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Why Virtual Days Recruitment Events?

Traditional physical open days and job fairs often suffer from issues like time, travel, and carbon footprint, causing around 60% of invitees to miss out, potentially losing the right candidate. Also, how do we know what candidate to speak to at a physical fair?

How can we maximixe accessibility and create opportunities for companies to find the right talent?

Virtual Days was founded to solve this problem, reducing recruitment costs and eliminating the carbon footprint. Our matching technology provides candidates and employers with instant feedback on job availability and suitability, saving valuable screening time. Being virtual, we can connect millions of people online simultaneously on one platform. 

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Volume or Global Hiring?

Virtual Days offers an all-in-one platform for tracking, screening, assessing, and engaging large numbers of job seekers, enabling faster hiring. Our dynamic, feature-rich platform customizes the candidate experience to suit your specific needs, such as:

  • Recruiting in large volumes
  • International Recruiting
  • Job Fairs that gather many recruiting companies in one place


Virtual Recruitment Event

Virtual Days are hosting some of the largest recruitment events in the world. Explore this exciting customer case study revealing how we created Swedens largets virtual recruitment event for young proffessionals, in a platform open year around. Get inspired and learn from their success!

Virtual Days Dynamic Optional Features

Virtual Days is essentially a candidate experience platform combined with various methods of candidate engagement in one place. Additionally, the platform allows you to completely tailor the way you wish to engage with your audience. Some of the dynamic options the platform offers for engaging with the audience include, but are not limited to:

  • Live chat and networking options at each booth
  • Resume search option available for each job
  • Company representative animated exhibitor avatars
Educational Events virtually

Match Making Technology

Looking for a high-tech recruitment technology? We offer efficient match-making tools and technology for employers and exhibitors to easily match the right candidate with their advertised jobs. Also, the match-making system helps attendees with similar educational or occupational backgrounds to interact in private or group chats.

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Branded 3D Virtual Environments

We use expert 3D animations, graphics, and visuals to create a real-life replica of your office building and help you fully showcase your brand in a custom-designed virtual environment. You can immerse your audiences in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform with attractive virtual venues from entrances, reception, halls, lobbies, booths, and webinar rooms.

Live or Recorded Webinars

Our platform allows you to personalize your webinar agenda be it live, semi-live or pre-recorded. You can invite remote keynote speakers to present live speeches from remote locations and easily address a large audience. We have all the social media channel integrations you will need.

Live Engagement, Networking & Gamification

Enhance the networking experience for a global audience with communication tools and gamification features. Build professional relationships in workshop rooms or by using the meeting scheduler option.

Online business meeting

Measure Event ROI with User Journey

You can receive real-time statistics on your event’s performance and complete insights into the attendee’s behavior. Plus, you can check out the number of registrations, log-ins, attendance, booth activities, webinar attendees, and the number of downloaded files at the event. Also, keep track of a complete user journey with the back-end statistics.

Get real-time feedback on the event through polls and surveys

Overall statistics speak about the event return on investment

Receive real-time analytics reports on the complete attendee activities 


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