7 Ideas for Setting Up Virtual Roundtables

Ideas for virtual roundtable

The year 2022 will be the year of online meetings for executives around the globe. Basically, it’s the gathering of business professionals, industry peers, and workforce over at an online platform. A virtual roundtable is about exchanging ideas online with global industry experts. For instance, the b2b dealings would take place in a blink without having to plan an executive meeting. Let us be clear, hosting virtual roundtables is no rocket science. Several virtual events platforms, software, and tools aid in the successful setup of virtual roundtables. If you wish to host a memorable meeting, follow a set of great ideas to spark the entire event experience. Here, we list 7 great ideas for virtual roundtable meetings. 

Around a dozen or half a dozen people sit at the roundtable sponsored by their company. The business workshops or meetings are successfully set up and executed right at the roundtable. This allows them to network, engage and learn new business ideas. As a result, the attendees start with new insights and practical strategies by the end.

Do you wish to host exciting B2B virtual roundtables? 

Take away some important ideas to pull off a staggering event that leaves a great impression on the attendees.

Top Ideas for Virtual Roundtables 

Focus on the Agenda

It is essential to keep a clear focus on the agenda for a virtual roundtable discussion. The speakers must understand the topic, so they do not lead the audience astray. Also, the speakers, moderators, or chairs need to be well versed on the topic to take the discussion in the right direction. However, it is better to brief the audience and chairs beforehand to avoid surprises.

In addition, the moderators should command the audience and not lose their focus on the roundtable agenda. Keep in mind, following a theme or topic for a single discussion increases audience engagement. For instance, the more the participants engage in the conversation, the more ideas originate on the subject of discussion.

Dig into Your Audience Type

Hosting a roundtable meeting without prior knowledge of the audience is like diving in a sea without a swimmers kit. Not meeting the audience’s expectations or failing to entertain them is the biggest fall for you. Therefore, while preparing for the sessions, learning about the audience type is essential. The participants’ registered profiles, backgrounds, and history help initiate meaningful conversations. Once you know the interests of these individuals, it would be easier to engage them throughout the roundtable meeting.

We understand that guests come from varied backgrounds. But categorizing the participants based on similar interests and career orientation is how one should go about initiating discussions. In short, an upper hand on the audience would help speakers and moderators lead the panel efficiently. 

Choose a User-Friendly Platform

Setting up the virtual roundtable at a virtual events platform is the best course of action. Businesses can organize formal and urgent business gatherings to discuss future agendas with participants from across the world. It is a one-on-one digital engagement opportunity for people who otherwise could not fly down to network with industry peers. Moreover, the 3D virtual environment allows participants to easily sign in to the platform and access the company’s roundtable discussions. 

Apart from that, the virtual roundtable space is entirely customizable. You can add fully branded booths, company representative avatars or company logos around the conference rooms. Further, the platform allows moderators to use digital interaction strategies to connect. For instance, audio/video conferencing options, meeting scheduler option, live polling, Q&As, notifications, and alerts.

Ensure Adequate Training for Moderators

Moderator is the backbone of virtual roundtable meetings. They command the communications and facilitate other speakers or participants throughout. So, during a virtual roundtable discussion, a confident and knowledgeable moderator is required to facilitate the session. They should have the leading qualities and adequate training on the topic of discussion. The more clear and thought-provoking their stances are, the more chances arise for a strong discussion. 

Screening out the right person for the moderator’s role is challenging. However, it is important to pick the most suitable fit after assessing. Make sure the moderators fits the following roles;

  • Efficient with communications
  • Ability to initiate conversations
  • Engage participants in the discussion 
  • Ability to transit from topics
  • Stimulating questions for attendees

A moderator can kick off a successful roundtable discussion with sufficient training and briefing. 

Build Interactive Networking Environment

A virtual platform allows tons of networking opportunities for the participants at each roundtable. For instance, a company can host live Q/As, polls, and one-on-one sessions to spark conversations among each other. Encouraging comments from each participant gives them a sense of inclusion and helps ignite some greatest ideas within the team. With global speakers or chairs onboard, the engagement opportunities maximize. Therefore, it is important to follow top ideas for virtual roundtable meetings. 

In addition, some icebreaker conversations or activities help gain the interest of the participants. For example, include gamification features within tea breaks to encourage networking among participants. Also, if you have some fun guests, arrange for some entertainment segment they’d enjoy. For instance, a stand-up comedian for your official meetings or a celebrity speaker for corporate discussions would go best. Although, make sure these entertainers do not make personal attacks and keep healthy humor. 

Wondering how else you can pull off a successful virtual roundtable discussion? Here’s a list of dos for hosting a staggering event.

  • Use matchmaking tools to connect attendees 
  • Allow initiating chats with exhibitors
  • Keep track of time
  • Boost moderator’s confidence 
  • Create interactive sessions 
  • Use advanced tech and tools

Rest assured that following the stated ideas for virtual roundtable meetings would be a win-win for your company. 

Let Speakers Lead the Way 

Virtual roundtables demand speakers who can initiate conversations and engage anyone and everyone. Speakers must have the confidence to step up and lead the discussions and at the same time indulge with the crowd. A welcoming smile and encouraging personality would definitely be a big hit before the guests. Here, the participants expect the speakers to have a listening ear, which is exactly what a hero speaker would do. 

Also, a speaker is representative of the entire discussion. In this way, presenting on the stage keeps up with traditions of a one-man army addressing a wide audience. Therefore, a speaker should be a leader as well. Also, dedicating speakers to each session is a great idea. 

Go Hybrid- Stream Live

Another idea to follow for the virtual roundtables is live streaming the entire discussion online. That is how you expand the reach and attract a larger audience to a single discussion. For instance, go hybrid with the roundtable meeting and include an in-house team in the scene. In fact, streaming the live discussions to a remote audience is also a great way to engage non-active participants. They can have a chance to engage through Q/A sessions. It is also a chance for aspiring individuals to prepare themselves for the next sessions.

Virtual platforms facilitate streaming these roundtable meetings to an online audience or on-site attendees. A dedicated online team covers all the hurdles for turning roundtable discussions into a hybrid model. Thus, a high-quality display of the virtual roundtable conference, workshop, or meeting is presented to a broad audience.

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned ideas for virtual roundtables thoroughly state how to pull off a successful roundtable discussion. Fortunately, the corporate and event industry benefits most from the interactive roundtable discussions. Businesses now host virtual roundtable meetings to involve global remote participants through easy means. With equal participation opportunities, executive meetings have become increasingly virtual. Let’s hope roundtable discussions dominate 2022, allowing maximized reach for corporations. 

Virtual Days encourages audiences to host virtual roundtable meetings and discussions at our forum. At the top, the feature-enriched virtual venue allows customization of conferences with 3D elements, digital technology, and various engagement tools. So, why not host roundtable discussions online?

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