Stockholm International Meeting – Towards a Healthy Planet

The world United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to bring together the global environment community in Stockholm, Sweden.
international environmental meeting

The World United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to bring together the global environment community in Stockholm, Sweden. It is to commemorate the week of World Environment Day 2022 by hosting the major international environmental meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Stockholm+50 marks the 50th anniversary of the first human environment conference held back in 1972. So, celebrating 50 years of global environmental action, stockholm+50 is to take urgent and bold actions toward securing a better and healthy planet for the prosperity of all.

The international environment meeting creates opportunities for the world businesses to:

  • “Support a universal recognition of the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.”
  • “Explore rights of nature.”
  • “Mainstream alternative knowledge systems”
  • “Enhance youth, women, IPLC engagement in decision making around sustainability transitions.”

The meeting agenda also suggests that the world as a whole must get together and discuss the way forward towards a healthy planet. The international climate and environment meet also aim at building trust relationships, accelerating actions across systems to work towards an inclusive environment and rethinking progress and well-being measures.

VirtualDays – Virtual Events Platform  

VirtualDays – Virtual Events Platform takes this opportunity to present itself as a responsible chain working towards creating a healthy planet. Today, world corporations need to join hands to speed up the transformation to a more sustainable future. It is high time to implement post-Covid recovery plans into the adoption of a green planet. 

Stockholm today realizes its position to implement reformed practices and approaches toward digital transformation. Now, the corporate sector is actively adopting technology, digital electronic tools, devices, and software to restore a green environment.

Virtual platforms proudly introduce their digital platform that helps organizations move their physical practices online. The concept discourages carbon footprint and encourages businesses to host all their conferences, meetings, fairs, ceremonies, shows, concerts, seminars, sessions and workshops online.

Sustainable Digital Transformation

VirtualDays has taken considerable measures to digitizing the corporate, educational and medical sectors. We equip organizations with hosting: 

  • Virtual job fairs
  • Virtual open days
  • Virtual trade shows
  • Virtual product launch
  • Virtual sales event
  • Virtual ceremony
  • Virtual concert
  • Virtual branded webinars
  • Virtual conferences
  • Virtual education fair

Also, Virtual Days leverage its platform to aid corporations in using the platform as their:

  • Virtual intranet software
  • Virtual Office
  • Virtual roundtables
  • Virtual workshops
  • Virtual Training

The world corporations now engage in the international environmental meeting to take steps together to deal with the planetary crisis of nature, climate change, pollution and waste. Saving the day, VirtualDays encourages the world to reduce carbon footprint and take measures toward digitizing the businesses. We aid organizations in remote operations, virtual meetups, remote hirings, online business activities, online chat and networking. Our platform is highly customizable with 3D animations, graphics, and visuals. It is easy to set up and user-friendly for anyone joining from anywhere in the world.
Let us now pledge to save our future from the climate crisis. “It’s time for bold choices. It’s time for urgent action. It’s time for a better future on a healthy planet.”



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