A Guide to Virtual Recruitment Process

2022 is witnessing great shifts in the hiring processes. People no longer walk around with resumes in hand or wait for interview calls from HR.
virtual recruitment process

2022 is witnessing great shifts in the hiring processes. People no longer walk around with resumes in hand or wait for interview calls from HR. Traditional hiring practices are now history! So is it the internet, technology, software, or digitization contributing to the reformed hiring processes? Altogether the corporate industry has become a digital hub. From organizing virtual conferences to streamlining online hiring, we have come far from physical limitations. The virtual recruitment process globalizes the reach, minimizes human effort and maximizes the efficiency of employee recruitment. 

Today, mainstream hiring are overall replaced by online recruitment processes. The computer-simulated virtual software now facilitates global hiring. Primarily known as “the virtual platforms.” The virtual world allows employers to expand their reach to remote locations and particularly look for the right candidates. 

To have a deeper understanding of the subject, let’s learn about the virtual recruitment process. 

What is Virtual Recruitment?

Virtual recruitment is an online hiring process conducted through a virtual platform. The platform allows multiple employer brands to gather and advertise jobs. Mostly, virtual recruitment is held for high-volume recruitment. It is the kind of recruitment that allows remote job applicants to easily sign into the job fair online and apply for their desired job roles. 

The recruitment technology altogether assists employers with resume collection, screening of candidates, interviews with shortlisted candidates and final employee onboarding. Then, applying the job matching algorithms, the hiring managers reach the right candidate for the job. On the whole, the platforms facilitate hiring managers to host:

Unlike physical events, the attendees appear online on a laptop screen and connect with employers from around the world. Here, face-to-face interaction is replaced by zoom-integrated audio/video conferencing. But there’s more to the picture. Hold tight as we are set to inform and educate you on virtual recruitment. 

Why is Virtual Recruitment the Talk of the Town?

Today, virtual recruitment is widely accepted among employers. Whether small businesses or large enterprises, old methods of HR recruitment are replaced by virtual recruitment processes. It is gaining popularity for all the good reasons, such as; 

  • A virtual platform takes on the headache of organizing large-scale recruitment
  • Puts behind all physical restraints of travelling and accommodation
  • Online job fairs are accessible to candidates residing at the far ends of the world 
  • It helps save on venue rentals, staff duties, food, and other resource expenditures
  • Life-like virtual venues ensure you miss out on nothing 
  • Company representative animated avatars add more life to the virtual venues
  • Social media channels integrations help expand the reach of your fair 
  • Offers access to remote talent who would perfectly fit within your organization 
  • Automated processes reduce human efforts to just a few clicks 
  • Allows adopting the same recruitment practices that define your company culture
  • Time efficient approach reducing days of hiring hassle to hours
  • Tons of live interaction and engagement tools 
  • Complete customizable virtual venues, lobbies, halls and booths
  • Gathers a large number of candidates facilitating high-volume recruitment 

The Virtual Recruitment Process

Virtual recruitment is the process of hiring employees online. The entire hiring event is planned and executed on a feature-packed virtual platform. It is the best way to connect global employers with the right candidates.

Today, organizations spice up their mainstream hiring practices using online tech and tools. Corporate hiring has changed for the better for many reasons. Wondering how? Read on and learn more about the virtual recruitment process. 

Join a Virtual Recruitment Platform

The first step to organizing online recruitment is to partner with a virtual platform. From setting up the event to going live, a virtual events platform takes up all the headaches. 

  • Allows you to create a virtual replica of the office building 
  • 3D animated virtual walkthrough lobbies and halls 
  • Navigational buttons to help you sift through the platform
  • Allows setting up multiple employers’ booths 
  • Booths customized as per employer brand 
  • Each employer creates their job boards
  • Live chat options with booth visitors 
  • Live, recorded or on-demand webinar hosting option
  • Offer real-time analytical reports on the event progress
  • Offers 24/7 live customer support
  • Live alerts and event notifications to assist attendees.

Generally, the platform becomes a one-stop shop for global employers. 

Virtual Recruitment Strategies

In a virtual recruitment process, the employers get to apply the entire recruitment philosophy to a virtual job fair. For instance, the candidates submit their resumes at their respective exhibitor booths. Then, they may engage in live one-on-one or group chats with the employers to enquire more about the open positions. Here, employers apply the job matching technology to filter best-matched resumes. While on the other hand, the employers interview these shortlisted candidates to offer positions to the applicants. 

You might be wondering how the process is contrary to physical hiring. The major difference is that instead of face-to-face physical interaction, you can easily join from the comfort of your couch. So, the job fairs are run applying similar recruitment strategies. Significantly, the virtual recruitment process globalizes the reach and helps employers find the right candidate. Whereas physical events confine your search to your locality or city. It not only creates great career opportunities for remote employees but also promotes remote work culture.

In order to understand the process better, you must first learn about virtual recruitment software.

Virtual Recruitment Software

Virtual events software is used to streamline the remote hiring and onboarding of employees. The technology assists multiple employers in posting jobs live. The attendees get to connect with different recruiters in one place and apply for suitable job roles. 

