Virtual Onboarding Platform

 Increase engagement and save time with a Virtual Onboarding Platform

Immersive, interactive and automated experiences for your new employees

Why Choose Virtual Onboarding?

Enhance your onboarding process with our cutting-edge virtual onboarding platform. Our solution streamlines new employee integration by providing a flexible, accessible, and consistent onboarding experience. New hires can watch webinars, access essential resources from any location, book meetings in with key members of staff and engage with interactive content for effective learning.
Our platform fosters a sense of belonging from day one, connecting new employees with their teams through virtual meet-and-greets and collaborative tools. Ensure compliance, reduce administrative workload, and gather valuable data for continuous improvement with our comprehensive virtual onboarding platform.

Onboard Employees Effortlessly and Effectively

Fantastic for both office based, flexi and remote teams

Welcome Employees in a Branded Environment

Our platform enables you to create immersive 3D animated walkthroughs of your company’s familiar offices or spaces. Greet new hires with a branded environment featuring your company logo, theme, colors, and standees. Custom design entrances, receptions, lobbies, and halls, and even map in your staff members or create AI avatars for a realistic and engaging setup.

Host Informative Webinar Sessions

Educate employees by engaging them in informative and resourceful webinar sessions. Upload downloadable materials such as company policy files, training guides, or official employee documents. You can set up live, recorded, or semi-live webinar sessions to fulfil the virtual onboarding process and online training.

Encourage attendees to
participate in the webinar

Use live Q&As, polls, and questionnaires to elicit attendee response

Upload company orientation videos to inform employees about the company

Virtual Onboarding Platform Benefits

Here are just a few reasons to use an onboarding platform:

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Personalized Virtual Venues

Virtual Onboarding Features

Virtual Onboarding Platform Features

Our infinitely adaptable and feature rich platform includes:

Create a digital twin of your company's headquarters

onboarding platform features

Encourage Participation With Q&A Sessions

Our virtual onboarding fair offers employers and employees live engagement opportunities with a real-time response rate. Here, you can engage each and every attendee in the event by encouraging their participation in the Q&A sessions. That is how you attend to their queries and immerse them in healthy discussions.

Track Progress and Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Effortlessly manage all platform activities with automatic notifications and comprehensive data analytics. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing technology, including Learning Management Systems (LMS) and pre-trained company AI, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding journey.

Individual Employee Training


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