Why Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform?

Are you still stuck with traditional methods of hosting business events? Well, time to shake off the rotten practices and invest in digitization.
3D Virtual Event Platform

Imagine a digital space where you move about the corridors, interact with others, and sit down to attend a speaker session. Well, you are a step ahead in the future. Everything you could ever imagine is now envisioned in a 3D virtual space. The post-pandemic world is looking for advanced software, tech and tools to digitize their business processes. From designing a complete 3D virtual office space to creating the annual virtual conference, we have come a long way in 3D animations and visualization. Now, the 3D virtual event platform introduces a new world to the corporate, educational and medical sectors. These platforms allow businesses to host meetings, conferences, trade shows and job fairs online. 

The twenty-first century is all about going virtual. But, what is so special about these virtual events platforms? For starters, do you enjoy a good 3D video game? Undoubtedly, It gives you a sense of realism. Using the same principle, VirtualDays uses top 3D animation software to create a true replica of a physical environment. We immerse you in a virtual world that is accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world using just their mobile or laptop devices. With a few clicks, you find yourself in an interactive virtual space.

3D Virtual Environment

A virtual environment is a computer-simulated 3D platform designed to accommodate thousands of individuals, allowing them to interact with its many features. This 3D environment easily transforms your physical events into a fun, engaging, educational and entertaining experience. Users may join in from the comfort of their home or office space. Basically, it connects a global attendee base in the cloud.

That’s not all; to make the environment more immersive; the platform allows human representation in the form of 3D animated avatars. These moving avatars add life to the virtual environment. Also, it allows you to engage with eachother in live communication, be it text, audio or video. All-in-all, the platform becomes your private space for networking and connecting with people worldwide.  

So, eliminating the physical limitations, you can now gather remote business professionals online over at a virtual events platform. 

Why Move to a 3D Virtual Platform?

Are you still stuck with traditional methods of hosting business events? Well, time to shake off the rotten practices and invest in digitization. When stepped into the virtual world, there is no going back for you. Event planners now look for ways to expand their reach. They expect the world to hear and talk about their business. Little they know that it all comes easy now. All you have to do is move your corporate events online to a 3D virtual event platform. It is far better than physical events and far easier to gather a global audience. Wondering which events you could host on a virtual platform? 

Here is a precise list of virtual corporate, educational and recreational events.

  • Virtual Conference
  • Virtual Sales Event
  • Virtual Job Fair
  • Virtual Trade Show
  • Virtual Exhibition
  • Virtual Open Day
  • Virtual Ceremony
  • Virtual Concert

And the list goes on! So let us now present to you the many benefits of choosing the 3D virtual event platform. 

The Right 3D Animated Virtual Events Platform

VirtualDays aids organizations in creating the best event experience for the audience. Our 3D animators, graphic designers and visual artists create a seamless and immersive virtual experience for the attendees. In fact, it is about choosing the right platform for your event. A comprehensive 3D virtual platform provides unlimited options to design a complete digital event. The main features are: 

  1. Immersive 3D environment 
  2. Easy-to-navigate virtual space
  3. Customized landing pages
  4. 3D designed exhibition booths
  5. Branded booths and halls
  6. 3D animated lobby
  7. Moving 3D animated avatars
  8. Personalized company representative avatars
  9. Roll-up banners
  10. Flag branding options
  11. Visually rich graphics
  12. Virtual auditoriums
  13. Branded standees, brochures and videos

VirtualDays also offers abundant engagement, networking and reporting features. 

Imagination Meets Creativity

Do you wish to replicate the auditoriums, halls, and meeting rooms of your corporate tower? From the reception to the halls, 3D animated virtual walkthroughs represent everything from your physical office space. In addition, the platform offers guided buttons for the attendees to navigate the virtual space easily. In short, all your imagination is depicted at its best in the form of 3-dimensional images, videos, and graphics, coupled with eye-catching visuals.

We put expert 3D animation and graphics to their best use and create:

  • Entrances
  • Reception desks 
  • Lobbies
  • Halls
  • Exhibitor Booths
  • Webinar Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms

Unified Communications as a Service Platform

Wondering why most businesses are now operating online? It is the fast communication and navigation system that makes everything possible. Today, virtual platforms have become unified communications as a service platform. It welcomes a global audience and helps them interact and communicate with each other in the best way possible. 

For instance, an attendee enters the main hall and reaches out to the receptionist standing at the reception desk. The reception has built-in chat features that support their private conversations. Also, an audio/video conferencing option is available for more effective communications. Here, attendees gather in a 3D designed environment and engage with each other in:

  • Private or group chat
  • Meeting scheduler option 
  • Breakout activity rooms
  • Text, audio or video chat options
  • Pop-out chat boxes
  • Live polls, Q&As and quizzes
  • Online games 
  • Event alerts and notifications

Step Towards a Green Environment

The best thing about choosing a 3D virtual event platform is the reduced carbon footprint. Virtual events platforms are a life saver in times like drastic climate change. Corporations now take responsibility and move their physical practices to a digital platform saving on the electricity, fuel, venue, accommodation and other travelling expenses. So, the world becomes greener and healthier when more businesses move to digital platforms.   

Also, check the virtual event industry and green environment.

Easy to Conceive and Execute

Remember how challenging it was to set up the annual conference at the expo centre? Investing in tools, equipment, and venue costs you good money. In contrast, virtual platforms are all-in-all service platforms. Your entire event is set up online in a matter of 24 hours, saving you time and money. Here, a complete 3D branded environment accommodates thousands of online attendees at a live portal. Precisely, your virtual event is easy to conceive and execute with the right support from virtual events platforms. 

Using a virtual platform, you can plan, design, develop, and execute your virtual event efficiently and effectively. 

In Conclusion

Choosing the right 3D virtual event platform is essential to the success of your virtual events. Therefore, we suggest you pick a feature-rich platform that offers complete customization and personalization of your event. 
Virtual Days has acclaimed itself as the world’s best 3D virtual platform. So get in touch with us today and begin hosting successful virtual events.



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