How Virtual Days Qualify for Best Virtual Event Platform for 2023?

This guide will shed light on what tools, features, and services helps VirtualDays qualify as the best platform for hosting your virtual events.
best virtual event platform

With 2023 knocking our doors, the event industry is looking for revised practices to carry on with online human interactions. We have surely passed the boring zoom meetings stage. So what is next in line when we talk about connecting people digitally? Virtual event platforms come to the rescue when gathering a global audience online, facilitating live connectivity and interaction. It shifts our attention from traditional face-to-face interactions to building a virtual community. For that matter, we need the best virtual event platform for hosting upcoming events in 2023. 

This guide will shed light on what tools, features, and services help VirtualDays qualify as the best platform for hosting your virtual events. But, first, let’s explore our digital event management and promotion platform, a trusted choice for businesses and event organizers worldwide. 

VirtualDays – The Trusted Virtual Events Platform

VirtualDays presents itself as a virtual and hybrid events platform connecting people from all over the world. It is the ultimate digital interaction platform with a wide range of features facilitating event planning, hosting and marketing worldwide, such as;

  • International audience reach
  • Global brand recognition
  • Virtual reality environment
  • Sustainable event solutions
  • Major cost-cutting and time-saving
  • Environment-friendly platform
  • Tons of interaction tools
  • Live metrics reports on ROIs

Before moving forward, we need to determine what makes VirtualDays the first choice for event organizers? 

Top Features of Virtual Events Platform 

At present, people are looking for an immersive experience for their audience. They wish to replicate the in-person networking experience. Now, it is either the video conferencing tool or zoom integration that supports online human interaction. But, it does not promise a virtual reality experience. For that matter, event planners opt for a feature-packed platform that gathers thousands of people in the metaverse and helps them carry on with business activities in an alternate world reality. The entire virtual space becomes the venue for your B2B or B2C events. Interestingly, more and more people today are inclined towards hosting their events within the metaverse environment. 

Thus, a virtual platform allows attendees to easily sign in to the platform, represent themselves as animated avatars and move around the space interacting and engaging with each other. Moreover, the complete virtual space is designed using graphics and visuals, which familiarize attendees with your brand. Hosts easily connect with groups of attendees within the meeting rooms, halls, webinar rooms or private chatbots to strike up 1:1 conversations. But, most importantly, the platform allows you to keep the event live and access it anytime from anywhere in the world. That is how we look into the future. 

Here’s a list of platform features offered by VirtualDays.  

Virtual Reality Experience (Metaverse)

Do you wish to create a beyond-reality experience for your audience? By stepping into the metaverse, our virtual platform becomes the ultimate global networking space for businesses operating worldwide. We welcome you to an immersive 3D animated environment that depicts real-life physical venues. For instance, a person residing in a village in Bulgaria easily accesses the platform through a live event landing page. Attendees are further directed to the event entrance, lobbies and halls where they get to connect with people joining from other parts of the world. This helps build a community online where corporations easily connect with remote workforce or industry professionals within their field. 

The metaverse has become the ultimate reality for anyone who digitally wants to connect with the masses. Our platform becomes the intranet software if you wish to convert your workspace into a virtual office. It facilitates organizations by bringing complete official meetings, events and dealings online. Your employees can easily clock into the virtual office, attend meetings, close deals, and make big bucks right from the virtual space. Learn more from our complete guide to virtual office

Likewise, you can create a virtual reality experience for business partners and peers joining from across the globe. Whether it is a conference, job fair, open day or exhibition, our virtual platform facilitates elaborate online networking and engagement. So, why not go digital? 

Altogether, VirtualDays extends its metaverse features such as;

  • Immersive AR-VR experience 
  • Virtual venues 
  • Human-Computer Interface technology (HCI)
  • Lifelike human interactions
  • Quick global networking
  • Remote operating system 
  • Cross-platform compatibility

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Customizable 3D Environment. 

Imagine that you have stepped into the metaverse. Now, how would you create a personalized experience for your attendees? It is clear that your attendees confine in your brand and now wants to connect with you over the cloud. But how would you recreate the live experience for them as per their expectations? Our virtual platform allows you to fully custom-design the environment as per your brand and company culture. So, if you are hosting a corporate business event, then you can easily use company logos, themes, and colours allowing attendees to relate better. 

