The Complete Guide to Digital HR

Are you a recruiter wanting to move all the HR processes online? Managing the employee life cycle is quite challenging for the human resource departments.
guide to digital hr

Are you a recruiter wanting to move all the HR processes online? Managing the employee life cycle is quite challenging for the human resource departments. The process is hectic and time-taking. However, virtual platforms have eased the process of hiring and onboarding employees with digital HR systems. Recently, advancements in tech, tools, and software brought revolutionary changes to traditional recruitment practices. 

Now, job applicants need not travel down to physical locations with resumes in hand. Rather, the entire screening process is carried out online on digital HR platforms. Being stated as the technology-enabled HR, executives, recruiters and hiring managers now wear the badge proudly, streamlining digital recruitment trends in 2022. 

To illustrate, virtual platforms allow recruiters to seamlessly gather, engage and hire remote job applicants. Precisely, it is an all-in-one platform that supports digital HR practices for businesses around the world. Being on the cloud helps one advertise the job openings before potential global applicants and thus secures the best hires for the company.

What is Digital HR?

Digital HR refers to automated and data-based human resource processes happening online. Primarily, it is the entire management system for the workforce as well as for new hires. The shift to an online or virtual platform empowers resource managers to streamline HR activities efficiently and effectively.

Simultaneously, a virtual platform helps HR advertise job openings in the dashboard to receive online applications for multiple positions. Now, all the respective roles of the HR departments are run digitally, such as:

  • Hiring the right candidate
  • Onboarding remote employees
  • Maintaining employee records
  • Processing payroll 
  • Employee engagement activities 
  • Employee benefits system
  • Organizational development activities

How to Build Digital HR System?

If you are an organization running most of your business operations online, then building a digital HR system is the best solution going forward. An online presence is not only good for your brand marketing but also welcomes remote candidates to apply for the job openings at your organization. Also, the hiring managers, recruiters and HR members of your organization benefit from the automated processes of the digital platform. Basically, the hiring managers get to host virtual recruitment events such as job fairs, career fairs, and virtual onboarding fairs. Therefore, building a digital HR system is necessary for companies aiming to run high. 

So, in order to streamline your HR processes, follow a set of principles and win at your efforts.

Join a Digital Platform

In order to build a digital HR system, businesses need the support of a digital platform. Interestingly, a digital platform is accessible at all times, from anywhere in the world. Above all, it is the ultimate software to help the human resource department streamline all their day-to-day activities concerning the workforce. It not only eases the process but also helps globalize the reach of HR professionals. For instance, online job openings reach remote fresh graduates and aspiring candidates.

In addition, a digital platform helps establish your online HR teams in the best way possible. Wondering how? Here’s a list of features that digital software leverage to accommodate digital HR teams. 

  • Digital platform helps present your company culture
  • Platform is accessible to anyone from anywhere
  • Life-like and immersive digital venue
  • The platform allows mobile app integrations
  • Chat and networking tools help through screening and onboarding
  • HR teams employ matchmaking tools to reach the best candidate
  • 24/7 customer support is available for the HR

Present Company Culture with Branded Environment

To leave a lasting impression on the audiences, it is important to host global applicants in a personalized branded digital environment. Fortunately, today’s digital platforms allow detailed customization and designing of the virtual environment. Today, event organizers easily create branded webinar rooms, booths and lobbies for their virtual job fairs or digital onboarding of employees.

Undoubtedly, virtual platforms offer complete customization features for the digital HR teams to entertain the applicants in a branded environment, such as:

  • Visually rich graphics and designs 
  • Branded landing page 
  • Branded reception 
  • Custom-designed lobbies, halls and booths 
  • Personalized webinar rooms 
  • Company representative avatars
  • Live branded help desks

Bring HR Department Online

Digital platforms help bring the entire HR department online. It helps them streamline all their business activities right on the virtual platform. Moreover, the HR team does not have to travel to a physical location or manage heavy documents of the applicants. Instead, everything is taking place online, such as:

  • Online job advertisements
  • Real-time resume collection
  • Live screening of candidates
  • Live one-on-one interviews
  • Employee documentation
  • Payroll
  • Employee record-keeping
  • Benefits analysis
  • Virtual onboarding
  • Employee retention
  • Updated policies
  • Webinars on career growth
  • Health and wellness activities  

Attract Candidates from Around the Globe

The best part about moving HR to digital platforms is that it expands the reach of your business. Your brand is visible to top applicants from around the world. Now, HR can receive global applications and offer an equal chance to all the potential candidates. Meanwhile, digital HR can handle a large number of candidates simultaneously. A job matching technology helps screen the candidates and shortlist top talent from 100s of applicants.

