How Do You Gamify a Virtual Event?

Are you struggling to engage your online audience? Unlike physical events, virtual events demand careful planning and execution when it comes to attendee engagement.
gamify a virtual event

Event organizers find it challenging to merge the audience from different parts of the world. They hope to create an engaging environment for the participants to network easily. At virtual events, your attendees have a face-to-face screen interaction instead of a physical one. With this, the mainstream physical interaction, exchange of smiles and greetings is somewhere lost in the digital jungle. But, if you spice up their virtual interaction, it is easier to revive the spirit of human interaction. In order to capture the attention of participants, you need to involve them in fun group activities. This encourages them to actively participate in your event and network with others. To save you from the trouble, we are going to discuss some fun gamification ideas for virtual events. This is your personal guide to gamify a virtual event successfully. 

If you are wondering why event gamification is important, then worry not. Here’s how gamification can save the day for you. 

Why Gamify a Virtual Event? 

Virtual events can be a handful for people hosting for the first time. There is so much going on that you need to keep your audience on the same page. You may engage people in roundtable discussions or group chats, but it will not create a captivating or engaging environment. Whereas event gamification might help you immerse the audience in a fun way and thus ensure its success. Are you ready to level up your virtual event? Get ready for an exhilarating adventure into the world of gamification. 

Imagine, instead of just sitting passively in front of the screen; your attendees become active players in an immersive virtual universe. By gamifying virtual events, we inject a dose of fun, competition, and interactivity that transforms ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. Your event begins to excite and motivate your audience. For instance, they earn points, unlock achievements, and embark on quests that challenge their skills and knowledge. Moreover, they engage with fellow participants, form alliances, and conquer challenges together. Isn’t this the best way to help a global audience communicate and network? So, why settle for the mundane when you can turn your virtual event into an epic game? 

Perks of Event Gamification

Be it a virtual job fair, conference or exhibition, gamifying the event brings in uncountable benefits. You can either bore your audience or make their online appearance worthwhile. So why not create an epic event experience where your attendees participate wholeheartedly and end up making new connections? Here’s how gamification uplifts the spirit of your event. 

  • Boosts attendee engagement and participation
  • Creates a sense of excitement and fun
  • Increases knowledge retention through interactive challenges
  • Enhances networking opportunities and encourages collaboration
  • Provides a memorable and immersive experience
  • Motivates attendees to actively participate and explore event content
  • Allows for personalized experiences and customized rewards
  • Generates a competitive atmosphere that drives involvement
  • Provides valuable data and analytics for event evaluation and improvement
  • Increases event reach and attracts a wider audience through word-of-mouth promotion

That’s not all; virtual event gamification truly helps pull off a successful event. Not only does it make your event stand out, but it also leaves a lasting impression on attendees. 

10 Gamification Ideas for Virtual Events

But how would you successfully gamify a virtual event? Listen up! There is no hard and fast rule to set up fun activities or games for your event. In fact, it is for you to decide how you wish to engage your audience. Below we have discussed multiple gamification ideas for virtual events to guide you in the right direction. Mix and match games to keep your attendees interested and hooked to your event all day long. 


For starters, you can begin with icebreaker activities that help attendees come out of their shells and interact with peers. You can break the ice and set the stage for an interactive virtual event with these engaging icebreaker games! Get everyone involved, spark conversations, and create a lively atmosphere. Here’s a bunch of icebreaker activities to gamify a virtual event. 

  • Two Truths and a Lie: Each participant shares three statements about themselves, and others guess which one is false.
  • Emoji Introduction: Attendees introduce themselves using only emojis while others try to decipher their messages.
  • Virtual Bingo Icebreaker: Kick off the event with a quick round of virtual bingo using fun icebreaker questions instead of numbers.
  • “Would You Rather?”: Pose intriguing and amusing scenarios, and have attendees choose between two options, sparking discussions and debates.
  • Desert Island Discs: Ask attendees to share the three songs they would take with them if stranded on a desert island, and let them explain their choices.
  • Rapid Fire Game: Start with a random word, and have each person quickly share the first word that comes to their mind, creating a chain of associations.
  • Name that Tune: Play short snippets of popular songs and challenge participants to guess the titles or artists.
  • Fun Fact Exchange: Each participant shares a unique and interesting fact about themselves, promoting connections based on shared interests or experiences.

These icebreaker games will warm up the virtual room, encourage interaction, and pave the way for a memorable and engaging event!

Trivia Showdown

One of the most interesting and fun games to help your attendees network is Trivia Showdown. Here, you can test participants’ knowledge with a fast-paced trivia game where they can compete individually or in teams. With lightning-fast questions spanning various categories, you can involve all the attendees at once. They get to earn points for correct answers and watch their name climb up the leaderboard. With engaging visuals, lively music, and a charismatic host, “Trivia Rumble” will keep attendees on the edge of their seats, making your virtual event an unforgettable experience. 

Overall, incorporating trivia into your virtual event engages attendees, enhances knowledge retention, and fosters healthy competition and collaboration. It also serves as an icebreaker, providing entertainment, building virtual communities, offering customization options and creating memorable experiences for all participants.

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Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

With a virtual scavenger hunt, you send participants on a digital adventure, searching for specific items or clues hidden throughout the virtual event platform. Follow these steps to set up a virtual scavenger hunt game that engages virtual event attendees. First, determine the theme and specific items or clues participants need to find within their surroundings. Provide clear instructions and a time limit for participants to find and capture images or videos of the items. Then, create a central location as a shared online document or a dedicated chat channel where participants can submit their findings. 

