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Hyrbid Event, Bett London


Founded in 2019, Qualified Tutor provides an inclusive and peer-led space for tutors and tutor businesses to grow, learn, access training, and connect, through events, professional development opportunities, a thriving community, and certifications. Qualified Tutor partnered with Bett in London, the biggest education technology exhibition in the world, for their 2024 event, providing three days of hybrid CPD-accredited workshops and networking for tutors.

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A Hybrid Event with a Wow Factor

With the ambition of making the Bett event even more inclusive event, Qualified Tutor decided to partnership with Virtual Days to create a hybrid solution so that anyone could join online and experience the full program from the conform of their own home. When seeking a virtual event platform to host their largest hybrid event to date, Qualified Tutor aimed to deliver an unforgettable experience for their virtual attendees. Virtual Days provided the perfect solution, offering the ‘wow’ factor they were looking for.


To get that wow-factor for the visitors, we built a 3D replica of the physical venue of Bett, the impressive and esteemed ExCel building in London. In addition to the exterior, the venue hosted a reception with a receptionist available for chats, a custom branded exhibition hall, virtual exhibitors’ booths with interactive features, as well as a seminar hall for all live sessions.

This replica not only captured the grandeur of the physical space but also featured a designed reception area staffed with an interactive receptionist available for engaging chats, branded exhibition hall, complete with virtual exhibitors’ booths equipped with interactive features, alongside a dedicated seminar hall for live sessions.

Mingle in Metaverse

To facilitate greater connection among participants, we also introduced a virtual metaverse mingle environment. where visitors could engage with each other while enjoying live sessions in a more creatively designed space. The metaverse experience enabled a fun and engaging way for attendees to navigate the virtual space using personalized avatars controlled via keyboard inputs. With seamless integration of chat and video functions, visitors could connect with fellow attendees navigating the room.

Results and Benefits

The accessibility of the virtual event enabled participants from across the country to join without the inconvenience of travel. They had the opportunity to engage in live sessions, interactive workshops, and leverage valuable networking opportunities. All in all, the virtual venue was able to replicate everything that was going on in the physical event and all desired featured was included, offering an engaging and dynamic experience for all participants.

The professionalism and class that we were able to present to the participants, hosts and sponsors during this hybrid event, has helped Qualified Tutors to gain additional work. 

    "The Virtual Days solution was top class! The team we worked with were outstanding and ran our project with tight deadlines. We had all the features we needed and was able to replicate what we were doing at the physical event. The professionalism and class that we presented to our participants, hosts and sponsors has helped us gain additional work. I would recommend the Virtual days team for quality, expertise, collaboration, and we would be delighted to work with them again."

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Odette Wohlman
Co-founder of Qualified Tutor


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