Do you wish to gather remote employees, executives, clients, and partners all in one place? It’s time to move your workplace online. An online workspace streamlines the workflow among your on-site and remote teams. Creating a replica of your physical office location in digital space helps you earn the interests of a global clientele. For that matter, businesses now move their business operations online to a virtual office. It is a highly accessible and convenient option for your workforce around the world. Precisely, everything is happening on the cloud, and no physical station is required. Forget about driving to work. Now, with a few clicks, you reach your digital office. 

You do not have to be a small business owner or an online business to create a virtual office for your business. Instead, a virtual workspace is beneficial for anyone and everyone aiming to expand their business reach worldwide. So, going forward with the latest business trends, a virtual workspace is necessary to operate within the metaverse. Yet again, the virtual platforms come to the rescue when setting up a virtual office within the digital space. All we need is a feature-enriched and customizable 3D virtual events platform. 

How Do You Define a Virtual Office? 

Basically, a virtual office is a custom-designed branded virtual environment depicting your company culture. You now have an online business address and a 24/7 live office with a unified communications system. It is a safe space for your employees, clients, and customers to engage in b2b and b2c communications. It has ample space with reception, lobby, halls, booths, roundtables, meeting rooms, exhibit halls, and conference rooms. In addition, the company’s representative avatars encourage real-life interactions among workers residing at far ends of the world.

The best part about your virtual office is that it is accessible to a large number of people. On top, it is sustainable for all your business communications and customer interactions. Overall, the platform is most suitable for a hybrid work model. 

But why do we need a virtual office? Let’s face it; It is impossible to manage online business activities through zoom meetings alone. So now you need a workplace where all your employees can show up at work, interact with fellow team members, welcome your clients online and engage in b2b meetings with remote industry professionals.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Office?

Having a virtual workspace for all your business networking and interactions can make a big difference. In fact, bringing the headquarters online is the first step in the future. A virtual presence markets your brand before the world. Businesses now wish to interact with you and make online connections. Be it a business meeting, conference, or roundtable discussion, online interaction is preferred over a physical one. 

Basically, it is about gathering all the executives, business partners, and industry professionals online to operate in a coworking space. Thus, a company-specific and personalized virtual office is the right place to streamline all your business communications. 

Today, companies encourage remote hiring. But, after a lengthy virtual recruitment process, the organization struggles to accommodate these remote teams. So, accomodating a large team of remote workers, a virtual office becomes the ultimate platform for hosting virtual conferences, meetings, and roundtable discussions. Also, check why virtual offices will be the next big thing.

How to Set up a Virtual Office Space?

Now the question arises: how do we set up a virtual office. Firstly, partnering with a virtual platform gets you in the game. It is best to look for a platform that offers a customizable 3D virtual workspace with abundant networking, engagement, and support features. An office should be a place to keep all the important files, documents, and records safe with accessibility at all times. Information and resources should also remain confidential at all times. 

The coworking virtual office should accommodate all the coworkers in one place and offer them a chance to operate throughout the day. For instance, the employees may sign up at the workspace first thing in the morning, attend meetings, engage with clients and work remotely through their shift. Hence, the year 2022 demands reformed practices for businesses aiming to cross the market and win maximized revenue. 

Create a Branded Virtual Space 

The first step to creating a virtual office for your business is to personalize the workspace. To begin with, a 3D virtual environment is created with visuals, graphics, and animations. Basically, a virtual walkthrough space provides you with an exact replication of your physical office. The virtual environment is entirely customizable, from the main hall to the reception. For instance, virtual platforms use the following branding features to replicate your physical office environment.

  • Company logo 
  • Color scheme
  • Theme
  • Building structure
  • Company representative avatars 

It becomes the second home for the remote teams who have not had the chance to visit you physically. To illustrate, a virtual workspace is the combination of the following:

  • Entrance
  • Reception 
  • Lobby
  • Halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Roundtables
  • Executive rooms 
  • Coworking space
  • Exhibition halls 
  • Webinar halls
  • Walkthrough building 
  • Recreational rooms

Thus, a virtual platform offers complete branding of the environment to help organizations create a personalized virtual office. In addition, a custom-designed workspace is an attraction for the workforce and encourages routine attendance. 

