How to Engage Visitors at a Virtual Open Day?

There are many ways to engage students and their parents so that they apply for the university. The following are a few tips that would engage the visitors and increase attendance
engage visitors at a Virtual Open Day

Before the pandemic, going on-campus during Open Days to check out the campus, the culture, and the educational system was a very important event. However, due to the Corona Virus and its contagious nature, campuses have had to shift this process online too. Even though students do a lot of research before choosing a university, a Virtual Open Day is a very important part of the whole process. This event is necessary to help prospective students find the perfect university. The most important part of the process is to engage visitors at a Virtual Open Day.

What is a Virtual Open Day?

A Virtual Open Day and University Open Days are online events held on a virtual event platform. It is used to inform students and their parents about the campus life. Due to the pandemic, students can no longer visit campuses to see the facilities in person. These virtual events are a great way to engage students and other visitors, especially international students. At Open Days, students can know what to expect from their universities before they enroll. They can inquire about the curriculum, the faculty members and explore the building. This is why these events are important, not only for the students but also for the university.

The Benefits of a Virtual Open Day

Open Days are great opportunities for students which help them get familiar with the university. At these events students and their parents have a chance to interact with the university before they join. Students can learn about the different scholarship options available at the university. They can, also, learn about the curriculum and interact with the staff. Moreover, students can learn about the student life of the institution as well as the standard of education.

Another great benefit of hosting this event online is that it is the most convenient option for international students. As these students cannot visit the campus, a virtual open day is an excellent option for them. Another benefit of these events is that they include virtual tours of the campus that allow students to tour the campus. They also use webinars and webchats to educate the students further.

Engaging the Visitors

There are many ways to engage students and their parents so that they apply for the university. The following are a few tips that would engage the visitors and increase attendance.

1. Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

There are many different event platforms that help corporations host their events on a virtual platform. This is why companies and universities can choose from a long list of platforms. These platforms help the corporation by letting them have creative control. The biggest concern of most universities is that their event is not unique. So, these platforms help them. They allow companies to create events that are unique and extremely user-friendly. This allows corporations to create events that are popular among students.

2. Creating an Impressive Web Page

The first thing that students visit is the webpage of university. Therefore, it is important that the corporation makes a good first impression. The webpage of the university should be captivating. Using a mixture of audio and visual aids can attract potential students. It is also a great way to provide information about the university. Videos can be posted by the faculty, the students and the administration which familiarizes potential students with the culture of the university. A boring and visually displeasing webpage can discourage potential students which is why an innovative page is important.

3. An Immersive Virtual Environment

As the whole event is supposed to be on an online platform, the virtual environment should be excellent. The biggest misconception with hosting events on a virtual platform is that visitors think that the event would not be as good as physical events. However, if universities have an interactive and innovative virtual environment, online events can be better than physical events. Through a great virtual environment, universities can hold events that are interactive and easy to navigate. It is in high resolution and very user-friendly. It also includes virtual information desks and virtual booths. This keeps the visitors interested and immersed.

4. Have Rich Content

Students fresh out of high school and colleges are very curious. Most of them enjoy reading informative and useful tips on potential universities. Including relevant, detailed insights into the content can keep the visitors interested and attracted. These keep the students updated on the faculty, the facilities provided by the university, and its overall culture. Interesting and diverse content that can be downloaded is a great tool. Moreover, using videos and pictures of campus life makes visitors feel familiar with the university. Live webinars and virtual conferences are another great ways to keep visitors engaged and interested. In these events, prospective students can ask questions and update themselves on any issues that they might have.


Virtual Open Days are great mediums for potential students and faculty members to communicate. It is important to know how to engage visitors at open days events. The success of a university’s event can mean an increase in the number of students that apply. It is a much better option as compared to physical events as they are much more cost-effective, have a higher reach, and have immersive virtual environments. They are also very environmentally friendly as they help reduce the carbon footprint left behind by humans. It is important to inculcate the tips mentioned above to have an engaging online event.

Author | Zoha Junaid



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