Upcoming Virtual Events Trends for the Year 2023

If you are an event organizer, then you better watch out for recent trends in upcoming virtual events.
Virtual Events Trends

Wondering what trends will dominate the virtual events industry in the near future? Post-pandemic, we have witnessed the greatest shift in trends in the event industry. Take, for instance, business events and meetings are now held online using advanced tech, tools and software. It helps gather large sums of people online to network, engage and converse through their computer screens. Just like that, human networking is now a click away. Surely, virtual events technology is making waves within the event industry. Around the world, people now widely host open fairs, recruitment events and conferences online. It is now time to explore upcoming virtual events trends for the year 2023. 

At present, the event industry is moving ahead at lightning speed to shake mainstream in-person human interactions. So, if you are an event organizer, then you better watch out for recent trends in upcoming virtual events. 

Metaverse – Stepping in the Future 

Mimicking the real-life environment, the metaverse brings a virtual reality experience for us. Instead of haphazardly carrying out a zoom meeting, the metaverse creates an immersive experience over the cloud. People from all over the world easily log into the virtual universe and easily interact with each other. Moreover, the animated avatars let everyone represent themselves, crowding up the virtual space as if they were actually there. If this isn’t the future, then what is? 

With the metaverse, the event industry has revised its practices. Your attendees need not travel to a physical location and can easily log into the virtual universe from their digital devices. The platform also offers tons of networking and engagement opportunities for everyone onboard. For instance, the live text chat, audio or video conferencing options enables attendees to easily converse with each other. In fact, the entire platform is embedded with chat options at each step for the hosts to guide attendees through their way.  

Altogether, the metaverse is to replace your mainstream physical events. So hop on to the virtual platform and benefit from the following:

  • 3D animated replicated environment 
  • Hosts international/global audience 
  • Live attendee chat and networking
  • Live speaker sessions and webinars
  • Real-Time reports on event progress
  • Constant customer support

Hybrid Events – Virtual and Physical Integration

By the year 2020, we witnessed a rise in virtual gatherings. Covid’19 was to be blamed for the rapid shift, but it brought in numerous benefits we could not have otherwise imagined. First, it was considered a safe option for people to engage without the risk of human contact. However, the post-pandemic era called for a blend of virtual and physical events. Realizing the need, a hybrid event solution was devised where organizations can continue hosting virtual events with live events integration. This way, the global reach is prioritized, and we do not lose touch with face-to-face human interaction. 

Hybrid events are now considered the need of the hour, as the event industry cannot give up on digital networking. Going forward, we are to witness many hybrid corporate, educational and healthcare events. Essentially, hybrid events would allow us to save on travel costs and easily connect with overseas professionals. While we are happy with the return of live events, it is evident that virtual events cannot fade out of the picture. Here’s how the hybrid events are being defined in the current age:

  • Combination of technology and society 
  • Live streaming of the event across the globe
  • Shared experiences of people from vast nationalities 
  • Micro events bringing in large sums of online attendees
  • Attendees flexibly join either from the screen or in-person
  • Chat and networking feature bringing attendees closer
  • Easy log-in system from mobile applications
  • Virtual elements are live all year long

Virtual Platform – Feature Packed / Tech Stack

Are you an event organizer looking for an all-in-one solution for your upcoming virtual events? Obviously, setting up a virtual event is no child’s play. Without the right technical assistance or software, you will lose the game before even starting it. Therefore, you need to partner with a virtual events platform that promises complete support. 

The virtual platform today comes with full-stack technology integration and backup that supports you throughout the event. In addition, the software has built-in features that become the ultimate platform for online human interaction and engagement. Isn’t it amazing? Without the need for a physical venue, a virtual platform becomes the virtual venue for your next conference, exhibition or business meeting. For instance, you step onto the landing page, register for the event, move about the reception area and explore exhibition halls. The outclass user experience immerses individuals in a 3D environment as if they are moving around in a real-life venue. 

So there’s no surprise why virtual platforms are in high demand. By the year 2023, the event industry will surely partner with top virtual platforms to host their upcoming virtual events. Altogether, the feature-packed and tech stack virtual platform offers:

  • 3D virtual environment
  • Customizable virtual venue
  • Personalized animated avatars  
  • Virtual exhibition halls 
  • Virtual webinar hosting
  • Live chat and networking 
  • Online event gamification
  • Global event sponsorship
  • Accommodates a global audience
  • Live analytics and event reporting 
  • Help desks with live assistance

So join a virtual platform and surpass mainstream practices of hosting live events. At this point in time, your brand deserves global recognition and representation. So be it a meeting, trade show or open house, begin personalizing the virtual experience for your online audience.

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Event Apps – Apps for Conferences 

Today, mobile owners have around 50 apps on their phones. These applications are not restricted to social media interaction alone. Now, there are hundreds of applications available online that support b2b and b2c dealings. For the right reasons, the event industry has developed event apps. The user’s virtual event experience is enhanced with these mobile applications. Attendees easily download the mobile apps for conferences and take charge of the event experience. 

Interestingly, the applications work the same for on-site and online attendees. It is a plus for the audience and event organizers alike. For instance, the platform allows you to:

  • Thoroughly plan and execute a personalized event agenda.  
  • Share useful digital materials in the resource vault 
  • Live alerts and notifications to keep attendees informed 
  • Embedded chat and networking features for attendees on the go
  • Allows posting sponsorship opportunities for the app visitors

In addition, apps allow attendees to stay up to date while they interact with the online audience. Basically, the conference apps are designed to sync the virtual event with each attendee app. So the apps efficiently allow attendees to access the live speaker sessions and materials throughout the event.

Final Thoughts

2023 is sure to bring groundbreaking innovations within the event industry. With people focusing on minimizing their carbon footprint, a sustainable solution like virtual events is the need of the hour. However, joining hands with a full-stack solution provider platform is the real deal. Virtual Days becomes the torch bearer in guiding event planners and organizers in adopting top trends when hosting virtual events. You better stay ahead in the game and offer an unreal experience to the audience! 

Take a quick demo of our platform and learn about the possibilities of hosting your upcoming virtual events. 



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