How to Choose the Right Environment for Your Virtual Event?

Right Virtual Environment

Looking for a platform to gather a global audience? The question is to pick that perfect platform that seamlessly unites a global community and offers them a chance to build long-term connections. So, how do you pick the most suitable environment for your virtual events? The right virtual environment has an abundance of interactive features that engage audiences and immerse them within the virtual space. It is either the eye-catching landing page, exhibit booths or webinar rooms that hooks the audience to the event. 

At present, organizations look for feature-enriched, visually appealing, and interactive environments for their virtual and hybrid events. For that matter, virtual events platforms become the ultimate 3D digital environment for event planners and organizers. 

Basically, the events platform leverages a set of virtual environment displays to help event organizers mix and match the virtual space for their next big event. From deciding on the reception to webinar halls, the right environment element showcases your brand identity, engages audiences, and helps secure leads in real-time.

Why Do You Need the Right Virtual Environment? 

The question here arises, how do we choose the right environment for the virtual events? To begin with, a set of virtual environment elements truly enhances the event experience for the audience. The success of your event depends on the right virtual environment combined with elements such as; 

  • Entrances
  • Reception
  • Exhibition halls 
  • Booths 
  • Lobbies
  • Webinar halls
  • Meeting rooms

So, partner with a virtual events platform that offers the best virtual environment elements. VirtuaDays leverages its 3D virtual environment templates for organizations and institutions to mix, match and create a wholesome event experience for the target audiences.  

Virtual Environment Elements


A global audience is welcomed at the entrance of your virtual event. At first, the 3D virtual environment invites the audience to the grand display of a building. It is the replica of the actual entrance of your organization. It further directs the audience to the dynamic environment with moving avatars, sky view, and greenery. Moreover, the entrance offers an insight into the event through an embedded introductory video. Further, it leads the user to a reception desk within the virtual facility. 

How would you pick the right entrance or create an engaging landing page? The virtual platform allows event organizers to customize the landing page to entertain their audiences right at the landing page. The best virtual environment would showcase a 3D animated entrance or landing page with buttons navigating through the entire event. 


From the entrance, the audience is directed to the main reception desk. A real-time walk mode takes the user right at the virtual event. A company representative avatar waits for the user and provides instructions through videos, banners, or standees. In fact, the entire reception desk has directed buttons to:

  • Meeting halls 
  • Webinar rooms 
  • Chat options
  • Downloadable documents 
  • Informative media

The user easily navigates through the virtual environment and lands at the main event. However, companies should pick the reception desk that best suits their event type. The virtual environment offers a set of personalized reception desk templates to offer the audience a company-specific experience. The more diverse set of buttons available on the reception desk, the better. 

Exhibitor Halls

The reception desk further directs the user to the respective exhibitor halls. These halls display a set of brands and exhibitors available within the same hall. Moreover, the environment displays custom company logos, themes, and colors. It offers an immersive experience to the audiences and extends ample opportunities for networking engagement and lead generation. 

These exhibition halls depict the realism of the 3D environment when it encourages human interaction in a virtual world. In fact, a virtual platform allows event organizers to pick from a set of available hall options.


A virtual environment is primarily defined by the exhibit booths installed within the halls. Each exhibitor represents the products and services over at their respective booths. A user easily walks around the booths, interacting with the exhibitors and making real-time deals. On the other hand, companies get to personalize the virtual environment with:

  • Company representative avatars
  • Extensive media 
  • Videos
  • Standees
  • Banners

Organizations enhance the user experience of their trade shows or conferences by setting up engaging booths. These booths give potential customers direct access to the products and services. So, it is important to install exhibit booths while creating the right environment for your virtual event.

Webinar Halls

The main hall directs attendees toward the webinar halls. The webinar sessions are either pre-recorded, live, or semi-live but are highly informative and interactive for the users. To illustrate, the webinars are a digital replication of physical seminars. These are informative sessions to educate and guide the attendees’ buying behaviors. Moreover, the chat and meeting scheduler option enables attendees and exhibitors to engage in 1:1 or group discussions. Participants may access multiple webinars simultaneously as well. Attendees attend the webinars which interest them most. 

All in all, the virtual environment is entirely customizable. The webinar halls truly replicate the physical environment of the organizations to offer an immersive experience to its audiences. 

The virtual environment elements discussed above together ensure the success of your virtual event. All the elements combined build a staggering virtual environment to entertain and engage a global audience. In addition, VirtualDays leverages its features to help event organizers design unique virtual environments for upcoming events. These events can be fully customized and designed as per the company culture.

Building an Ideal Virtual Environment

Creating a compelling virtual experience for a large-scale event can be quite tricky. The environment ensures the audience is well informed, guided, and directed in the right direction. Therefore, to structure the virtual event in the best way possible is to partner with the most feature-enriched catalog. The most trusted option for your virtual events is the platform with a branding option and a remarkable user experience. So, to begin with, make sure the virtual environment is easy to navigate, builds excitement, offers ample engagement opportunities, and an enhanced learning experience. 

The right virtual environment would display an impressive entrance, informative reception desk, packed exhibitor halls, an extensive number of booths, live or recorded webinar rooms, and meeting rooms. Basically, virtual environment elements encourage audiences to remain engaged in the event for a longer time. The environment allows attendees to easily navigate through 3D space. Also, it enables them to interact, make sales, and close deals.

If you are looking for a beyond reality experience for your global audience, moving to a feature-rich virtual events platform is the deal.

In Conclusion

Virtual Days has become the first-ever virtual events platform to offer a virtual environment catalog. The event organizers get to pick and mix-match the virtual environment elements to create a remarkable event experience. The catalog features different entrances, reception desks, booths, exhibition halls, and webinar rooms. All the available options have navigation buttons. Also, the chat options at each booth and webinar hall allow attendees to easily network and engage with global exhibitors. 

Overall, the platform acts as the best solution provider to create a memorable virtual experience for the audiences. So, get in touch with us today and custom-design your virtual environment. 



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