Here, each employer displays the open positions at the exhibitor booth and engages with interested candidates. Also, live presentations are scheduled in the form of webinars. Altogether this allows employers to educate and guide candidates on the company culture, job roles, employee benefits or company projects. Likewise, the keynote speakers address the candidates on useful and informative topics to assist them in making career decisions. 

Above all, it allows employers to store information and create a resume pipeline. This information is accessed whenever the company reopens hiring.  

Advertise Jobs on Job Boards 

The virtual platforms ease employers’ hiring process by allowing them to put their best foot forward. Initially, the employers advertise jobs at the exhibitor booths. The event becomes a hub for recruiters as each employer attends to applicants at their respective job boards. Here, candidates engage with employers and submit their resumes soon as they join the event. This enhances the booth visits and candidate interaction. Primarily, the booths display informative content relating to the job position or the employer. This is where the applicants get hooked. 

The virtual platform allows attendees to easily search for a particular company or their advertised jobs. They receive a list of jobs and easily apply in real-time. Likewise, the employers view applications against each job listing and apply job matching technology to filter the most suitable candidates. Later, the candidates whose profiles match the job are shortlisted for the audio/video interview.

Conduct Screening Interviews

A resume does not speak clearly about a person’s potential or expertise. Therefore, it is always better to have a 1:1 talk with the shortlisted candidates. There’s nothing new to this as a virtual platform allows you to indulge candidates in in-depth audio/video interviews. This is your chance to learn more about the applicant and how they would be a great fit within your organization. 

Employers usually prefer a video chat so as to observe the candidate by face. Although some are comfortable chatting in detail using the audio chat feature. In either case, you get to know the candidates better than their resumes could convey. 

Educate Attendees on Job Roles

The candidates joining from far ends of the world might not know how worthy your organization is. Standees, video content, or visuals will not speak about your organization’s name. For that matter, the employers engage attendees in live or recorded webinar sessions. These presentations speak about the company culture, job roles, employee benefits, incentives, work model, or the founder’s vision. 

With this information at hand, the candidates make informed decisions about their applications. They either apply for the job or learn about potential employers. Altogether the informative webinar sessions hook the attendees throughout the presentation. Mostly, it is the live engagement that encourages attendees to participate in the sessions and learn more about the jobs. Usually, the keynote speakers spark discussions and encourage participation. The live engagement is facilitated as:

  • Attendees participate in live Q&A sessions.
  • Live polling encourages attendees to share opinions 
  • Live quizzes build the interests of attendees
  • Attendees get to interact via 1:1 or group chat 

Onboard Remote Teams 

Once the employee screening process is complete, the onboarding process begins. Fortunately, the virtual platforms also facilitate the employers and hiring managers to easily onboard new staff. The entire recruitment and onboarding process takes place on the virtual platform. Basically, the remote teams are integrated into the company staff with an online training approach. 

Firstly, the remote teams are familiarized with the company culture. Then, informative webinar sessions are held to educate further, guide, and train the employees. Some teams also go for an on-demand webinar session to inquire more about the job roles. So basically, a virtual platform becomes your one true partner in helping you through having skilled remote workers onboard. 

Integrate Employer Brand into Social Media Channels 

The sole purpose of bringing your recruitment online is to expand your reach. So how would you reach a global audience? One way to do it is to market the employer brand worldwide. At present, digital marketing is on the rise. The easiest way to reach your target audience is through social media channels. You can either promote your event on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter or simply post it on your website. In fact, pop-up website ads are now considered the best way to receive registrations. 

Another way to reach a global audience is to list the recruitment event on event listing platforms. This would not only ensure global recognition but would also bring large traffic to your website. Make sure your employer brand speaks about your company vision, mission, hiring needs, employee roles, work-life, benefits, and more. 

How to Recruit With Virtual Recruitment Days? 

If you are an organization aiming to globalize your employer brand, then VRD is here to help. With years of experience in the field, our virtual platform has helped organizations hire the best talent from across the globe. By maximizing the reach, you allow refined talent to apply for the jobs at your organization. Basically, the recruitment event software facilitates employers to design a virtual job fair, career fair, in-house recruitment or virtual onboarding. If you wish to host a recruitment event with us, then here are some takeaways for you:

  • Request a demo for the recruitment event
  • Schedule your hiring event at our VR platform 
  • Custom-design the 3D virtual venue as an office replica
  • Create an informative and engaging event landing page 
  • Allow attendees to register for the event
  • Set up the entire event with multiple employer brands 
  • Engage attendees at exhibitor booths and collect resumes 
  • Apply job matching technology to shortlist suitable candidates 
  • Engage attendees in live audio/video interviews
  • Train and onboard remote teams 
  • Get real-time analytical reports on event progress
  • 24/7 constant customer support from event experts 

To implement the best strategies into hassle-free hiring. Save your time, money and resources by moving to an online events platform. With a virtual representation, your employer brand would surely be the talk of the town. 

In Conclusion

The recent trends in the event industry call for virtual recruitment practices. Let’s face it, high-volume recruitment is only possible with reformed digital solutions. For that matter, virtual recruitment software comes in and allows the hosting of game-changing online job fairs. So, forget about the physical restraints and target remote talent for your hiring needs. 

Virtual Days helps organizations streamline their recruitment with innovative technology and a variety of features. So join us today to host remarkable events.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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