6 Fun Ideas for Virtual Team Meetings

Why not break free from the cycle of boring meetings and surprise your teams with fun ideas for virtual team meetings?

Setting up an interesting and fun team meeting can be challenging. The ongoing presentations and discussions can easily bore the team members. Although meetings are not just about formal speeches or paperwork. Just as the in-person meetings are made digestible with tea breaks or Q&A sessions, likewise, there is a need to employ fun ideas for virtual team meetings. This way, you not only make the virtual gathering worthwhile for attendees but also impress upon the positive outcomes of the meeting. Remember, virtual meetings are organized to offer an inclusive experience to your on-site and remote staff members. It brings them together by minimizing the distance. This in itself is a great opportunity for online team building. 

For instance, engaging remote teams in fun games will result in long-term team bonding. Not just that, the activities prove effective in icebreaking among members attending meetings for the first time. It is therefore suggested that fun activities must be included in virtual team meetings. 

But let us first explore how virtual team meetings work. 

What are Virtual Team Meetings? 

Virtual team meetings are the formal meeting of members held online and operated virtually. It is an online gathering where people interact, share ideas, and communicate resolutions. By eliminating the need to gather in a physical office space, virtual meetings accommodate members over the cloud. It may be a private session among the project manager and the team members. Usually, the meeting is chaired by a moderator, a speaker and other members. 

At present, most corporate dealings have now moved online. From hosting annual conferences online to setting up routine meetings, companies now trust virtual platforms with their team meetings. It is a great substitute for travelling overseas to attend a business meeting. Distance has lost its touch when we speak of virtual team meetings. This suggests that team members join in the meeting session from the comfort of their homes and connect with remote teams in a matter of seconds. The process helps save time and money. It minimizes the chance for distractions when members are actively engaging online via text, audio or video chat. 

Ideas for Virtual Team Meetings

We understand that virtual team meetings can be a handful for beginners. Moreover, the absence of face-to-face interaction could cause confusion. But first, it is important to understand that virtual meetings are no different from physical meetings. Nevertheless, it requires the same amount of effort and homework as an in-person meeting. 

Apart from the mainstream nature of a team meeting, virtual platforms aim to spice things up by incorporating fun activities. An element of fun helps win the interest of your audience and make online interaction worthwhile.

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Informal Introductory Greetings

Be it internal or external team meetings; your audience deserves a chance to get to know the team members. Before digging into the meeting, it is always recommended to let everyone introduce themselves. This works as a quick icebreaker and also encourages everyone to voice their opinion during the meeting. After all, the success of your meeting depends on the ideas extracted from the great minds of the participants.

Since the virtual team meeting is happening online and the members did not get the chance to greet each other in the hallway. It is essential to initiate a warm introductory session. But, how would you engage attendees in such a fun activity? Your audience is facing each other from over computer screens. Make sure you make this online interaction unforgettable for all the members.

First off, begin by introducing yourself to the team in a fun greeting. You could either win their smiles by explaining you are missing a front tooth and can’t smile while you wave. Remember, the more relatable you are with the members, the more they confine in your presence. Following up, each member can introduce themselves to the group in a funny way. For instance, a team member may share their nickname with the group and allow them to call by those names. 

Here’s how you can top up the greetings experience:

  • Learn about the best books members read this year
  • Inquire members about their pet’s name
  • Ask what is on top of their bucket list
  • Inquire about their dream travel places

Theme-based Virtual Gathering 

We have all attended boring meetings that drain us out before it comes to an end. Out of respect for everyone, you refrain from yawning when in reality, you are sleeping with your eyes open. Do you wish the same for your online audience? Absolutely not! To save yourself and the participants from boredom, we suggest you host a theme-based virtual meeting. A meeting should be a time when your staff members connect with each other. It may be Halloween or Christmas around the corner. 

So pick your favourite theme and encourage participants to show up dressed. This shall definitely have the members excited about the discussion, and all cheered up to engage with others. In addition, you can also top up their online experience by actually sending goodie bags or drinks to their doors. This would not only cheer them up but also make them enjoy themselves while attending the meeting. 

While you are considering your decision to hold a theme-based party, here’s a list of themes you can follow:

  • Sci-fiction
  • Holiday 
  • Tropical/island
  • Carnival
  • Winter Wonderland 
  • Hollywood
  • Throwback 70s, 80s, or 90s

When dressed up for the occasion, team members would greet each other in a naturally delightful manner. A theme would express a casual setting and allow everyone to interact with others without being judgemental. 

The Happy Hour

During the meeting, there comes a time when everyone is engaged in heated discussions. So before the meeting drains you out, it is time to practice some fun ideas for virtual team meetings. A happy hour is considered the best way to allow team members to take some rest. Some might need a cup of coffee to recharge, and others might use some time to freshen up. It is important to note here that the happy hour could be scheduled during the meeting or at the end. It would be wise to create a poll and schedule happy hour when the team members prefer. 

Happy hour can also be utilized to catch up with the team members. For instance, team members can strike up private chats with others to either discuss business matters or build social connections. Although, we suggest you make this happy hour as fun for the member as possible. Here’s a list of happy hour ideas that you could try with your team members;

  • Virtual bingo 
  • Trivia game
  • Guessing song
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Dumbshrades 
  • Spying games
  • Guessing locations
  • Never have I ever

Virtual Game Time

Instead of boring the team member with long speaker sessions, schedule some time for online gaming. Gamification is one feature that brings the team members closer to each other. It truly strengthens their teamwork and allows them to collaborate with each other during work or at leisure. Here, the participants engage in healthy competition and start having fun together. Plus, making the game time more interesting, organizers can incentivize the win for team members. For instance, the winners would have goodie bags parcelled to them. 

Check out the following fun game ideas for virtual team meetings:

  • Escape Rooms
  • Arcade Games
  • Board Games
  • Team Trivia
  • Charades
  • Puzzles 

Employee Award Ceremony

Do you wish to bring an instant smile to your staff members’ faces? Well, there is no need to wait for employee of the month awards to appreciate the hardworking employees. Your virtual team meeting is a good occasion to give your employees the rightful recognition for their efforts. Here, you can be as creative with the awards as you like. For instance, you can present digital certificates, trophies, gift cards, and more. 

Take the tip; you can appreciate one and altogether by offering a digital appreciation certificate to each member. After all, everyone deserves to leave the table with a happy face. 

Virtual Mindfulness Activities

Back-to-back official meetings can be tiring for the employees. Why not focus on the team’s health and well-being while everyone is present online. This would instil a sense of mindfulness among the attendees and encourage them to include such activities in daily life. For instance, you can engage teams in guided meditation. Some deep breathing exercises also prove effective for relaxing when fatigued. 

In addition, the teams can engage in gratitude listing, where everyone mentions the things they are grateful for. This helps improve the overall well-being of your employees, which, as a result, helps improve their productivity at work.

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Final Thoughts 

It is promised that each fun activity for virtual team meetings will refresh and energize your attendees. This helps build their interest in the meeting and encourages team participation. So why not break free from the cycle of boring meetings and surprise your teams with fun ideas for virtual team meetings?

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