How to Recruit more Effectively with Virtual Recruitment Events

virtual recruitment events

Recruitment has never been easier. Today, virtual recruitment processes take over all the hassle and headache for the human resource department. In fact, the entire hiring process has reformed from heavy documentation of job applicants to simply receiving online resumes. Now, people are no longer expected to wear a suit and tie to show up for an interview. Rather, just with a few clicks, the online zoom meetings enable recruiters and applicants to engage in formal interviews.

Nowadays, virtual platforms have earned popularity in gathering a large online audience and engaging global applicants with hiring managers. The platform facilitates online recruitment of remote employees. It does not only benefit recruitment companies but also facilitates talented resources looking for competitive job opportunities. Only recently, virtual recruitment events have helped organizations move their hiring processes online. Recruiters now partner with top virtual events platforms to host virtual recruitment events. However, it is important to adopt advanced recruitment strategies to hire and onboard candidates more effectively in 2022. 

Why Do We Need to Host Virtual Recruitment Events? 

Over the years, recruitment professionals and hiring managers have realized that traditional methods limit the hunt for the most talented resources. On the contrary, we can attract global job applications by hosting virtual events. The online process is quick and effective as the job matching technology enables recruiters to match candidate profiles in real-time. Further, the shortlisted candidates appear for final interviews.  

The process is effective and efficient in filtering the best candidate for the job role. It saves HR resources from heavy documentation and the screening process. Now, the recruiters easily pick their best choice for the position and onboard them on the spot. Therefore, it is necessary to reshape the methods of recruitment. So, hiring managers turn to effective methods of virtual recruitment.

Effective Recruitment Strategies for 2022

Are you looking for the perfect candidate for the job openings at your company? Stop wasting time hunting suitable candidates around town and expand your reach globally. A virtual recruitment event is taken right at the applicant’s door. As a result, the potential candidates get to apply for remote jobs and join the world’s top organizations. 

Virtual events allow recruiters to adopt new and effective strategies to onboard new employees. The shift to an online platform is beneficial for the hiring managers wanting to expand the reach of their job fair. 

Virtual events platform acts as the best medium for interaction among the audiences and the recruiters. Firstly, they get to post the jobs on the platform for global applicants to notice. It sparks their interest in the jobs and encourages applying behavior. Meanwhile, the recruiters benefit from the job matching algorithms and receive the best profiles from a global applicant base. To sum it up, virtual recruitment events streamline the hiring process and automate the onboarding of remote resources. Who would not want this? So, let’s dig in detail as to how virtual events help recruit individuals more effectively. 

Display Job Posts

Candidates enter the virtual recruitment event and head to the main hall. Here, they get to engage at multiple employer booths. These booths are highly personalized with employer brands and display the specific job openings available within their organization. All the job postings are advertised right at the booths to guide attendees on the job details. Also, the attendees get to save the job postings in a virtual swag bag to access the information later. Multiple employer brands appear within the halls, and each booth entertains applicants with live text, audio, or video chat.

Moreover, these job listings segregate the job applications for each job post and allow employers to access applications easily. For instance, respective applications under a project manager, medical assistant, or marketing coordinator are accessed in real-time from within the same booth. So, why not streamline hiring processes by going virtual? 

Attract Global Applicants

Moving to a virtual platform offers your events a much broader reach. Be it social media marketing, website ads, email marketing, or word of mouth; a virtual job fair catches the interests of the masses before going live. In fact, the pre-event launch helps secure thousands of registrations. For instance, statistics suggested that recruitment agencies secured four times more applications by switching to virtual recruitment procedures.

An abundance of job applications flows in once you make the job fair highly accessible for a larger pool of candidates. It also benefits the applicants who get to try their luck applying for the jobs at top organizations worldwide. Moreover, a global talent pool increases the chances for the employers to reach that perfect candidate fit for the job and most suitable for their organization. Thus, going global is a plus for all the parties involved. 

