How to Create Digital Sales Events and Digital Sales Rooms

digital sales events

Today, businesses rely on online platforms and software to continue routine sales. Using a digital event platform, the company presents its products and services online before a global consumer market. The virtual selling process creates a modern, remote buying experience for global potential buyers. For that matter, businesses now host digital sales events or even create digital sales rooms online to engage in a human-to-human buyer-seller relationship. Considering the pandemic restrictions, digital sales seem like the best way forward.

From B2B to B2C dealings, virtual events platforms enable businesses to make most of the digital sales events. You heard right! Corporations now create online sales events to achieve increased ROI and sales. Now potential buyers come right into your court and make investments through online means.

The display of a brand’s products and services at an online store enables buyers to make an informed decision. In 2022, buyers will make more purchases online as compared to traditional methods of purchasing. So going digital is the answer.


Digital sales events are safe and secure spaces for buyers and seller interactions throughout the sales process. These live negotiations with potential buyers occur in a digital sales room. Here, a complete buyer journey is carried out at the specific sales meeting room aiding interactive sales negotiations. In addition, the complete product and services information is displayed or presented within the sales event for the interested buyers to make an informed decision.

A sales professional handles consumer queries throughout the purchase process, observes their buying behavior, shares customized proposals, and observes overall real-time analytics. In addition, there are numerous types of digital sales events; conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, festivals, summits, expos, product launches, and trade shows. Undoubtedly, these virtual sales approaches seem like the real future.

The question here arises: How can we create successful digital sales events. So, let’s explore some concrete steps towards setting up a virtual sales event and sales room within the event.


With decline in human physical interactions, online digital sales are rising. Moving businesses online is the best approach to go forward in a pandemic-stricken world. But, we need a centralized digital platform to ease the process of sales for the buyers and sellers. Luckily, digital events platforms save the day. Are you wondering how you’d carry out routine sales processes online? Well, wherever there’s a question, there lies an answer.

The answer to your digital sales strategies is a digital events platform. Hosting a sales event through an online feature-enriched software is how businesses continue their digital sales. Either you set up a digital sales room accessible to you at any time. Or you can host a successful sales event with thousands of consumers, stakeholders, and professional sellers onboard. Let us explain how virtual platforms aid in boosting sales for your business.

  • Centralized platform for buyers and sellers
  • Online interaction and engagement opportunities
  • Global consumers onboard
  • Sales decisions made in real-time
  • Digital software aids through sales
  • Real-time analytics record
  • Maximized sales for multiple companies
  • Digital connectivity at any time
  • Multiple sales rooms
  • Display of thousands of products


The first step to creating any sales event or sales room is determining your target consumer market. Understanding your buyers’ needs is the most important aspect of the overall sales process. Fortunately, online platforms allow you to attend to all your consumer needs by setting up individual digital sales rooms for each product or service. This makes the planning phase easier when you design the sales pitch narrowing the needs of each of your buyers’ needs.

Businesses easily set up a sales event by creating digital rooms where sales professionals guide the buyers individually or in a group session, attending to all their queries. Also, to ease the process for your attendees, a virtual demo is arranged to guide them through the digital sales software. Further along the road, you can also give buyers a personalized demo of the product to wash off all their reservations.


To pull off a successful event, you need to make a great first impression on your attendees. Wondering how? Digital events platform allows you to personalize your 3D virtual event space. So, what are you waiting for? When you can go big, do whatever it takes to design a successful digital event or a digital sales room. A personalized space would attract most buyers. For instance, company representative avatars, creating branded booths, and company logo displays would offer a real-life experience. As a result, people would easily connect with you and interact with the products and services.

Digital sales rooms feature branded video sessions such as displaying branded products, product manuals, and demonstrations. Having your entire event branded with company logos and themes provides the best experience for your global attendees. For instance, the exhibitor products and services look more convincing with company branding.


Once your potential customers enter the digital sales event, they automatically navigate the sales rooms. These rooms display the products and services in a detailed manner, with a virtual sales representative present to attend to buyers’ queries. Interestingly, the sales professionals can easily demonstrate the product live or through a pre-recorded session. Unlike traditional methods of going door-to-door to buy things, digital sales rooms allow easy sifting through products from various companies. It will be your one-stop shop to engage with multiple sellers all under one roof.

At digital sales events, custom exhibit booths allow uploading product catalogs, demo videos, and complete branding of the booths. You can set up these booths at halls, lobbies, or separate sales rooms. For instance, a virtual motor show allows you to feature new car line-ups for interested buyers from around the world. Moreover, digital exhibitions, product launches, and trade shows allow organizations to set up their online market presence connecting buyers and exhibitors residing anywhere in the world.

Trust me; you need not go back to setting up a physical store to sell products and services. Instead, you score a maximized client market, top stakeholders, and potential global buyers with a digital sales opportunity.


Once the buyers become familiar with the product, give them an open house to interact with exhibitors. The chat and networking options available at each exhibitor booth allow buyers to initiate conversations regarding the services. Fortunately, digital sales events enable ample opportunities for buyer and seller relationships to continue. Let’s, for instance, consider the following networking features.

  • Group chat engagers
  • Event leaderboards
  • Gamification features
  • Live Q&A
  • Live to poll
  • Interactive booths for order placement
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Audio/video meetings
  • 1:1 chat options
  • Sales rooms interactions
  • Alerts and notifications


While presenting at a digital sales room, sales professionals prepare a strong presentation for the consumer market. They address the sales process to a global audience all at once. Precisely, the sessions may be pre-recorded, live, or hosted on-demand. For instance, interested buyers can request meetings through meeting scheduler tools to formally close purchase deals.

Moreover, the sales meetings encourage remote buying behavior in individuals who otherwise prefer physical purchasing. Interested buyers are more likely to make a purchase if they are satisfied.


Sometimes, the digital platforms may have you lose potential leads in the hectic live sales process. Here, the attendee profile search feature comes to the rescue. You can search attendee profiles from a specific background or interests they displayed at the event. You can also look for people from specific companies, specific dealers, or marketing managers. These people have 80% chance to make purchases when contacted personally. Fortunately, these attendees have a head start on the products and knowledge of the services being offered. So, it is easier for them to invest in your business.


Use a virtual events platform and create digital sales events to carry on your complete sales cycle. Virtual Days is a feature-enriched digital platform allowing global organizations to streamline their sales operations. We offer tools and templates that allow you to customize your digital sales platform. So, engage potential buyers in remote buying behavior and accelerate sales processes across borders.

Get ready to host remarkable digital sales events through online events platforms. Sign up for a free demo of the Virtual Days Platform today!



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