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Why Virtual Days?

Virtual Days is a UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) platform offering businesses and Event organisations the ability to host virtual events.Physical open days and Job Fairs have been a common way of trying to attract talent, but this can be overshadowed by time, travel, weather, carbon footprint, and other issues, which can result in approximately 60% of those invited missing the opportunity. The right candidate may well be in that 60%. So how do we try and minimise that loss and create the opportunities that would result in companies finding right talent for them?

Virtual Days was created to solve just this problem, and in doing so reduce the amount of money companies spend in recruitment and bringing carbon footprint to zero. Our matching technology gives candidates and employers immediate feedback on the jobs available and their suitability, saving precious man hours in screening. Of course, being virtual, we can reach out over the internet to millions of people at the same time and bring them all together onto one platform.

Volume Hiring

1- Recruiting in Large Volume

2- High Volume Recruiting in Set Period of time

3- High Volume hiring Strategy

Volume hiring is when an organisation wants to employ lots of people over a set period of time. Potentially hundreds or thousands. A large scale hiring might be needed in to address a short / medium / long term campaign. Such as seasonal drives often in retail, call centres, shared service centres, hospitality and healthcare. VirtualDays platform offers all in one platform for tracking, Screening, assessment and engagement with large number of jobseekers down the hiring funnel facilitating hiring managers to hire talent faster. Since virtual days is a dynamic platform and rich in features we can fully customise the candidate experience or journey to suit your use-case.

VD - Dynamic Optional Features

VirtualDays is essentially a candidate experience platform combined with various different ways of candidate engagement in the same platform. On top, platform allows you to completely tailor the way you wish to engage with your audience. Some of the dynamic options the platform offers for engaging with the audience but not limited to are

Live chat and networking options at each booth

Resume search option available for each job

Company representative animated exhibitor avatars


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