The Benefits of Hosting Virtual Meetings


Wondering why businesses opt for virtual meetings? There are numerous outlined reasons for the virtual meetings to rise and thrive in the days to come. As previously observed, the pandemic discouraged mass gatherings of people at a physical location. Consequently, the corporate industry had to take suitable measures to get businesses up and running. As a result, small businesses or established enterprises turned to virtual events platforms to host important business meetings. Without a doubt, the benefits of virtual meetings encouraged companies worldwide to adopt similar strategies to continue in a pandemic stricken world. 

For sure, the world did not expect to operate virtually, but here we are. We observed companies hiring remote employees, hosting business events online, or creating a digital workspace. All the efforts encouraged online and virtual gatherings of people in a safe space. Now, there’s no need for traveling, getting ready for a meeting, or showing up in front of executives. Rather, a virtual meeting occurs online where attendees gather in a virtual space. 

How is a Virtual Meeting Set Up?

A virtual meeting is a collaborative approach where people from across the world gather online and connect via audio/video or text chat features. A virtual events platform software allows you to organize a personalized event experience for the attendees. With just a few clicks, an uninterrupted internet connection, and a computer or mobile device, anyone from anywhere in the world can join the virtual meeting. The benefits of virtual meetings stand the same for event organizers and attendees alike. 

Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are highly beneficial to corporations. Compared to physical meetings, online gatherings of audiences creates maximum engagement and networking opportunities. Therefore, business meetings in 2022 are a win-win for the corporate sector, be it a hybrid or virtual meeting model.  

Global Connectivity 

One of the major benefits of virtual meetings is that it welcomes a global audience to the event. People residing at the far ends of the world join in the meeting with a few clicks. Moreover, virtual events encourage hosting hundreds to thousands of attendees at a single event without worrying about accommodation. Time and space lose their touch when it comes to online meetings. 

Be it a business meeting, workshop, or roundtable conference, people readily make themselves available to attend virtually. Therefore, virtual meetings have become a unique part of the event industry and are definitely here to stay.

Minimized Expenditure 

Do you wish to host top keynote speakers but are out of budget? Physical events bring in travel, accommodation, food, and event venue expenses. However, with hosting a virtual meeting, these expenses are minimized. Now, industry peers can attend meetings without flying down or arranging for their accommodation, travel, or food expenses. Moreover, there’s no need to accommodate hundreds of people at a physical location. 

Guess what? Virtual meetings save you from the hassle of dressing up, looking for a cab, and fighting time to reach the event venue. Rather, just with a stable internet connection, mobile or laptop device, and a coffee mug by your couch, a virtual meeting comes to your humble home. 

Safe Environment 

Covid ’19 has greatly put humankind in the paranoia of physical gatherings. For instance, keeping up with the SOPS, maintaining social distancing, working from home, or staying indoors at most. Therefore, the event industry took sufficient measures to keep everyone safe and continue business processes. Fortunately, virtual events platforms have saved the day for the corporate, educational, entertainment, and health sector. These platforms allow host meetings virtually and gather a global audience online, attending safely from indoors. 

Moreover, virtual gatherings help save the environment from air pollution, paper waste, food waste, and global footprint. It has now become the best practice to carry out business activities in a pandemic stricken environment. So, there’s no need to delay a meeting, conference, or business workshop. 


Physical meetings take up your day planning, preparing, and executing the event. Contrary to that, virtual meetings help save time at each step. You save time scheduling and checking up on people’s availability for the day. Let’s face it, its’ 2022, and people would not waste their day for a single business meeting. So, let’s plan accordingly and set up a virtual meeting where attendees can show up online for an hour or so. Then, they can attend the meeting and get back to their business. Moreover, prestigious keynote speakers, business partners, or busy individuals can easily take time out of their tight schedules. Also, they can attend the meeting even when informed on short notice. 

In Particular, there’s no need to travel to a physical location. There’s no need to run for a subway, wait in the queues, or reach the venue. Rather, people turn on their laptop or mobile device, join in the virtual meeting link and start engaging with a global attendee base in a matter of minutes. 

Maximized Opportunities

If you have attended a virtual meeting, you must be familiar with how the idea maximizes opportunities for businesses. With a global representation of your business name and brand, a large number of people notice the product and services you offer. Moreover, the information shared via meetings helps global industry professionals to step forward in the marketplace. Plus, saving on time and expenses maximizes the opportunities for enhanced productivity within the organization. Also, it allows attendees the opportunity to attend meetings easily from their desks and does not require them to travel to a physical location. 

Enhanced Engagement

Virtual platforms bring in enhanced engagement opportunities for the attendees. Attendees network with a global audience from audio/video conferencing options to meeting scheduling and one-on-one chat options. This enhances the chances of audience participation and collaboration throughout the meeting. Any members can share their screens and present however they wish to engage the audience through;

  • Live Q&As and Polls
  • Gamification 
  • Notifications and Event Alerts  

Feature-rich Platform

The best way to go about virtual meetings is hosting through a virtual events platform. Look for a feature enriched platform that allows customization, setting up a 3D virtual environment with visually appealing designs and avatars. This virtual meeting features the following elements put forth by virtual events platforms.

  • Audio/Video conferencing 
  • Live Chat 
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Exhibit Booths
  • Real-Time Analytics Report
  • Upload Videos, Presentations, and Brochures 
  • Live, Semi-Live, or Recorded Session Presentation 

Easy Connectivity 

Virtual meetings are easily accessible for attendees from anywhere in the world. A WiFi, 4G, or 5G internet connection must sign in at the meeting. Anyone without sufficient training on the platform can join in the virtual meeting. Also, the meetings are compatible with any device available in hand. 

Live-stream Options 

Another noticeable feature of virtual meetings is the option to live stream the event. 2022 is to witness the rise in hybrid events. To back up the idea, a virtual meeting is live-streamed to an on-site audience and likewise. As a result, it maximizes the opportunities for global meetings.

In Conclusion 

So, there you have it. The benefits of virtual meetings encourage the event industry to go virtual. Now, there’s no good reason for the event industry to go back into hosting physical meetings. Virtual Days is the ultimate virtual events platform allowing the event industry to host their virtual and hybrid events online. The addition of hybrid meeting models has turned the tables for corporations worldwide. So, let’s all switch to virtual and hybrid meetings models and maximize the business opportunities.



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