Best Online Platform for a Virtual Education Fair

As the whole teaching and learning process had to be shifted online, universities had to create new tools to keep their students engaged and educated.
Best Online Platform for a Virtual Education Fair

With the recent advancements in technology, humans can achieve things that they never thought were possible. Technology has advanced to such a level that everything can be done on a virtual platform. Moreover, due to the recent pandemic, the whole world has been forced to resume working but virtually. Universities have been closed for the better half of 2020 but as educating students is an important part of life, universities had to get creative. Here are some of the features of the best online platform for a virtual education fair.

What is a Virtual Education Fair?

An Online Education Fair is much like a Virtual Open Day. These events are designed specifically to attract students towards potential universities. Before the pandemic, high school graduates and their families used to take a trip all around the country to tour universities and find the best fit for them. Due to the current state of the world, universities cannot host parents and potential students physically, but they can do it virtually. Education Fairs are a great way to engage potential students by helping universities promote their learning environments.

Why Should Universities Host Online Education Fairs?

It is an important part of the entire process which is why universities need to hold Virtual Education Fairs and University Open Days. These events help potential students to familiarize themselves with the universities. With the market being as competitive as it is, universities need the most modern tools to host these events. To help them achieve this, there are many virtual event platforms available that can be used. These platforms are designed specifically to help corporations host the best online events possible. The following are the features provided by the best online platform for a virtual education fair. This highlights the benefits of virtual event platforms.

1. Virtual Classrooms

As the whole teaching and learning process had to be shifted online, universities had to create new tools to keep their students engaged and educated. One of these innovations provided by online event platforms is the virtual classroom. These are very beneficial for all the parties involved i.e. the faculty, the students, and the university. Not only do these provide an interactive medium for students, but it also elevates the working of the entire educational sector. Using virtual classroom software provided by Virtual Days provides the university to hold online classes, pre-record and deliver lectures and receive assignments. While also monitoring the progress of the students and the entire course. 

2. Virtual Tours

It is very important to provide students an interactive virtual environment. Online event platforms help corporations to give their students an environment that is close to reality. It is beneficial for the students as it fast-tracks their learning process while also helping teachers to keep an effective watch on them. Teachers use this feature to provide

3. Online Orientation

Joining a new institution is a very tough process for both the administration and the students. The students need to be inculcated into campus life and that requires a lot of effort. That is where virtual event platforms come in. Online orientations help students to familiarize with the campus and the faculty. At the same time, it helps universities spread their culture and tell potential students the important information that they need to know. This is immensely important for the university as potential students and parents can join in from the comfort of their homes. This reduces costs and makes the entire process much easier.  

4. Constant Communication

The biggest problem perceived with hosting events on an online platform is that there might be a communication gap between the participants and the hosts. Communication barriers cause rifts between teachers, students, and the administrative staff. Innovative Virtual event platforms help corporations to bridge that gap and eradicate those barriers. They create a continuous line of communication amongst the staff, the students, the parents, and the administration, ensuring a smooth sailing education fair.

5. Virtual Booths

Virtual Booths are another great feature that is provided to universities by online platforms. It enhances their virtual event by giving them an interactive virtual environment. Virtual booths are easy to access and navigate. Their main purpose is to provide support to potential students and their parents. By providing them with easily accessible information, universities can make sure that any potential students get all the relevant information they need to apply. Moreover, it is a modern form of a physical booth, typically manned by one or two members of the university. Not only does it help spread relevant information, but it also helps universities open and maintains a constant line of communication with the students.


Online Events are the best way to host events in accordance with the problems faced by the world at this time. These events are cost-effective, time-saving, and do wonders for the environment. All the major universities have already shifted to virtual platforms to host these events. To compete with them, corporations need to know about the best online platform for a virtual education fair.

Author | Zoha Junaid



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