Virtual Exhibition Platform

Showcase Your Products Online to Attract Leads and Boost Sales

Host a virtual exhibition fair to display all your goods and services before a global clientele. Our exhibition platform is highly user-friendly for both the exhibitors and the audience to easily navigate and explore the virtual event.

Why Host a Virtual Exhibition?

The virtual exhibition helps you reach your target audience, gather prospective buyers, and engage them with your displayed products and services. Moving your sales online is a quick approach to brand exposure and marketing your business. In addition, the virtual exhibition is environment-friendly and cost-effective compared to the traditional exhibition. So, optimize global leads and sales for the goods showcased at your virtual exhibition. 

Our platform enables businesses to host a dynamic digital exhibition and watch clients pile up in the court! The platform leverages branded exhibition booths, real-time chat, and networking features, easy document sharing, and great sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors worldwide.

virtual exhibition platform

Attract Global Audiences

Join Virtual Days and create a remarkable exhibitions

Immerse Attendees in Personalized Virtual Environment

A virtual expo gathers audiences in a custom-designed virtual environment with 3D animations, graphics and immersive designs. The exhibition space is personalized with interactive exhibition booths, reception desks, lobbies, exhibition halls, and auditoriums.

Showcase Your Goods at Custom Exhibit Booths

The virtual exhibition creates opportunities for global exhibitors to present their goods & services at custom-made online exhibition booths. The booths are branded with graphics, designs, colours, avatars, and downloadable videos or documents.

Attendees easily interact with the booth representatives using in-built chat features

Live Q&As, polls and meeting scheduler options available for potential buyers

Social media channel integration brings maximized leads to the event, driving sales.

Boost Sales with Real-time Interaction

Boost Sales with Real-time Interaction

A virtual exhibition helps exhibitors build sales pipelines by engaging audiences in individual or group audio/video conferencing. This real-time interaction among attendees and exhibitors helps generate leads and finally convert those leads into sales.

Welcome Global Sponsorship at the Exhibition

An online representation of your brand calls for a global sponsorship to back-up the exhibition fair. Our virtual platform offers various sponsorship packages for brands and their organizations.

Global Sponsorship

Win Excessive Leads with a Virtual Exhibition Fair

Win Excessive Leads
Features of the Virtual Exhibition

The Features of the Virtual Exhibition Platform

VRD leverages top features and tools to aid business relationships among exhibitors and potential buyers.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Exhibition

A virtual exhibition offers tons of benefits for multiple brands, exhibitors, and potential clients.

benefits of the Virtual Exhibition