7 Practices to Carry Out in Your Virtual Hiring Events

Virtual Hiring Events

Recruitment for any company is the most crucial process. It may seem quite challenging to find that one piece of the puzzle for your organization. Previously, the tiring process of hiring went on for months. You must remember showing up suited and decked up for a job interview. We all have experienced a lengthy hiring process with two or more onsite interviews. However, with the rise in the current pandemic, businesses have transformed their hiring processes. Now, they carry out virtual hiring events to look for the most suitable candidates for their organization’s job roles. It has helped businesses and applicants alike.

Today, the vast majority of businesses operate online, and people work from home. Therefore, it makes sense to host events online. Fortunately, the decline in physical events has given way to virtual events. These events are held online through virtual platforms that help businesses execute their hiring events in an immersive environment.

What are Virtual Hiring Events?

Virtual hiring events are replicas of in-person physical hiring processes. However, these events are held online and thus attract potential global applicants. Interestingly, the organizers enjoy tons of benefits by moving their dealings online. It cuts down on all the hassle and brings you straight to approaching the right resource for the company. In addition, a virtual hiring event is cost-effective, time-efficient, scalable, and environmentally friendly. Does it get any better?

Still, the process can be tricky and challenging for people going virtual for the first time. Well, here are a few practices for beginners to follow when they shift their hiring processes online.

Be Specific on the Ideal Candidates

Do you know what qualifications and qualities you seek in your ideal candidate? Your executives should decide what type of candidates would be appropriate for the company. Plus, gather opinions from the team and list all the specifications you want. Surprisingly, your virtual recruitment process would be brief and require a little push before the event. Therefore, promote the event in advance to reach suitable candidates. You can state your priorities on what qualifications and what institute backgrounds would you prefer. Applicants must have an understanding of the opportunities at your company before applying for a job.

Rather than hiring the wrong candidates, it is important to be specific about your ideal candidate. Only approach candidates who match your job description. The resume search options would work best when job matching algorithms are applied. So, be accurate, and the right candidates will appear before you.

Work on Your Employer Brand Before Event Hype

If you are looking for fresh graduates, then you have got to work well on attracting them. Freshers wish to apply for impactful jobs where they can learn, grow and execute their skills. So, the best way to present yourself to a global candidate base is to build a strong employer brand. Also, share the success stories of employees who have grown with you. In addition, present your company culture as a set of missions and goals. Similarly, in the case of virtual hiring events, you can present compelling content and some informative takeaways for the attendees.

You can set up webinars and brief aspiring applicants about the job roles, company goals and values. This way, interested applicants would be clear about their potential and be a good resource for the company.

Fix a Booth for Each Job Opening

Do not forget that the majority of the applicants are attending the virtual booth for the first time. You need a user-friendly hiring event process with easy navigation. Precisely, each candidate would be looking around for the job role they fit in. So, to save them the trouble. Virtual events platforms allow you to customize the booths entirely. Design each booth as per a different position you are actively hiring. Candidates will take a good impression out of your events if the hiring event is easily navigable. Use standees, videos, 3D animations, and graphics to create a custom booth for each job opening. Put out specific and relevant information and not misguide the individuals.

Sometimes it’s candidates who want to switch their jobs for a better opportunity. So make sure you put out all the perks and benefits employees will receive working for you. Also, make sure the booths describe the following;

Additionally, this helps candidates connect with the hiring managers right at the virtual hiring event. They can engage in an informative chat, audio/video conferencing, or group discussions. Just make sure everyone is connected and making the most out of the event. Indeed, the immersive features of a virtual platform are a plus in the case of an online hiring process.

Put out Reminder Emails 

To ensure the success of your virtual hiring event:

These emails are a way to make sure people are talking about your event. Moreover, you receive the right amount of hype you deserve.

Create Immersive Virtual Hiring Events

After you have made sensible moves towards organizing a virtual hiring event, there comes the need to create a remarkable and unforgettable virtual experience for your attendees. Then, sign up at a feature-enriched platform and use it to your advantage. Your hiring event will leave a lasting impression on the competitors or attendees by creating custom-designed halls, lobbies, and booths. Moreover, you can keep track of real-time analytical reports on booth visits, number of resumes, and chat records.

A reputed recruitment events platform would be more suitable for your business. It offers chat and networking options that work best for aspiring applicants. Also, it helps you with pre-event hype and drives registrations.

Train Employers and Hiring Managers

At the time of the event, the most important representatives are the employers and hiring managers. It is not the typical HR team that would engage in a lengthy hiring process. Instead, the company hires managers who work to hunt the best talent from across the globe. Train them beforehand to sift through the most suitable resumes quickly. Then, schedule interviews with the bright candidates and shortlist them for further screening processes.

Keep Sparkling Resumes in Pipeline

A professional employer would spot good talent and retain it for future roles. If you come across candidates who have the right passion but lack experience, book them for future hirings. Moreover, some candidates might not be the right fit but will prove helpful for the future. You can make candidate pipelines and save the resumes for future hires.

In Conclusion

Businesses nowadays have smartly moved their hiring practices to virtual events platforms. Following the practices mentioned above, you can hunt the most suitable candidates for your organization. If you wish to host a global hiring event, here’s your chance! Virtual Days Platform is the leading hiring events supplier for businesses worldwide. So, join us today to hunt the best talent from across the world.

Are you interested in learning more about the possibilities that virtual events can create for you and your company?

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