Virtual Recruiting Events Features to Accelerate Global Hiring

With advancements in technology and digitization of the universe, companies now wish to hire the most qualified candidate without wasting time and resources on a physical event.
Virtual recruiting events

Are you looking to hire in large volumes? Get cracking by organizing virtual recruiting events. Bet you will have an exclusive online events experience ending up with multiple hirings from a single recruitment event. Virtual events have truly turned the table for businesses worldwide through the global hiring process. You may be on the go or far from the event location yet can attend the event anywhere. 

Nowadays, a large number of online events are being organized and executed with perfection using unique engagement strategies. Interestingly, big or small companies have turned to host global audiences when hunting for perfect candidates for their next hiring. Because why not? Virtual events’ safe environment and dynamic features offer an immersive experience for attendees and employers. 

How to Attract the Most Qualified Candidates?

With advancements in technology and digitization of the universe, companies now wish to hire the most qualified candidate without wasting time and resources on a physical event. With physical events, employers expected the candidates to show up with sparkling resumes and make as good an impression as they can. However, with you shifting to a virtual events platform attracting qualified applicants has become easier. Companies can present their organizations’ brands before the candidates and provide job descriptions to prospective talents. With a clear description of the job and the company’s needs, candidates can confidently apply. Is the global hiring process complex or tiring? Let us discuss the advanced features of virtual recruiting events being held at the online events platform of Virtual Days, accessing many potential candidates.

1. Exclusive User Experience and Engagement

It is important to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event. With exclusive candidate user experience, the virtual hiring process becomes the talk in town for you. The audio, and video presentations are a quick way to grab attention and brief the potential pool of candidates. 

2. Live Text Chat

Wondering how you would guide a large number of candidates? The easiest way is to keep them informed and updated so you can easily manage the hiring process. For delivering clear directions on the event, the live chats will be a great way to have applicants follow throughout the job or career fair. 

3. Voice and Video Calls

Another smart move with shortlisting suitable candidates based on matching technology and live interactions is to use voice and video calls. Furthermore, invite the shortlisted candidates on a one-to-one video interview using the same platform. Individual interviews will be an excellent opportunity for your company to have detailed information about the candidate’s capabilities and potential. 

4. Live / Pre-Recorded Webinars

With live or recorded webinars, your company or organization can hold meetings on virtual platforms. Once the applicants have a clear picture of the job description, company needs, company policies, and expectations through webinars or seminars, it will be easier for them to decide on joining the team. Either you can put pre-recorded webinars up for the attendees or use the feature of a live webinar to engage at an online event. 

5. Offer Goodie Bags

Looking for ways to impress the applicants? Our virtual events platform offers goodie bag features for you to attract applicants. You can easily capture the hearts of potential employees by providing them beneficial goodie bags containing vouchers, gift cards, or discount codes. This shall portray a welcoming image of the employers and the company.

6. Cost-Effective

Of many benefits of going virtual, the cost-effectiveness of hosting a virtual event outshines all. The travel expenses, physical location, and food reduce to none. Companies can hire in high volume using a single Platform when hosting an online event. Virtual events platform helps reduce time to hire by 50% when the candidates have submitted their resumes online. You can shortlist the candidates and conduct virtual interviews at any time. 

7. High ROI

Companies can increase ROI through virtual recruiting events as compared to traditional physical events. The cost of organizing traditional in-person events is minimized cutting down on the expenses of traveling, accommodation, food, and event location. With spending less at your virtual event organized by Virtual Days, money, resources and time is saved. Moreover, with a global approach, maximum number of attendees can access the event. Also, your keynote speakers will only charge for appearing for the speech, the accommodation or traveling expenses are minimized.


The online world has changed the course of recruitment for hiring agencies. There is no need to conduct a physical job fair at institutes to hunt the best candidates. Instead, virtual recruitment events have become a quick beneficial process for employers to organize online hiring with time-saving, high ROI, and cost-effective features. This is your sign of shifting the hiring hassle to virtual platforms and let Virtual Days create and execute the search for the most suitable candidates for you. 

You can check the Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Successful Virtual Job Fair for deeper insight.

  Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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