How Effective are Virtual Team Building Activities for Corporations

Nowadays, remote team building is becoming necessary for corporations to engage global employees at virtual events.
virtual team building activities

In a fast-growing world, virtual events have nearly replaced the need for physical gatherings. To keep up with global trends, companies create virtual activities for local and remote employees. Likewise, corporations are looking for ways to make virtual events more engaging and interactive. That is why it is getting challenging for virtual events platforms to offer fun activities to effectively engage the teams worldwide. Thus, a wide range of virtual team-building activities is being introduced to strengthen and improve the relationship between team members. 

Especially, it is getting tricky for corporations to connect with remote employees, making it tough to get to know each other. To overcome this, remote team-building activities are helping create a sense of shared understanding and community. Missing out on employee orientation, efficient teamwork, or remote team cooperation? This is where remote team-building activities come into play. 

In current times, it is expected of virtual events platforms to organize digital team-building activities to host organizations globally. Why? Because there are numerous benefits of applying virtual team-building ideas to each online gathering. 

What is Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building is a constant process of joining remote teams on a single platform. Here, virtual events platforms help corporations organize online events to interact with their employees formally. This shall help teams achieve greater bonding in a collaborative working environment as a mirror to a physical workplace setting. 

In fact, virtual events are organized to introduce remote employees to the organizations’ personality, brand, and work ethics. By understanding the company’s mission, employees can work together to resolve issues and formulate successful business strategies. Therefore, creative team-building ideas should be employed for building successful virtual teams. 

Implement Creative Team Building Ideas

When working remotely from home, employees can get off track or find it hard to concentrate on routine tasks. Implementing creative remote employee engagement activities at virtual events will encourage employees to interact more and work effectively as a team. It is a great approach for the corporate sector to organize an event, console employees to give their best, and consider them an equal resource for the team.

Let us check which idea proves beneficial for engaging remote employees. 

Four Facts and a Fib 

Corporations realize the importance of familiarizing new employees with team members worldwide, working remotely or in the office. When hosting a virtual conference or webinar, allow team members to state five facts about themselves, one of which will be a lie. Later, the team members are asked to share the facts, and the rest identifies which one is the lie. The activity helps them analyze which facts were surprising and how truths were more surprising compared to lies. Hence, including these team bonding activities acts beneficial for employees worldwide.

Virtual Clue Murder Mystery 

Once your remote teams have joined a virtual event, involve them in a murder mystery case. The activity will engage the team in solving the murder case of Neil Davidson. Team members study clues, act as detectives, and check case files. Here, the communication and analytic thinking skill of the employees are challenged. As a result, problem-solving skills and collaboration is witnessed within the remote teams. 

Virtual Escape Room

Many hidden clues are uncovered through a virtual escape room involving team members in a fun group activity. Attendees from different parts of the world are expected to participate in jewel heists to recover jewels in a certain amount of time. This activity will foster more creativity in problem-solving, collaboration, and brainstorming as many teams uncover clues to solve mind-twisting problems. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

A virtual scavenger hunt is a fun team-building activity involving team members to connect in a group meeting and collecting different objects from around the house to show at the webcam. Team leaders notice the approach, efficiency, and accuracy of team members displayed through an online game. Thus, teams benefit most as they interact with each other out of work context and break the ice. 

Scrabble Scramble

In order to encourage interaction among teams, fun virtual office games are introduced. For example, Scrabble scramble is known to spark creative thinking, boost collaboration and improve communication. Here, team members are assigned separate meeting rooms to create words using the given set of alphabets. The team that brings out the longest words through mutual collaboration wins.

Benefits of Virtual Team Building Events

Nowadays, remote team building is becoming necessary for corporations to engage global employees at virtual events. Team leaders can take advantage of online platforms and organize effective activities that prove most beneficial as team-building exercises for work. There are a number of benefits these activities offer, some of which are mentioned below.

Create Effective Virtual Icebreakers

Virtual platforms prove effective as they offer icebreaker activities for team members to connect quickly. In a virtual audio or video conference, members can ask questions about the other team members, interests, hobbies, past successes, or failures. This encourages fresh employees to engage in healthy relationships with teams worldwide. It helps improve the work environment throughout the year. 

Introduce Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate activities are introduced to events such as virtual recruitment, job fairs, career fairs, or trade shows. For example, virtual bingo, scavenger hunts, or virtual escape room games are set up for businessmen to involve themselves in a healthy environment. These are the key on-site team-building activities being employed by companies worldwide. 

Enhance Collaboration by Best Virtual Games

Corporations do not realize the importance of team collaboration when onboarding remote employees. The physical connection that is missing from the interactions of virtual teams is filled with light and fun virtual games. Once the teams connect in a lighter mood, they can cooperate with company tasks and projects. Therefore, games such as revealing quizzes, bucket list challenges, bingo, charades, or trivia enhance collaboration among teams worldwide. 


In current tricky times, virtual events are responsible for encouraging businesses worldwide to arrange for their corporate team building. Virtual Days platform is serving corporations with tons of team-building activities ideas to make work-life interesting. The games are super fun and highly interactive to be played with teams from all over the world. What are you waiting for? Boost your employee’s mood by introducing engaging virtual team-building activities to your company’s lifestyle. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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