Host Meetings at Virtual Roundtables  

Are you confused about your routine discussions with coworkers? When gathering your employee base online, remember that the teams need a safe space to carry on their routine meetings. If HR wishes to hold a private meeting with an employee, they must engage in a discussion at the virtual roundtable. Also, the roundtables easily accommodate up to six individuals with one moderator. So, for any discussion to take place, a virtual roundtable with inbuilt chat and conferencing options allows coworkers to interact in real-time. A scheduled virtual meeting among the team members helps discuss important business matters, share ideas and reach a final decision on the topic of discussion. 

Interestingly, the virtual workspace has built-in alerts and notifications that inform the workers about their meetings or discussions with others. Similarly, a meeting scheduler option is available that facilitates executives to schedule roundtable meetings with clients, customers, or employees. It is a formal and traditional method of carrying out business communications. On the whole, virtual roundtable meetings offer tons of benefits. To name a few: 

  • Allows sharing of quality information
  • Help share varied perspectives 
  • Engages everyone in the discussion 
  • Expert ideas help make decisions 
  • Action-oriented discussions 
  • Executing projects with ease
  • Closing deals within the platform 

Engage Employees in Virtual Conferences

virtual conference gathers a large sum of people together to inform workers on the new business trends, course of action, and input required from the workforce. For that matter, the virtual platform becomes the ultimate source of information sharing. For example, a custom-designed hall allows hosting a live, semi-live, or pre-recorded webinar to educate employees. In addition, there is a resource vault available on the portal, which allows employees to save the information, videos, brochures, and files to access later at any time. In fact, the conferences expand the networking and engagement opportunities for the workforce and clientele. 

A conference hall exists within the virtual office, yet it has the capacity to accommodate double or triple the number of your employees. A text, audio, or video chat option is available for you to engage in one-on-one or group meetings. In addition, the workspace has an in-build attendee database search option that acts as the match matching tool for your organization. Overall, the virtual workspace offers tons of engagement opportunities, such as:

  • Text, audio, or video chat
  • Hold live Q&A sessions
  • Engage in live polls and quizzes 
  • Gamification features
  • Alerts and notifications 
  • In-built chat option 
  • Meeting scheduler 
  • Reserve chat slots 

Use Virtual Library for Documentation 

Remember how office documents took up most of the space on your table? Filling up the drawers or cabinets with heavy documentation on the business deals, clientele, and the employees was one way to do it. But, with the rise in digital technology, large files get stored in digital folders. Moreover, there is no limit to saving data compared to older office documentation methods. Thus, to facilitate the workflow for your digital workplace, a virtual library is set up. All the data is stored and secured within the virtual library, from heavy videos and files to extensive business documents. For instance, secure folders allotted to each employee help them through routine tasks, meetings, and presentations. 

Use Webinar Rooms for Official Presentations 

Fortunately, a virtual office helps successfully host routine official presentations. The webinar rooms in the office space make it easy for work presentations to take place. Presenters either host live, semi-live, or pre-recorded presentations to educate and inform coworkers about their research. Likewise, the webinar rooms help executives hold official presentations before the clients. The speakers use the platform to their advantage and host multiple presentations within the virtual workspace. In fact, it can go all day long. 

On the other hand, the guest speakers also use feature-rich virtual office space to present their work before the chairs. An on-demand webinar option is also available. Also, there is no condition on the number of attendees for each presentation. Anyone or everyone can attend an official presentation. The platform facilitates presenting any kind of digital content through the presentation. It is highly engaging for the attendees. For instance, the presenters engage the audience in live chat, Q&A sessions, and live polling. 

Streamline 24/7 Business Communications 

Your virtual office is open for business communications at all times. The digital headquarters are accessible to your workforce joining from anywhere in the world. In addition, you now have a permanent address and contact for your company.

Virtual Business Address:

Your global clientele is looking for ways to interact with you more effectively. Therefore, a virtual business mailing address works in favor of you and your customers. Now, the most credible clients have access to your business and get to engage with you at any time. 

Receptionist on duty:

The office space has a receptionist available live 24/7. This representative attends to all the queries and guides you through the workplace. All the business correspondence takes place in a safe and confidential manner—moreover, the receptionist books all your meetings and schedules presentations right within the virtual office platform. Thus, the clients or customers joining the office space have a guide at their disposal. In fact, the customers receive professional treatment just as they receive when visiting a physical office. 