Employ a Job Matching Technology

Digital HR uses job matching technology to efficiently screen the most suitable candidate for the job role. Firstly, the attendees are encouraged to submit their resumes at the reception desks specific to the job postings. Secondly, the HR executive and recruiters search and filter the resumes of candidates most matched with the job description. Later, teams screen the screened candidates for the one-on-one interview sessions. 

The job matching technology helps filter candidates based on their education, skills, expertise, experience level, and passing year. This way, the right candidate for the job is screened for a particular role they fit in. However, it is important to note that the digital operations within the matching algorithms work efficiently with no room for error or glitch. 

Use Digital Networking and Engagement Features

Further through the screening process, the digital HR easily connects and engages with the filtered candidates. Basically, the live chat and networking features support the recruiters through the interview process. Also, a meeting scheduler option is available for the candidates and the recruiters to engage in private one-on-one chats. 

Moreover, the text, audio, and video conferencing options are available to fully immerse the candidate within the interviews and receive better insight into their abilities. 

Host Informative Webinars and Seminars

Apart from the hiring process of candidates, the digital HR system prepares live webinars and seminars to further educate the employees. Here, the webinar sessions could be live, semi-live or pre-recorded. But, the online presentation, content and speeches by keynote speakers help onboard new employees, train fresh hires, educate existing and new employees, or provide career guidance for the workforce.

Host Recruitment Fairs and Streamline Virtual Onboarding 

On the top, digital HR hosts online recruitment events to recruit new employees easily. The digital platform leverages its software to help HR teams create online job fairs, career fairs and virtual onboarding of new employees. Basically, the recruitment events help hiring managers look for top talent from anywhere around the world. Then, just with a few clicks, the most qualified candidate profile appears before HR. By all means, these online hiring events have eased the overall process of hiring and onboarding new employees.

Likewise, the virtual onboarding event helps introduce the fresh hires to the office and company culture. Multiple training sessions take place especially to educate, equip and train employees on their respective job roles. Plus, eye-catching graphics and 3D animations help design a branded virtual office environment, particularly to immerse remote employees into their new workplace.

How Effective is Digital HR?

Digital HR has tons of benefits for your organization. Online platforms equip digital HR teams to set up a virtual office and carry on with its recruitment, onboarding, training and employee retention procedures. So if you want your company to stand out among the competition, then going digital is the answer.
Essentially, digital HR has a number of benefits, but to list a few:

  • A global talent pool applies for the jobs posted online 
  • Helps create on-demand training sessions for new hires 
  • Allows hosting global remote job applicants 
  • Digital HR is kept live throughout the year
  • Company culture is presented through a branded virtual environment 
  • Digital matching algorithms help filter and match the best candidates
  • A virtual office best accommodates the digital HR teams 
  • Helps through online marketing and advertising to maximize visibility 
  • Multiple chats and networking features available to connect with candidates
  • Webinar sessions to educate the existing and new employees
  • Easy management of payroll, employee benefits, health and wellness programs
  • Real-time attendee analytic reports available e.g. number of resumes or shortlisted candidates
  • Engagement metrics available in all attendee networking activities

Not just that, digital HR eases the process of hiring for the organization. It helps streamline:

  • Higher applicant attendance
  • Establishing candidate pipelines
  • Improved hiring efficiency
  • Real-time engagement 
  • Strong employer-branding 
  • Time-efficient and cost-effective approach. 

Thus, building a digital HR system helps organizations have a long-term and stable human resource solution that sure is a win-win in the year 2022.

In Conclusion

A company’s culture is best defined by its human resource department. HR cares for all the matters concerning employee hiring, onboarding, training and retention. However, after building a digital HR system, the company sky-rocket towards growth and expansion. 

Virtual Days welcomes global organizations to set up their virtual workspace and a digital HR system. It is now vital to have an online presence over the internet if an organization wishes to compete in the global corporate marketplace. So, request a demo today and move your human resource department online to seamlessly carry on with your employee hiring and onboarding processes.



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