The Best Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Health Fair

The health sector has benefited greatly from all the innovations in the fields of science and technology.
host a successful health fair

Host a Successful Virtual Health Fair

The health sector has benefited greatly from all the innovations in the fields of science and technology. The centre of disease control has made many promising inventions and cures to the many diseases that afflict human beings. Many healthcare corporations host health fairs to improve the health issues and well-being of the people. It is very beneficial for the corporation as it helps it raise funding for medical research and charity work. So, is your corporation planning a health fair event? Here are some awesome tips to host a successful virtual health fair!

1. Deciding on a Theme

Adding a theme to a virtual health fair gives it more of a flare. It helps finalize the entire layout of the event such as the layout of the webpage and all the concerned activities. An interactive and interesting event brings out the creative side of the corporation, which shows the employees and shareholders that the corporation is working towards the greater good. The themes that healthcare corporations can use could be based on the seasons or the health observation for the month. The whole point of adding a theme to a healthcare event is to make things more interesting to attract attendees.

2. Finding Sponsors

To host great events, companies need to have the financial support of sponsors for the healthcare event. This financial aid benefits the corporations in a great capacity. Big corporations can also become sponsors for small, local health-related businesses such as insurance companies, gyms, dietitians, health food companies and exercise equipment shops, etc. Moreover, with sponsors backing up the event, corporations can host at large scales which can accommodate a lot more people.

3. Choosing the best Online Event Platform

To help corporations host great events there are many virtual event platforms available all around the world. Platforms like Virtual Days help corporations to host the best events possible. Their team of experts are specifically chosen to help corporations host informative and interactive health fairs that are equipped with virtual booths and a virtual environment that is as effective as any physical event. With an interactive environment, corporations can ensure that they raise awareness for healthcare-related proceedings and diseases.

4. Adding Giveaways and Giving Freebies

There is no doubt that healthcare fairs are hubs of knowledge and education which might not be very attractive to a lot of people. Therefore, an interesting feature is that corporations can add challenges between the speakers and informative webinars. These challenges can be related to medicine and diseases. Attendees can participate in these challenges and the winners can be awarded special gift baskets and coupons. Moreover, corporations can be given a raffle ticket to win a prize, attendees can get stamps at different virtual booths which can be turned into entries for the giveaways.

However, even though individuals can get excited about challenges but not everyone can win. This is why corporations should also include freebies at their health fair so that everyone can feel like a winner and get something tangible along with knowledge of the field. Small and interactive additions like these make virtual health fairs unique and interesting.

5. Scheduling Video Demonstrations and Webinars

In addition to the health fair, corporations can give video demonstrations on medical skills such as CPR and first-aid practices. This would give the general population a lot of important information of medical practices that they should know and might have to use in their daily lives. CPR is an important skill as it helps keep blood and oxygen flowing which is vital when it comes to cardiac arrest. Another thing that these corporations can add is webinars that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. These webinars would consist of short informational videos that would cover a wide array of medical problems and information.


Besides the conventional features and steps of hosting virtual health fairs, these unique and interesting tips can help any corporation to host unique virtual health fairs. These kinds of events are the epitome of innovation in the 21st Century. Not only has science and technology greatly affected the way medicine is practiced but it has also led towards people having longer, healthier life spans. Virtual health fairs are great ways to bring about awareness towards the field of medicine and with the aforementioned tips, corporations can successfully deliver them!

Author | Zoha Junaid



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