10 Ideas for Millennial Hiring in 2024

Are you ready to tap into the boundless energy and creativity of the next generation of talent, but find yourself unsure of where to start? Fear not, for we present to you the ultimate beacon of inspiration: the 2024 Millennial Hiring Guide.
Ideas for Millennial Hiring in 2023

Hiring managers today are strictly rethinking their recruitment strategies to hunt the right talent. Although they are faced with unique challenges when it comes to hiring millennials. It is being said that millennials are now responsible for shaping the future of any organization. Therefore most organizations today entrust millennials to dominate their workforce. Clearly, millennials bring everything into perspective and motivate others to follow the lead. But how would you hunt for the right candidates? By using effective ideas for millennial hiring, employers can carefully screen the right candidate and trust them to bring a fresh mindset into the company culture.

At present, people take to online means to look for new career opportunities. They build professional networks through digital means and connect with recruiters from around the world. Since millennials are most active online, it is best to present them with job opportunities through virtual job fairs. Rightly so, virtual recruitment events are gaining popularity today as it welcomes global job seekers to connect with recruiters, explore career options and apply for their desired roles. For that matter, our Virtual Days platform welcomes hiring managers and recruiters to showcase the jobs and attract the right set of millennials. This guide presents you with ideas to hire millennials successfully through a virtual platform. 

Before we immerse you in the discussion, here are some key notes on why hiring millennials is important for your organization. 

Why Hire Millennials?

Today, millennials make up about 75% of the workforce around the world. These professionals are already following their career paths. At the same time, the passionate ones want to switch to a better opportunity. Studies have shown that Generation Y falling from 1981-1996, are the enthusiastic candidates who are ready to take up great opportunities and shift business trends around the world. They bring mature ideas and innovations to the table compared to Gen X or Z. As per Pwc reports, 80% of modern millennials aspire to work overseas. Thanks to Covid’19 for, normalizing the hybrid work model facilitates remote employment. Now, more and more millennials are inclined to work remotely. 

Here’s how millennials are contributing to the work in the year 2024. 

  • Crave personal & professional development
  • Bring fresh ideas to the table
  • Passionate about their work 
  • Eagar to take on big responsibilities
  • Keep expanding their skillset 
  • Comes with experience to lead
  • Efficient with technology and applications
  • Smartly takes your company to the next level


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Why Host Virtual Recruitment Events for Millennials Hiring?

Hiring managers are confused about where to reach millennial job seekers. Their mainstream recruitment drives do not prove to be effective as it fails at reaching remote talent. But since we already know that around 80% of job seekers look for job opportunities online, then why not reach them there? For that matter, recruiters took to online job boards, social media and virtual recruitment drives. By hosting a virtual recruitment event, hiring managers reach the prospects on their mobile or laptop devices. The millennials get to explore their job options and apply for the desired roles right at the virtual event. 

Basically, the virtual recruitment process is quick and time-efficient. It welcomes job seekers around the world to engage with recruiters. The following text will guide you through millennial hiring in the year 2023. 

10 Working Ideas for Millennial Hiring 

It is believed that millennials are far more practical when it comes to accepting a job offer. They take a more sensible and practical approach to job hunting and career expectations. When finding work, millennials tend to investigate the corporate reputation, employer’s brand, and employee benefits. So the chances are they would go for a job where the hiring manager is more open, descriptive and straightforward. Thanks to virtual recruitment platforms such as VD facilitate corporations and employers throughout their talent hunt and hiring process. If you are a hiring manager aiming to tap global hiring, here are some practical tips. 

1- Attract Global Millennials to Your Employer’s Brand 

Before an employee signs a job offer with your company, they investigate your reputation. You may find them asking around the current staff about their experience with the organization or overall work culture. But, this process is tiring and challenging for the job applicants. This is where virtual days come in and helps your organization present its employer brand before the world. Basically, the virtual platform allows you to introduce yourself to the millennials in a way that they discover all about your organization. Wonder how you would entice global professionals to your employer brand?

