How to Market a Virtual Student Hiring Event?

If you are an event organizer aiming to win a global student base, then marketing is the key. It is one way to ensure the success of your virtual event
student hiring event

Virtual event marketing is as important as in-person events promotion. The online representation of your brand puts you on the radar. However, the best approach to virtual event marketing is to use digital means. Since all of your target markets are available online, it is only wise to market the event online. People today quickly respond to anything of their interest available on the internet. If you strike up a conversation about your upcoming student hiring event, then it sure would turn heads. As a result, your prospective students begin to register for the event and apply for their desired programs. Isn’t it incredible?

Once you have decided on hosting a hiring event, it all comes down to how well you market it globally. After all, the success of your event depends on the number of attendee turnout. And for that matter, marketing the event worldwide would help you win student leads. So it is up to you if you wish to quietly reach your student email box or go loud with your marketing. 

Virtual Student Hiring Event Marketing Strategy

Most event planners ignore the significance of event marketing. They often get caught up in planning and organizing the event and forget they need to promote their employer brand before getting started. Just as you need to send out invites for an in-person event, virtual events need a strong event marketing strategy. Although digital marketing is way easier on the pockets, it still demands careful execution. 

If you are an event organizer aiming to win a global student base, then marketing is the key. It is one way to ensure the success of your virtual event. In fact, marketing your student hiring event would win you maximized student leads and increased ROIs. Here are some event marketing tips for you to adopt when hosting a student hiring event.

1- Run Budget-Friendly Marketing Campaigns 

Soon as you schedule the event date, the countdown to promotion begins. There are a lot of options available for you to market your event. But, since everything is happening virtually, you need to run digital marketing campaigns. It is easy on the pocket and hits the nail on the head. For instance, now newspaper advertisements are replaced by online marketing campaigns. Since everything is happening online, it is only wise to market your event where your audience is available. 

Email Marketing: After a good cup of morning coffee, people usually open their email boxes. It is wise to send out a clear message via email. But do not forget that your email must have a call to action button that bring them straight to the event landing page. Today, most educational event planners reach the students directly in their mailboxes and excite them about the available programs. You can also create an email buzz as the event approaches and convince quick registrations before the time runs out. 

Social Media Channels: Without a doubt, using social media channels is the easiest way to reach your target audience. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, paid marketing campaigns are a win-win. For instance, by using the right hashtags, your event will become a trending topic and turn heads all around:

  • It catches the attention of the global student base.
  • It convinces students to speak about your event and self-promote it among peers.
  • The call to action buttons helps students directly land on the hiring event.

It is important to note here that social media channel engagement helps achieve greater exposure for your event. For instance, keep your commenting and sharing options open for the students to spark discussions.

Online Career Boards: Nowadays, online career boards help you reach the right candidates. Student recruiters are proactive in global sourcing the perfect candidates for their under-grad, graduate or post-graduate courses. They hunt the students at the globally accessible career boards. For instance, LinkedIn or career builder informs students about the vast academic and career opportunities. You must put the event date, time and registration link to guide them better. Thus, putting the event on career boards strikes student interests. This would multiply your chances of receiving student registrations for the virtual hiring event.

2- Post-Pop-up Ads All Over the Internet

A pop-up ad is a window that appears on your computer screen when you open a website page. The main agenda of these ads is to generate quick action from the viewer. Event planners post pop-up ads all over the internet that specifically targets students. For that matter, virtual event organizers now rely on pop-up ads running over their own websites, partner websites, or other online sites that receive students in abundance.

Undoubtedly, pop-up ads greatly benefit educational institutions with their hunt for prospective students by:

  • Grabs the attention of right audience
  • Helps improve the conversion rate 
  • Easy to set up and relatively cheap
  • Ads are completely customizable 
  • Helps promote employer brand

3- Set up an Action Driven Landing Page

Your event registration landing page is representative of your employer branding. It is the first encounter of prospective students with your hiring event. Make sure you put a convincing call-to-action message for the students to register right there and then. After all, it is the maximum student registrations that would help you win student applications. You can also design the landing page with the campus building in the background to entice students towards signing up for their dream college.

Moreover, you can make the page informative by displaying top academic programs, mentioning renowned faculty and keynote speaker sessions. Altogether, your landing page may represent the following:

  • Event Agenda
  • Credible faculty 
  • Student academic programs 
  • Keynote speaker sessions
  • Registration button

The links to the registration landing page are mostly shared online at the website or institute’s social media channels.

4- Spill the Tea Among Student Organizations

At present, student organizations are working actively towards youth career development. It influences their decisions about academic and career options. Basically, these organizations actively inform, guide and educate prospective students on the upcoming ‘admissions open’ events. The active members play a part in spreading the word around and getting as many students on board as possible. Therefore, it is suggested that you market your event via student organizations. All-in-all, the event is a collaborative approach with the organizations to mutually benefit from student hiring.

5- Create Uproar at Event Listing Platforms

Listing your event on the event listing platforms is a great approach towards reaching the target audience. It ensures worldwide recognition and representation for the open-day fair. Plus, listing platforms post about your event online with public access to the registration portal. By randomly surfing the internet, prospective students easily find out about the upcoming student hiring at your institute.

The event listing platforms make your event visible and help generate large sums of global traffic. For instance, you may list events on top platforms; Facebook events, Eventbrite,, or eventful.

6- Get Sponsors Onboard to Boost Employer Branding

When marketing your virtual student hiring event, consider contacting potential sponsors. Choosing the right sponsor to reach your target audience is a win-win for all. Thus, partner with companies and businesses that interest your prospective students. Then, get your sponsors to help you with pre and post-event marketing. These companies would ensure that your event is put on the radar for the masses to notice and take an interest in. Your virtual hiring event creates a buzz soon as you expand branding through sponsorship. 

Learn more about effective virtual event branding. 

Nowadays, educational recruiters consider sponsorship the best approach to marketing student-hiring events worldwide. You just have to identify what interests the sponsor most and work smartly to boost the employer’s brand. Fortunately, virtual events help attract the right sponsors as it is the global recognition your partners very much desire. 

Final Thoughts

If you wish to win at virtual event marketing strategies, you need to follow and practice the latest trends. Follow the above-mentioned tips on virtual event marketing and watch your event become the talk of the town. 

If you need guidance on hosting or promoting your virtual student hiring event, then Virtual Days – virtual events platform, is at your service. Wish to learn more about virtual student hiring? Check out the complete guide to virtual open houses for universities and colleges.



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