Shared Workstations:

A coworking space facilitates business communications among teams or clients. The shared workstations are made accessible to all at all times. Thus, there exist no communication gaps or delays due to the time difference between most parties. Hence, a business project runs efficiently through a shared workstation. 

How do Virtual Offices Benefit You?

A virtual office sets you apart from the competition. An online presence markets your brand before the world and expands your reach globally. Therefore, it is only beneficial for you to set up a virtual office and offer a coworking space to your workforce. 

Contributing to Green Environment

By moving your workspace online, you cut down on the carbon footprint. In addition, a virtual presence helps save the environment from harmful impacts on the atmosphere, health, and overall planet. For instance, all you need is an uninterrupted internet connection, a laptop, or a mobile device to access your office. It does not matter if your employee is from Timbuktu or the Sahara; a virtual workspace gathers all in a safe green environment. It ensures the air outside is breathable for you and that your work does not pose a threat to the environment. Also, check how the virtual industry is fighting for a green environment

All in all, your initiative saves the environment from:

  • Air pollutants
  • Carbon emissions 
  • Energy waste
  • Paper waste
  • Electricity consumption
  • Transportation emissions

To rectify this, the virtual office contributes to the green environment through:

  • Gathering people in a 3D virtual space
  • Makes use of digital tech and tools 
  • Offers a breathable air for the masses
  • Diminishes the need for transportation and traveling
  • Ensure improved health conditions 
  • Overall stable climate conditions  

Cost-effective Approach 

If you are a startup or company operating on a low budget, then you must be familiar with the expenses of establishing a corporate office. You expect the costs of building, equipment, and employee accommodation. Plus, the overhead costs of running a company weigh you down. Saving your day, virtual offices help you cut the expenses of renting out a building. 

The absence of a physical venue helps save on the building maintenance costs, caretaker expenditures, and routine expenses. Also, your staff does not need to travel to a location each morning. It helps save fuel, vehicle maintenance, and local traveling expenses. So just with a few clicks, they sign into the workspace and enjoy their work from home. Now, everything is happening over the internet and backed by tech and tools featured by the virtual platform. 

Facilitates Remote Hirings

A virtual office fights all the physical barriers for your organization. Interestingly, the shift to a virtual platform facilitates remote hiring for your business. Onboarding remote employees and familiarizing them with your in-house team is the best use of a virtual workspace. In fact, the platform has become the central hub for remote communications, networking, and business interactions. For instance, a remote team presents new ideas and discusses possible solutions for the project at a virtual roundtable discussion. Thus, a virtual office seamlessly integrates remote teams within the organization and offers ample opportunities for virtual engagement. 

Markets Products and Services Worldwide

Showcasing the products and services to a wider audience helps market the brand to a global clientele. Therefore, an online presentation of your business is highly beneficial for the success of your businessFor that matter, a virtual office becomes the virtual showroom for your products and services. The clients step into your workspace and easily engage with the services. The product demonstration videos, guides, and catalogs guide the customers toward an honest purchase. Your clients need not visit a physical showroom to make the purchase. Instead, a virtual showroom gets displayed on their laptop screens. 

24/7 Technical Support

A physical office is dependent on the constant support of your IT team, technical support, and account management. You need good resources and teams to support the swift functioning of your business. To overcome this, the virtual support team takes up all the hassle for your IT, tech, and software. It helps organizations focus on the core company tasks and trust the platform with all the technical support.

In Conclusion

If you wish to have access to your company’s resources at all times, then a virtual office is the right place for you. Be it remote teams, clients, or in-house employees, a virtual office gathers all under one roof. Not just that, it accommodates, facilities, and supports global teams, partners, and industry professionals when it comes to hosting a virtual meeting, webinar, or conference. It is the central hub for all your business communications and global networking. Fortunately, partnering with a virtual platform eases the process of virtual operations of your organization. Leave it up to a virtual platform to facilitate your online interactions, accelerating global leads and covering all the technicalities. 

Virtual Days welcomes global organizations, businesses, and enterprises to build their online presence within the marketplace. Creating a virtual office in 2022 is a step in the right direction. The benefits and perks are innumerable when it comes to gathering people online in a safe and secure environment. So, why wait on spreading your wings? Turn to Virtual Days and set up a personalized virtual space for all your business executives, partners, and employees.



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