Virtual Days leverage its customization features for your organization to completely personalize the virtual environment. You can 3D design the entire space with company logos, themes, colour, representative 3D animated avatars or more. In fact, you can immerse your audience in a 3D-designed environment which is a replica of your office building. This helps millennials to step onto the virtual job fair and simply interact with your brand. Also, the customized exhibitor booths are a great source of information and knowledge for the audience who wish to explore employer brands prior to applying for the job roles. 

2- Create an Engaging Virtual Networking Environment

Once the audience steps into the virtual space, they are looking for opportunities to network and engage with professionals. Millennials are more likely to develop personal connections within the organization to cultivate positive work relations. For that matter, be sure to provide them with an engaging environment. You can spice up the experience by scheduling live speakers sessions, webinars, roundtable discussions, or more. In fact, the millennials do not miss out on traditional interactions that are fostered by live 1:1 or group chat. With a virtual platform, the audience is able to engage in live discussions with anyone online by simply sliding into chat. Also, a meeting scheduler option allows the audience to connect with busy managers or other industry professionals. 

When discussing ideas for millennial hiring, it is important to focus on attendee networking. After all, it is the professional relationships and references that help you hire the perfect candidates. 

3- Use Live Job Boards to Present Open Positions

Before millennials accept a job, they thoroughly explore the job role, description, employee incentives or benefits, for they are very picky about their career development and progression. So keeping that in mind, recruiters need to be very descriptive about the open positions at their organization. If they wish to attract the right candidate for the job, they must communicate freely as to who would be the best fit for the job. Thankfully, with virtual days, recruiters can use live job boards to display all the open positions at their organization. 

When advertising open roles in your organization, make sure you make listings as descriptive as possible. With all the listings available through a click, it is easier for millennials to apply for job roles. The platform allows candidates to search through the listings bar based on a specific company and job title/designation. The process is easier for the candidates to submit resumes and for the recruiter to filter resumes against each job title. 

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4- Communicate Career Growth Opportunities

In times of economic uncertainty, job seekers seek opportunities that offer career growth and job security. If a person is ready to switch a job, they first look for growth in their career. Millennials have by now received a good amount of experience in their fields. So, compared to Gen Z, millennials are more inclined towards opportunities that help them progress professionally and financially. Therefore, when posting job offers, make sure you leave it open for discussion for the candidates to suit their career choices. Obviously, no one would willingly join a position that is a step down from their current position. 

So by joining a virtual platform, you have the chance to communicate career growth opportunities to a global millennial base. For instance, hiring managers can communicate job security, career path, attractive incentives, overall benefits, and retirement plans. That is how you can secure a good chance with millennials to apply for the positions you offer. 

5- Host Live Webinar Sessions to Display Company Culture

When hiring millennials, you must use the time to your advantage in communicating your company culture. At a virtual hiring event, your attendees are joining directly from the comfort of their homes. It is now up to you how well you immerse the audience within the event and display a good side of your organization. Interestingly, the virtual platform allows you to set up recorded or live virtual webinar sessions. This is a great way to quickly engage global job applicants in a fun and interactive session.

Primarily, recruiters set up these webinar sessions to inform and educate candidates about the 

jobs and company culture. For instance, if your company is hiring remote millennials, briefing them about your organization is essential. Or if you are running a millennials onboarding fair, then make sure you discuss the following. 

  • Company values
  • Perk programs
  • Work culture
  • Workforce management programs
  • Dress code
  • Social Calendar 
  • Company benefits
  • Work-life balance 
  • Work environment 
  • Growth opportunities 


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6- Encourage Remote Working Culture for Global Talent

Throughout the recent pandemic, the corporate industry has realized that remote work culture is nothing bad. In fact, more and more organizations today promote a hybrid work culture for their employees. So, when running your millennials talent acquisition drive, encourage a remote work culture. This way, you win yourself the perfect candidate for the job with little or no hiring expense. Also, with technology, software and tools being readily available, remote work is successfully done from anywhere in the world. 

Today, remote work is considered the biggest perk for millennials wishing to progress in their careers. This way, corporate work is globalized, allowing talented individuals to serve businesses across borders. Also, the flexibility offered in hybrid work culture is more attractive for millennials as compared to on-site opportunities. Therefore, with a virtual platform, you can encourage a global audience to consider working remotely. 

