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A virtual trade show allows you to showcase your products and services before a global clientele. If you wish to expand your business reach and attract loyal customers, then holding onto virtual trade shows is the only way to go forward. So get in the game to promote your business online and increase sales. 

To begin with, a virtual trade show allows exhibitors to present themselves before the audience at the virtual exhibit booths. These booths display the products and services to familiarize the audience with the brand. It helps attendees interact with the product, locate it, educate themselves on the goods, and place the orders. In addition, a set of unique virtual booth features helps drive maximized leads and build sales pipelines. 

However, the best way to hook the interests of your potential customers is at the exhibit booths. Your virtual audience first interacts with your product and services at the booths. Therefore, you need to lure them in at these booths. Plus, these booths are highly customizable and interactive, which means there’s a good chance for the exhibitors to top up their game. 

Set up Interactive Virtual Trade Show Booths

Today, virtual trade shows have become the favourite thing for online customers. The booths installed at the trade shows are designed to fully immerse the audience and entertain them while they reach their buying decisions. All in all, it benefits the event organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors alike. So, the interactive activities, games, and incentives attract most buyers to an exhibit booth. 

How would you make your virtual trade show a fun experience for the audiences? What works best to engage an online audience? How do you make the sales experience meaningful for your audience? Let’s explore a bunch of trade show booth ideas that work best through your events.

Use Visuals and Graphics to Enhance Virtual Experience 

Remember that your online audience expects a life-like experience from your virtual trade show. In fact, the moment the audience steps into the virtual show, they expect something extraordinary. So, it is time you use eye-catching graphics visuals to wow your audience. 

Fortunately, a virtual platform extends its customization features for the exhibitors to personalize their attendee experience. For example, you can thoroughly design a booth with a company theme, logos, and colours. Here, 3D animations present your company culture in a way that gives a real-life experience. The video animations, images, and graphics hook the audience right at the booths. Overall, the attendees get to interact with the booth features and familiarize themselves with the products and services in the best way possible. 

In addition, the 3D demonstrations of the product address all of the client’s queries and reservations. The more visually appealing your booths are, the more leads you secure, so, if you wish to stand out from the competition, follow these trade show booth ideas to give the best virtual environment experience to potential buyers. 

Plan Fun Activities for Booths

Do not bore your audience with a mere display of products and services. The exhibitors who plan out in advance and create a memorable experience for their audiences win the game. The first thing you can do is showcase live activities for the potential customers who pass by your booth. Initially, you can create an appealing invitation to join the live quizzes, polls, or puzzles. But, once you engage a bunch of attendees in the fun activities, you will see people rolling in. For instance, you could host a quiz addressing the interests of your audience. 

On the other hand, online puzzles work best to engage the audiences with each other. It encourages people to participate and have fun together with an online audience. These puzzles also turn out well as icebreaker activities. However, your activities should represent the company culture, products, and services you showcase. Each exhibitor can custom create fun activities to suit the needs of their clients. Also, the live polls are a quick way to engage the audience with your brand. So, invest in fun activities to elicit the buying behaviour of your customers. 

If you wish for your buyers to show up at the next events, going overboard with your virtual trade show booth ideas is the deal. 

Display New Product Teasers

Pre-launch teasers of your upcoming products to build the credibility of your brand before a global audience. You can soft launch the new product by displaying a product video. When the video is displayed at the booth, it grabs the attention of the attendees present in the exhibition hall. Also, alerts on the product launch encourage attendees to gather before the exhibit booth and watch you unbox the product. 

Overall, the teasers create a sense of credibility among the audience to trust your brand and available products. Also, the customer reactions and feedback to the product give you a heads-up before the official online launch. So now, your exhibit booth has something exciting to offer to capture the interests of potential buyers. 

Gamify Your Virtual Booths 

Gamifying the booths is another good chance for you to engage the audience. From here, your sales grow in number, and you win yourself loyal customers for life. Instead of just engaging the audience in webinars and presentations, why not use exhibition booths to keep them busy? There’s a list of virtual event games that exhibitors can install within the booths. To name a few, you can make booths more fun with:  

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Trivia 
  • Virtual bingo 
  • Virtual card games 
  • Call of duty 
  • Spin the wheel 

The Gamification feature is by far the most popular engagement feature of the virtual events platform. Precisely, it is essential to the success of any event. It helps build long-term relationships among exhibitors and buyers. On the whole, games cheer up attendees and uplift the overall atmosphere of your virtual trade show. But, let us first shed some light on the benefits of gamification of the booths. 

  • It helps break the ice among attendees
  • Build attendee interests and encourage buying behavior
  • Attracts potential global sponsors
  • Help your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Earn a competitive edge over fellow exhibitors 
  • Familiarize attendees with products and services
  • Incentives encourage buying behaviors 
  • Healthy competition among attendees maximizes sales 

Create an Interactive Virtual Experience 

When you replicate the physical trade show, it is important to recreate the interactive experience for people. Traditionally, customers went shop to shop, interacting with the products that catch their interests. Similarly, a virtual trade show booth acts as your virtual shop showcasing the products. In fact, the booths display product catalogs, specification sheets, demonstration videos, and other resources to help customers reach an informed decision about their purchase. 

The in-built chat and networking options in booths offer a great opportunity for the audience to inquire about the products and services. In fact, the attendees directly engage with the exhibitors in live text chat, audio, or video conferencing. Once we inform clients about the products, there’s a good chance for them to close the sales right at the booths.

In Conclusion

Virtual trade show booths give ample opportunities for exhibitors to engage potential customers. The fun activities, games, and quizzes running through the booths create an exciting environment. Basically, these activities win the loyalty of your customers and encourage their buying behaviors. The virtual trade show booth ideas mentioned above would spice up your booth interaction and secure maximum sales. 

Virtual Days welcomes exhibitors to custom-design their virtual booths. If planned carefully, your booths have a greater chance of converting your audience into real-time buyers. So, get in touch with us today to design remarkable virtual booths for your trade show events. 



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