Alumni Networking Event Ideas

alumni networking event

An Alumni Networking Event or an Alumni Networking Job Fair is an online event that enables students and alumni to get access to recruiters.

How Effective are Virtual Trade Shows?

how effective virtual trade show

As is the case with all the other advancements of the digital age, the benefits of holding your trade fair online are bountiful. When you move your events onto a virtual platform,

Questions to Ask at a Virtual Career Fair

Questions to ask at a Virtual Career Fair

The first and foremost interest of any company is whether or not the person they are hiring has the required skill sets for the job. You need to know if the employee is a good fit for your company.

How Do You Get Sponsors For Virtual Events?

get sponsors

Getting sponsorship is a very important tool in terms of marketing. Not only does it raise funds for the brand, but it also raises brand awareness, increases the number of sales made by the company and improves brand image.

How to Promote a Virtual Event?

how to promote a virtual event

The first most important thing to do when you are talking about promoting an online event is to establish a virtual footprint of the brand itself.

A virtual event platform that entertains with the best event features and helps you to host stress-free virtual and hybrid events.

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