7- Set up Roundtable Discussions Among Employers & Applicants

One of the great ideas for millennial hiring is to allow open discussions among employers and candidates. Instead of going over a mechanic job application system, employees can first learn about the organization, company culture and employee benefits before making an informed decision. Also, the roundtable discussion panels can be led by career counsellors who hold extensive experience in the field. This shall prove fruitful for individuals who are fresh and wish to progress in their careers. After all, it all comes down to what networking and engagement opportunities you offer for millennials joining from around the world. 

The essence of your virtual hiring event lies in the seamless networking among employers and applicants. Here, audiences can engage in meaningful conversations with anyone joining from across the globe. For that matter, VRD assists employers and hiring managers in the right direction to accelerate the recruitment process. 

8- Integrate Social Walls to Attract the Right Audience

Most of your millennials are active on social media platforms. In case they miss out on attending your virtual hiring, you have the chance to reach prospective employees via social media channels. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, millennials would readily take an interest in new opportunities available online. This not only helps you attract the right audience but also helps employers connect with great talent. Since social media is considered great for live networking, you can reserve comment sections for open discussions. This way, the online audience takes part in your event and also gets to voice their opinions. 

Today, most organizations use social media for their event marketing or promotion. However, social media today is used for live interaction, cultivating professional relationships and more. So, virtual days allow social wall integration into the platform, which is now considered one of the best ideas for millennial hiring. 

9- Use a Quick Virtual Filtering and Screening Process 

We all have been through traditional workforce hiring processes. The process was tiring and time-consuming, which required applicants to show up at the office building. It took days to apply for a certain position and go over the interview and screening processes. Sometimes the interviews went on the entire day, which was hectic for the recruiters and applicants. 

Fortunately, by stepping into the age of digital age, human interactions have moved online. The physical and digital worlds are combined to help millennial applicants easily go over the hiring process from the comfort of their homes. There’s no point in physical gatherings when the entire process is conducted virtually via video conferencing. This is a far better way of applicant screening and filtering. 

Let us guide you through a step-by-step process of virtual hiring. 

  • Applicants show up at the virtual venue and easily connect with recruiters
  • Candidates submit their resumes at the live job boards
  • All the applications are run through quick filtration 
  • Using the profile matching technology best, matched profiles are filtered 
  • Applicants who check all the boxes for the job role are shortlisted 
  • Shortlisted candidates are further interviewed to assess their potential
  • Finally, shortlisted candidates are hired and onboarded in real time.


10- Exclusive Features for Millennial Applicants

With a virtual platform, you get to expand your reach. Hiring managers can feature the open vacancies live for a global lot to access and benefit from. Our platform offers an exclusive feature set for recruiters and candidates. It is developed in the best interest of both parties involved. For instance, there are hiring features, live networking, attendee engagement, virtual environment customization and real-time advanced analytical reports. But, other than the mainstream features, VRD guides employers with great ideas for millennial hirings, such as;

  • Create a resource vault with downloadable applicant guides, materials, job info and more.
  • Allow each attendee to download materials in their swag bags
  • Allow attendees to book a private meeting with employers or professionals
  • Conduct interactive webinar sessions to educate and inform attendees
  • Install navigational buttons to guide attendees through the event
  • Embedded chat allows attendees to engage with others effectively


Final Thoughts

Today, 57% of companies turn to digitization to continue with their dealings. It seems that traditional recruitment practices are replaced with online talent hunts. Virtual recruitment is now considered a sustainable approach to hiring. It aims at globalizing the reach, minimizing distances and saving expenses that otherwise go into hiring millennials. 

Virtual Days leverage its recruitment solutions for hiring managers and employers to easily hunt fresh global talent and seamlessly onboard them. If you aim to build a remote workforce or promote hybrid work culture, VD is the best choice. By partnering with our platform, you can access a wide range of features, solutions and services unmatched by any other virtual events provider platform. Let us help you host the most memorable millennial hiring event of 2023.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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