What is a Hybrid Conference and How Does it Work

Precisely, a hybrid conference is defined by a gathering of people at a physical location as well as at a virtual event. With the confusion of Covid restrictions and relaxations, event planners now find it best to host a hybrid conference.
Hybrid Conference

The online world has introduced the blessing of virtual events worldwide. Not just that, with the world coming to normality, hybrid events have forever changed the course of events for organizations and the corporate sector. The blend of online and physical events works for all. Speaking of organizing a hybrid conference, a pool of audience attends the physical meeting while the others join the event through a virtual events platform. The hybrid conferences are tricky to organize however pose most beneficial to the corporate world. Increased ROIs, improved sponsorship, and event marketing are the basic benefits earned through organizing the event from a hybrid events platform. Let us discuss what a hybrid conference is and how it works!

What is a Hybrid Conference?

Precisely, a hybrid conference is defined by a gathering of people at a physical location as well as at a virtual event. With the confusion of Covid restrictions and relaxations, event planners now find it best to host a hybrid conference. Through this approach, the remote attendees can join in and engage as much as an in-person audience. Why not benefit most from the virtual environment? The smart move for corporations is to host hybrid conferences and engage maximum audiences globally. 

At a virtual events platform, the conference is broadcasted in a live event with webinars and meetings being hosted. The interactive and engaging virtual platform environment allows live video and audio chat features alongside live polls, booths, surveys, etc. This ensures an immersive event experience for the audiences. On the contrary, the physical audience attends the live meeting being hosted at a location and easily connects. Most importantly, hybrid events are essential for your online business marketing

For your hybrid conference to work, there are certain ideas to be followed! 

1- Pick your Audiences’ Taste

We are not speaking of serving caramel shake or cheesecake to your audiences to their liking. Instead, through your hybrid tactic, deliver value to your clients or audiences and fill their plate with all they expected out of your event. Online platforms allow you to create customized events; that is exactly what you need to do. Create the landing page, booths, hallways, and meeting rooms to depict a physical event accurately. Do not neglect the experience you are offering to virtual audiences. Hence, caring for the needs and expectations of attendees, on the whole, marks the success of your event.

2- Follow an Interactive Program

Once identified and picked your audience needs, work on crafting interactive programs for the hybrid conference to go successful. It is not just a live broadcast of the meeting but a virtual event. Your audience is probably ready with their laptops and fingers on the keyboards, so design some chat tools and interactive Q&As, polls, and quizzes to be answered by your attendees. Likewise, program some activities for your in-person audience, which can be introduced in the intervals between the conference.

3- Add a Hint of Entertainment

A good conference has more to offer than just a formal meeting. Your event can be as entertaining as a football game or a talk show. The presenters can open the house in a lighter mood and grab the attention of their viewers. Moreover, the guests and the speakers can chat during the tea break. Your event may also have goodie bags to offer the attendees to make a good impression. Post the event, provide a recap for the event to your attendees, offering a wholesome wave-off.

4- Play around with Hybrid Environment

While your physical audience is experiencing the live interaction with speakers and attendees, put screens to display the event’s live streaming. A more comprehensive eye on the event will have attendees relate and take the most out of the event. Likewise, in a virtual conference, offer streaming of the live conference with attendees engaging with physically present attendees throughout the session. 

Why not maximize the chances of engagement and interactions? From the moment you listed your event on the event listing platform to attending the conference, the number of attendees grows through word of mouth. Another benefit of the virtual environment is that it allows more than one person to participate in the conference from over a shared screen. Thus playing around with the hybrid environment will work in favor of corporations worldwide. 

5- Work on Perfecting the Technicalities 

When organizing a hybrid conference, your attention goes back and forth to physical and virtual environments. Work out in steps and organize the conference keeping in mind all the technicalities and functionalities. Moreover, the partnership of a strong online events platform or event organizers is needed to host a successful virtual and physical event. You do not want to mess up the whole event with technical issues coming in the way. Therefore, a strong platform is required for hosting a virtual event alongside a physical event. 

To share the headache of your hybrid conference, look for the best online events platform with experience in organizing virtual and hybrid events. Once you have met your guardian angel, set out to plan the hybrid event and leave the technicalities to them. Execute the event smoothly with the help of professionals and hit the ground running success for your business. Host attendees from around the world and let your message reach maximum ears out there. 


Hybrid events are the new talk in town. Nowadays, businesses get confused with being interested in virtual environments as well as physical gatherings. Thankfully, technological advancements have introduced the idea of hybrid events. Now, a global audience is easily hosted at a single hybrid conference. How about experiencing it for yourself? 

Virtual Days welcomes corporations worldwide to host their hybrid conferences at our online events platform and get global attendees on your plate. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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