Lastly, announce the winners and offer prizes or recognition for completing the scavenger hunt successfully. This interactive and exciting game will encourage active participation and foster a sense of adventure among attendees.

Emoji Charades

Emoji Charades is the perfect game to engage virtual event attendees! In Emoji Charades, participants are challenged to guess popular movies, songs, quotes, or phrases solely through a series of emojis. The game host will present a set of emojis, and attendees will eagerly guess the corresponding phrase within a time limit. Whether it’s deciphering the “🌊🦈” emoji combination as “Jaws” or cracking the “🍎📚🦁” emojis as “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” this game guarantees laughter, lively discussions, and a fun bonding experience. You can prepare for a delightful charades adventure where emojis become the language of amusement!

Photo Booth Challenge

This interactive activity invites participants to transform their surroundings into virtual photo booths and capture their most imaginative poses. Attendees can use virtual backgrounds, props, and costumes to add a touch of flair to their snapshots. After the photo session, participants can share their masterpieces through social media channels using event-specific hashtags. The photos become a visual feast as attendees showcase their uniqueness and enthusiasm. To add an extra layer of excitement, prizes can be awarded to the most creative, hilarious, or visually stunning entries. 

Likewise, you can encourage attendees to pose for a group photo. With two or more people in the frame, attendees get to know each other better and form social connections via social media. 

Virtual Karaoke

Set up a Virtual Karaoke game which will act as the ultimate crowd-pleaser to engage virtual event attendees! Participants can belt out their favourite tunes from the comfort of their own homes, transforming their screens into virtual stages. The host can use a karaoke platform that allows attendees to select songs, display lyrics, and even rate performances. Also, attendees can take turns showcasing their vocal talents while others cheer them on through virtual applause and supportive messages in the chat. With a playlist ranging from classic hits to modern chart-toppers, this game is sure to create an electric atmosphere and bring the joy of karaoke right into the virtual event space.

Virtual Talent Show

Another idea to create a fun environment for your attendees is to discover their hidden talents with a virtual talent show. This engaging game not only entertains but also provides a platform for attendees to network and engage. Here, participants can showcase their unique talents, be it singing, dancing, comedy, magic tricks, or any other form of entertainment. To set up the talent show, designate a specific time slot for performances and allow participants to sign up in advance. You can also provide guidelines for video submissions or live performances through notifications or guidelines. Encourage attendees to support each other by cheering, clapping, and commenting during the performances. After each act, attendees can connect with the performers, network, and offer feedback through chat or dedicated networking sessions. 

The Virtual Talent Show not only brings excitement and entertainment but also fosters connections and engagement among your virtual event attendees. Let the show begin!

Give participants a platform to showcase their talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, comedy, or any other form of entertainment.

Team Quizzes 

Team quizzes are an excellent way to engage virtual event attendees and foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. These interactive quizzes can be conducted in virtual conferences, meetings or workshops. It allows participants to collaborate and compete in groups. To organize a team quiz, divide the attendees into teams and allow them time to discuss and answer each question. In fact, you can choose diverse categories that cater to different interests and knowledge areas. The team dynamic encourages collaboration, as teammates can pool their expertise to solve challenging questions. 

Additionally, incorporating interactive elements like timed rounds and leaderboard updates adds excitement to the quiz. Team quizzes entertain participants and promote communication and networking, serving as an ideal engagement activity for virtual events.

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Costume Contest

Wish to create a fun environment for your virtual event attendees? You can gamify a virtual event to ignite the creativity of your attendees with a thrilling Costume Contest! A costume contest is a fantastic way to engage participants, allowing them to showcase their unique personalities and style. This encourages attendees to dress up according to a specific theme. For example, it’s superheroes, favourite movie characters, or any other imaginative theme. Once they show up all dressed, you can encourage them to upload photos or videos of their costumes. To enhance engagement, create different categories such as “Best Overall Costume,” “Most Creative,” or “Funniest Costume.” Attendees can vote for their favourites or have a panel of judges determine the winners. 

By hosting a Costume Contest, you’ll foster a vibrant and interactive atmosphere, encourage self-expression, and provide a memorable experience that participants will cherish long after the event concludes. Let creativity shine!

Virtual Casino Night

Get ready to roll the virtual dice and experience the thrill of a Virtual Casino Night at your next virtual event! A virtual casino night is an exciting way to engage attendees, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere. Participants can enjoy classic casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and more, all in a virtual setting. Moreover, you can enhance engagement by offering customized rewards, bonuses, and leaderboard rankings. To add a social element, encourage participants to interact through chat features or virtual breakout rooms for friendly discussions and networking. 

Undoubtedly, virtual Casino Night brings the excitement and entertainment of a real casino experience, fostering engagement, fun, and a memorable time for all attendees. So place your bets and let the virtual games begin!

Final Thoughts

The year 2023 calls for you to gamify a virtual event to boost attendee engagement, foster interaction, and create a memorable experience. By incorporating fun and interactive elements like trivia games, virtual scavenger hunts, icebreaker activities, photo booth challenges, and virtual talent shows, event organizers can captivate their audience and ignite their enthusiasm. Basically, gamification promotes networking, collaboration, and healthy competition, all while providing valuable data for event evaluation and improvement. 

So, whether you’re aiming to educate, entertain, or connect, infusing gamification into your virtual event will take it to new heights. In return, it leaves attendees with a sense of excitement, camaraderie, and a desire to return for future experiences. Partner with Virtual Days to make your virtual events more fun, exciting and memorable for a global audience. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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