Why Use a Virtual Platform as Your Online Conferencing Tool

Online Conferencing Tool

2022 will witness online interaction at its best. Instead of zoom meetings, online conferences are becoming the norm. Today, businesses worldwide look for solutions to streamline their networking and interactions online through a virtual platform. Virtual platforms are the real game-changer for corporations. Therefore, considering the need, virtual conferencing software comes into practice. Simply put, these feature-rich virtual platforms now act as our online conferencing tools. 

Today, businesses seek to globalize their network and develop international relations. For that matter, they need a stable communications system for reaching out to remote organizations to build networks and relationships. Therefore, corporations resort to online conferencing tools to easily connect with remote work associates using just the laptop or mobile devices supported by an uninterrupted internet connection. 

Online Conferencing Tool

The virtual platform becomes the online conferencing tool as it facilitates live communications be it audio or video conferencing, webinars or seminars. These tools have built-in communication features such as live text chat, video integration, and meeting scheduling option. Interestingly, it is a true replication of face to face meetings, offering attendees a beyond reality experience. Thus, partnering with a virtual events platform offers immediate connectivity with the world in the finest way possible. 

All in all, it expands the reach of businesses and helps you create a name in the marketplace. In fact, your competitors have already moved to a virtual platform. So, why not use the online conferencing tool to your advantage.

Benefits of Using Online Conferencing Tool

There are tons of obvious reasons for businesses to use online conferencing tools. For instance, when partnered with a feature enriched virtual events platform, businesses experience online conferencing at its best. Overall, the platform helps globalize business, build quality relationships and hoard customers more efficiently and in less time. Also, it reduces human effort at gathering people at a physical location, venue rental, travelling expenses and carbon footprint. 

Precisely, you gather remote teams online in a customizable 3D virtual space with immersive reception desks, exhibitor booths, halls, and auditoriums. Indeed, these conferencing tools are the new game-changer for the corporate industry. Businesses now prefer online meetings over physical ones. 

Now let’s talk about the benefits of using a virtual platform as an online conferencing tool.

Flexible Presentation and Sessions  

A virtual platform eases the process of hosting live meetings and conferences. The custom-designed meeting rooms or conference halls easily accommodate thousands of individuals joining from around the world. Also, the virtual conference hosts and keynote speakers have the option to host live, semi-live or pre-recorded presentations. For instance, here, the speakers can join in from anywhere in the world and efficiently address a global audience. Furthermore, these speaker sessions get scheduled at different time slots for the attendees to conveniently attend when possible. 

Also, on-demand live session hosting is possible for the attendees who requested private sessions. These live, pre-recorded, or on-demand webinars are the right way to educate attendees on the subject matter. 

Unified Video Conferencing Solution 

Video conferencing is the quickest way to gather a large audience online in front of each other. Today, offices use video conferencing solutions to indulge in face-to-face interactions using just their laptops or mobile devices with in-built webcams. Interestingly, the live interaction and engagement features within the virtual conference rooms help global teams to experience unified communications where participants can see one another with embedded video chat options. It offers an immersive online experience that minimizes distances and expands opportunities for building remote connections. 

In fact, most businesses have adapted unified video conferencing solutions to interact with remote teams, global industry professionals and potential customers. But, most importantly, it is the virtual platform tech and tools that make video conferencing possible for businesses worldwide. In addition, a virtual office or workspace has tons of features in store to minimize the hassle and maximize operational efficiency. 

Live Networking and Engagement

Online conferencing promotes collaborative meeting culture for the on-site and remote teams. For that matter, virtual events platforms extend their networking and engagement virtual conferencing features. Here is how an online conferencing tool tops all in live networking and engagement. 

  • Embedded text chat, audio and video conferencing
  • Meeting scheduler option is available 
  • Matchmaking tools to connect and network
  • Reserve chat slots for attendees and exhibitors 
  • Attendees engaged in live polls, quizzes and Q&As 
  • Gamification features offer a healthy environment to attendees 
  • Live alerts and notifications to keep audiences updated 
  • One-on-one and group meeting options are available

Virtual platforms have all the tech, tools and features to engage audiences and speakers in real-time. Attendees engage with speakers, hosts and exhibitors in private or group chats. In fact, the profile searches and filter option act as the best matchmaking tool for audiences joining from around the world. Thus, there are tons of networking and engagement opportunities within the online conferencing platform.  

Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability 

Businesses use virtual platforms as their online conferencing tool as it offers immense efficiency and reliability, such as:

  • Screensharing and real-time instant chat options
  • Constant testing and problem-solving
  • Mobility and flexibility prioritized 
  • Event live stream option 
  • No unnecessary costs or complexity 
  • Improved value and reduced redundancy 
  • Downloadable chat logs and transcript 
  • Trackable attendee activity and recordkeeping 
  • Technical support for organizers and attendees
  • Customizable environment and features 
  • Tech and tools for an impactful virtual summit

In addition, a virtual platform takes up all the hassle of your business conference or summit and helps you represent your brand, products and services to an online audience. Nowadays, corporations benefit most from using a virtual platform as their online conferencing tool. It is accessible, affordable and most convenient in uncertain times like Covid’19. 

In Conclusion

At present, online conferencing tools are used for instant and secure business communications. Eliminating the need for people to travel down to attend a physical meeting, virtual platforms allow attendees to sign in to the live session and interact with the speakers in real time using audio/video conferencing options.

Virtual Days extends its platform as an online conferencing tool for businesses aiming to go virtual. So why not go global and benefit most from the extensive services of an online events platform?



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