Automate Screening Processes

A virtual recruitment event features an automotive screening process where all the job applications are filtered and attached to their respective employers. Following the screening of applications, candidates appear for one-on-one interviews. That is precisely how employers search for that perfect candidate through a resume search option. As a matter of fact, some applications appear as top candidates in front of the recruiters. These applications match most descriptions of the job roles and are thus considered the best fit for the job.

So, a virtual recruitment event eases the lengthy process of collecting resumes, documents, and job applications. Rather, the feature-rich platform automatically collects, filters, and recommends the resumes to the respective employers. So, why get stuck in long-term screening processes? Interestingly, a recent poll on Indeed employers revealed that 84% of the employers prefer virtual screening and interviewing for candidates. Hence, a seamless recruitment process is carried out through virtual events platform. 

Use Job Matching Technology

The virtual platform also leverages its clever job matching technology that helps recruit faster and more efficient candidates. Its algorithm favors the employer for faster profile search, finding better candidates, and transparently matching the candidates with the employer brands. Lansera’s job matching technology entails a vast HR database that efficiently manages resumes, matches candidate profiles with job roles, and shows top candidates in the search bar. 

As a result, all the headache of the human resource department is eliminated by automated job matching technology. In addition, the platform enables recruitment agencies to target the best resources and engage with them in online interviews on the spot. 

Engage Candidates in Real-time

Once the employers have a perfect candidate profile, they can engage them in a one-on-one interview. Fortunately, the platform provides engagement features that replicate the physical recruitment process, such as; 

  • Candidates get to engage in live polls and Q&As 
  • Attendees receive alerts and notifications 
  • Text, audio, or video chat options are available 
  • One-on-one private interviews
  • Screening interviews within the booths
  • Candidates also engage in live quizzes
  • Zoom video integration for interviews 

Thus, a virtual recruitment event creates ample opportunities for the hiring managers to connect and engage with global candidates. In addition, live polls, quizzes, or Q&As indicate that the event is highly interactive and engaging. 

Follow Your Company Culture 

Virtual recruitment events do sound appealing and convincing for the hiring agencies. But, it is important to note that switching to a virtual platform does not mean giving up on the company culture. In fact, it is a true replication of your physical recruitment event. It has all the elements, features, and tools to help you follow the HR practices of your company. Companies can streamline the screening process the same as the physical hiring process. For instance, if your employees went through multiple screenings before the final interviews, so be it. 

Today, companies that follow their company culture have a strong presence within the marketplace. As a result, their employer branding is stronger than ever. 

Expand Reach with Marketing 

Marketing your virtual recruitment event to a large global audience is one way to achieve success. It is cheaper and faster to spread the word about job openings. In return, large sums of people are attracted to the event and benefit from its purpose in one way or the other.

Basically, the event landing page is the first chance for you to market the potential of your event before the registered lot. They familiarize themselves with the event’s purpose and learn about all the job postings. Plus, this helps potential applicants to register for the event right away. 

When marketing the event online, do not forget about social media channel integrations. For example, employer brands now take to the following social media platform integration to spread the word about their virtual recruitment event. 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Indeed 
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr 

Also, 2022 has witnessed the popularity of email marketing. Most recruitment agencies now adopt email marketing practices to reach candidates in their inboxes. Thus, marketing your virtual hiring event is crucial to its success.

To Summarize

Today, there is an increased demand for virtual recruitment events. Hiring managers prefer hosting virtual job fairs, career fairs, and recruitment events to recruit remote employees effectively. As discussed above, online recruitment events help save your time and hiring efforts by shifting to a virtual events platform. The platform enables organizations to use its features, tech, and tools to their advantage in hosting remarkable job fairs. 

Virtual Days is the ultimate virtual events provider company for recruitment agencies worldwide. So, turn down old methods of screening and interviewing to automate your hiring processes. Request a demo today and establish your employer brand before the global market.



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