How Virtual Events Platforms Changing the International Hiring Process

Technology has always helped businesses. In the case of virtual hiring, employers use their signature strategies of recruitment and apply them to the virtual world to simulate the same hiring process with a single application.
International Hiring Process

Looking to hire International candidates? Step on the Virtual Days journey by organizing digital events. Nowadays, online virtual events platforms have changed the international hiring process for businesses worldwide. Online platforms offer a safe and cost-effective solution to hiring globally. Whether you are hiring across borders, nationwide, or to a specific demographic, the Virtual Days platform enables you to reach out and expand out to your desired target audience online. 

International Hiring Process

Do you expect your company to get the most qualified candidates on board? In the current pandemic days, in-person events at a physical location are discouraged. Businesses are left with minimum choice when conducting international recruitment. To hire aspiring candidates from around the globe, companies need an online events platform to host a virtual recruitment event. Further, qualified applicants are attracted to the platform, and recruitment procedures are used to hire top talent. Although this approach leaves behind the effective in-person observational methods to test candidates in physical settings being a good fit for the company. 

On the contrary, job seekers’ behavior has changed over the years. On average, 91% of job seekers in England searched online on job portals and social media channels such as Indeed, Totaljobs, Linkedin, etc. Likewise, NHS England spends millions hiring nurses and doctors from abroad every year. That involves sending local recruiters by plane to several countries, conducting open days by hiring hotel venues, and costing taxpayers a fortune in the sand process. Usually, the ROI in these physical recruitment events is the bare minimum; hence, you keep hearing about record NHS staff shortages. This is why businesses now turn to online platforms for safe and lasting recruitment. 

Role of Virtual Events Platforms

Technology has always helped businesses. In the case of virtual hiring, employers use their signature strategies of recruitment and apply them to the virtual world to simulate the same hiring process with a single application. Virtual Days platform enables businesses and organizations like NHS to hire internationally safely, offering high ROI. 

Strategies of Successful Virtual Hiring

Employers use personalized strategies to hire the best of candidates suitable for job-post. Some of the tools that offer a high level of simulation to real-life scenarios are Assessment Rooms, skills using matching technology, target audience by only allowing desired locations, and interview sessions using an inbuilt scheduling system. Moreover, full reporting and the ability to customize the user experience collectively ensure successful hiring.

Host Virtual Job Fairs and Open House

Virtual Job fairs are the smart hiring processes for employers. They can access candidate profiles and resumes in their dashboard and attract candidates through job matching algorithms. Companies can access candidate profiles at a custom build job fair and run eligibility checks. Furthermore, shortlisted candidates went through the process of interviewing. 

Similarly, another way to engage with the right candidate is through a virtual open house. Hiring managers can meet the prospective candidates in live video conferencing meetings, Q&As with team members, and virtual office tours to know more about the hiring company. Virtual platforms allow candidates to connect with the best digital recruiting companies. The advanced features of virtual events include live text chat, voice, and video calls, live/pre-recorded webinars, polling Integrations, goodie bag features, etc. 

Audio or Video Interviews

To start off, candidates are shortlisted from a long list after quickly sifting through the submitted resumes. The qualified candidates are then brought forward to the interviewing process. Virtual chat tools make it easier to connect with candidates over audio or video calls. It allows you to investigate how career-oriented and passionate the candidate is to serve your company. Through a video interview, clear insight into the communication and dedication of the candidate is assessed. 

Go for Remote Onboarding

Looking to hire nationwide, cross the border, target locations, or reach global job seekers? Look no further and book a free consultation with an expert now. The online events platforms work tirelessly to offer companies an immersive hiring experience. Remote onboarding is a relatively new and accepted approach for businesses worldwide. However, it might get tricky to get someone on board from the far end of the world as they do not visit your workplace and physically engage with the team. However, many potential candidates are connected with suitable employers for long-term joinings through the international hiring process. In current pandemic days, candidates find it feasible to work remotely and earn from the comfort of their homes without physical restraints. 

Use Virtual Platforms to Your Best Interest

Also, the companies are advised to follow their usual hiring practices. If the company comfortably conducts 2-3 interviews before the final hiring, then go for the same pattern. Shifting to a virtual platform does not demand changing methods of recruitment. Platforms such as Virtual Days ensure the hiring process is customized to the personality and preferences of the employers. Companies must understand the importance of online events as it benefits them immensely, use the services in their best interest, and make the most out of the virtual events held on online platforms. 

Perks of Virtual Recruitment

Virtual platforms come with incredible benefits for businesses around the globe. Likewise, the use of digital technologies has changed international hiring. The approach is effective not only for great enterprises but also for small businesses. Its underlined advantages prove helpful for all businesses. Virtual events are cost-effective and time-efficient. With global audience reach, the circumstances prove valuable for companies worldwide. 

In Conclusion

To hire international candidates, businesses resort to virtual recruitment events replacing physical hiring processes. Virtual platforms act as a matchmaker for employers and potential candidates worldwide. For remote hiring, eligible candidates worldwide are interviewed and shortlisted to meet the company’s needs. Consequently, hosting your hiring event online has immense benefits for your company and the applicants. Why not shift to virtual platforms? Virtual Days offer a great opportunity for businesses worldwide to modernize their hiring process. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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