Basically, our platform becomes your very own space to design and decorate. From the entrance to the halls, the environment is studded with company representative avatars, banners, videos, standees, designed booths and webinar rooms. In short, the entire space speaks about your company and represents your company culture. With global recognition, your brand creates an uproar worldwide. Altogether you get to;

  • Welcome attendees at the 3D animated entrance, lobby and halls
  • Attendees easily sift through the like-like virtual venue
  • Diverse range of avatars represent company hosts and staff
  • Custom-designed booths uniquely  

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Virtual Matchmaking Technology

Again, VirtualDays being the best virtual event platform, extends quick profile-matching technology that helps connect with your ideal match. Like, the platform allows choosing exhibitors as per visitor preferences. This way, the audience directly reaches the exhibitors matching their interests and relevant experience.  

Take, for instance; you are hosting a virtual job fair over at our platform. Initially, the virtual matchmaking technology helps filter the candidate profiles as per your commands and shortlist profiles that best match the job descriptions.

Live Interaction and Networking

Our virtual event platform extends its live chat tools for people to easily move around the networking space and connect with people from the other end. Also, the video conferencing options help replicate face-to-face human networking. Here, the attendees can easily book meeting with hosts, presenters or speakers. Moreover, the roundtable conferences facilitate maximum interaction among the team members. This overall helps attendees to share their ideas, discuss important issues and land at a conclusion. 

Just like that, our platform keeps the audience engaged throughout the event. Live alerts and notifications feature is also available to share updates and information. 

Live Webinars and Workshops

Interestingly, our virtual platform facilitates live human interaction and networking far better than in-person dealings. There are a number of options available for hosts to engage their audience, like meetings, workshops, webinars or breakout sessions. Basically, webinars are considered the right approach to address a large number of attendees at once. Here, keynote speakers get a chance to educate and inform attendees on industry trends. Not just that, live polls, Q&As, quizzes and gamification features keep the conversations going.

Likewise, the platform allows hosting live workshops at a virtual roundtable. With a clear agenda, the workshop keeps hundreds of attendees engaged and entertained throughout the event. If you are an event organiser hoping to host a virtual workshop, then here’s how you can host an impressionable event.

  • Open with icebreaker activities
  • Schedule collaborative sessions
  • Split members into breakout rooms
  • Engage attendees in virtual quizzes
  • Run training sessions
  • Spark roundtable discussions 

In addition to this, our platform allows you to engage your attendees in fun activities and segments that better suit with your event goals. For instance, if you are to host a remote team networking event, then the best strategy is to keep attendees entertained and engaged in team-building activities.

Cross Devise Compatibility 

VirtualDays being the best virtual event platform, is accessible from any device, be it a laptop, desktop, or mobile (Android + iOS). It offers a flawless user experience facilitating attendees to easily navigate through the user-friendly interface. In fact, it is the broad device compatibility that hooks users to our platform. 

So if you are on the go, all you need to do is just sign into the platform and access the live event. Thus, with quick accessibility feature we categorise ourself as the best virtual event platform. 

Real-time Data and Statistics

Let’s forget about the tiring process of paper documentation and calculations. Now, the best virtual event platform brings you real-time reports on event statistics. For instance, the exact numbers for attendee registrations, booth visits, webinar attendance, and other event impressions are recorded. Plus, you have the accurate data displayed on the screen throughout the event. This is an advanced approach to traditional processes of data collection and restoration. 

In return, the complete data helps gauge the event return on investments. You need not wait on event reports to analyse the success of the event. Instead, you can access the ROIs anytime on the go. 

Final Thoughts 

What makes VirtualDays the best virtual event platform for the year 2023? In all its greatness, VirtualDays is ready to introduce the world with an augmented reality experience achieved through a VR device. Now, you can literally step into the metaverse and live in an alternate 3D reality that is called ‘the future.’ We welcome you to explore the potential and features of our platform and start planning your next corporate, educational or recreational event with us. 

Get a demo today to experience a world that is way ahead in the game. Our virtual events platform is the ultimate redemption for event planners operating from around the world.

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