How Beneficial are Live Recruitment Events for an Agency

Compared to physical or in-person job hirings, virtual hiring processes have gained popularity in a short time. As much as the pandemic caused global unemployment, 2021 has entirely changed the picture.
Live Recruitment

Today, hiring processes have changed for businesses all over the world. Undoubtedly, the pandemic alone has shifted the interests of people to online platforms. Moreover, with top companies switching to virtual or live recruitment events, small businesses follow the track. Indeed it is the prime approach for recruitment agencies to achieve quick hirings. Here, the question arises, are live events better than physical hiring processes? Yes, hosting live recruitment events through a virtual events platform is the smartest way to hunt global talent. According to a survey, 70% of U.S. recruiters use virtual hiring processes to quickly onboard talent from different parts of the world. (The Future of Work 2021: Global Hiring Outlook)

So, why not indulge in quick live event practices saving time and expenses? The world’s top recruitment agencies have entirely moved to virtual events platforms to host their live talent hunt programs. 

Benefits of Live Recruitment Events

Compared to physical or in-person job hirings, virtual hiring processes have gained popularity in a short time. As much as the pandemic caused global unemployment, 2021 has entirely changed the picture. Nowadays, with the remote hiring of candidates worldwide, increased employment opportunities are open for the masses. Recruitment agencies cover the hunting, screening, and shortlisting of candidates all at once. Wonder if recruitment events are worth it? Let us check the hidden benefits virtual hiring events offer. 

1. Global Access to Potential Candidates

Remember how companies stressed over not catching a suitable resource for their team? The tables have turned with virtual recruitment events being hosted online, allowing maximum global candidates to apply for the role. Hunting that one qualified candidate has become easier with the worldwide screening process. In fact, without traveling to a physical location for job interviews, live recruitment allows candidates to join in the event from anywhere in the world. Also, the desperate job seekers can participate in the live event saving their time and expenses. Thus, recruitment agencies formally organize live events to meet the quick hiring requirements of companies worldwide. 

2. Easy on the Wallet

When recruitment agencies plan to organize a job or career fair, travel, event venue, food, stationery items, etc., arise. Therefore, it is wise to save the expenses and get on board with virtual events platforms. For instance, live recruitment has no venue charges, no travel expenses, no team or staff required to execute hiring. Your agency may host an event with the support of a few recruiters (as per the number of candidates expected). Moreover, it waves off the need to offer goodie bags, refreshments, or swag to the applicants. Hence, online events are not just easy on the wallet for recruiters but also for the applicants. 

3. Exquisite Features

There are numerous virtual events with exquisite features for the global hiring of candidates. Physical events are highly time-consuming. Therefore, recruiters look for strategies to save time and earn maximum results out of global hiring. Once your hiring needs are relayed to the events platform, a customized live event for your business is designed. Accordingly, recruitment agencies follow the personality of the organization when executing the hiring process. The job description, specifications, salary packages, employee roles, obligations, or candidate experience are discussed when conducting live hiring interviews. 

4. Hunting Global Talent

Wonder what career live events propose for the global applicants? Hunting for the best candidates is essential for recruitment agencies. Therefore, limiting the talent hunt to one location is unfair for experienced and talented candidates. Therefore, recruiters host international applicants through live recruitment events. On the contrary, attending the live event only requires a laptop and internet connection. 

5. Strategic Recruitment Marketing 

What global benefits do recruiters get out of virtual events? Strategic recruitment marketing is achieved through formal invitations shared through email marketing or social media platforms through online events. This approach does not limit the number of applicants that one may hunt from a single live hiring event. On average, recruitment agencies receive double the amount of applicants through virtual events compared to physical events.


Live hiring allows candidates to be considered for both one-time hiring and future placements. Therefore, it is wise to host a global pool of candidates and leave behind traditional recruitment practices. Considering the discussed benefits, live events should be the first approach of recruitment agencies wanting to meet the hiring needs of businesses. The Virtual Days platform encourages recruitment agencies to host their hiring through live events and host the best available talent. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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