svedea
"For us its very important to present in entreprenaurs and business ownwers awareness right from the start of their journey, and the fair has truly provided us with a fantastic opportunity to be visible and reach out. Our informational videos were viewed over 300 times, and we had many great conversations with curious entrepreneurs. Kudos to the fair for incorporating feedback from previous occasions to facilitate visitors and booth personnel."
Erik Enqvist
Stategic Coordinator, PRV
"For Björn Lundén, the Entrepreneur Fair is a very rewarding event. We have been participating since the beginning, and it's fantastic to meet all these driven individuals who are starting or already running businesses. We find lots of new customers!"
Ulf Svensson
Björn Lundén
"We quickly noticed that the digital trade fair is a really effective tool for us exhibitors. We engaged in lively dialogue with a good flow of customers. Our outcome was similar to that of the physical fair!"
Boo Gunnarsson
Visma Spec


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