Questions to Ask at a Virtual Career Fair

The first and foremost interest of any company is whether or not the person they are hiring has the required skill sets for the job. You need to know if the employee is a good fit for your company.
Questions to ask at a Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fairs are a way to select the best candidates from a wide array of applicants. Holding these events virtually gives your company a lot more ease to deal with the whole hiring process. Even then, it requires a lot of preparation and dedication. The planning and execution of these events will determine whether you have hired the best candidates for the company. As part of the preparation, you need to have a set of questions ready to ask your interviewees to put the company’s best foot forward. The following are a few questions to ask at a Virtual Career Fair.

1. How would you describe your skillset?

The first and foremost interest of any company is whether or not the person they are hiring has the required skillsets for the job. You need to know if the employee is a good fit for your company. You must find someone who has the necessary requirements to fill the open position. This is why this question is the first one that you should ask all the candidates. It is the best way to evaluate whether the candidate has the necessary qualities to meet the job requirements.

2. What are your professional achievements?

The next important question to ask your candidates is the history of their professional achievements and which one of the achievements are they most proud of. Candidates will be looking to impress you and would undoubtedly have achieved important accomplishments. This question gives you a more comprehensive look into their mindset as their accomplishments let you know their real strengths. Moreover, this question can increase the candidate’s confidence and calm their nerves. This will make the interview go much smoother and at a faster pace.

3. What challenges have you overcome in the past?

This question is basically to test the behaviour and thought process of the candidates. You get a better understanding of how the person applies their skills to overcome challenges. The way they conquer these challenges shows how these candidates work under pressure. It shows how they work in a team or individually. You need candidates that work well under pressure, work well with others and how they tackle problems that come with working in a professional environment.

4. What is your working style?

A company cannot work if the working environment is not harmonious. You need workers that have the same work ethic as your pre-existing employees. The working of the company depends on all the employees working together in a healthy environment. Once you have asked this question to the candidates you will be able to understand if the person would be able to work within the framework of your company. This insight will help you determine the best fit for your company and will prove to be a valuable asset.

5. What would be an ideal work environment for you?

It is very important for you to make sure that the candidate is a good fit for your company. This question is designed to listen to the candidate’s expectations of your company. Through this you will know the mindset of the candidate and if they would thrive within the company. You would get to learn whether or not this candidate will work well in your office and with the entire team. It shows what they expect from the company and if their expectations are valid or not.

6. What is your previous work experience?

Asking about the previous work experience of an individual is important for your company. If the individual has worked in a professional environment before, they will have a lot more experience in dealing with problems effectively. If the individual has not had the opportunity to work in a professional environment before, you can judge whether he has the drive and the passion to learn. This question will determine whether the candidate would prove to be an asset to the company or not.

7. What do you think is your biggest weakness?

Even though this is a very well-known question, asked at almost every interview, it is very important. Asking this question helps you determine what the candidate thinks of himself. This gives you further insights on his thought process and his ability to identify his own mistakes. When a candidate can list his shortcomings correctly, it shows you that they are introspective and willing to rectify them. This ability is not present in any individual and if your candidate has such an ability, he will prove to be a great addition to your company.

8. Why do you want to work with our company?

Everyone has some motivations behind their action and knowing the intent is important. Once you know why a person wants to work with your company specifically, it determines their expectations from your corporation. It can also help you understand if the individual is a team player or not. This question can be answered in many different ways and the way the candidate chooses to answer the question tells you a lot about their mindset. It will help you determine the strive of the candidate and his level of dedication to your company.

9. What are your interests outside of work?

As a recruiter, you have to understand that when you hire someone, you have to think of them as an entire person. Knowing about their hobbies will give you more insight into their lives. This will enable you to know whether or not they prioritize work over everything else or not. Their hobbies also let you know what they are interested in and where their strength lies. When you know about the candidate’s hobbies and interests, you will have a better idea of the kind of person that they are and if they will fit in your company.

10. Do you have any questions for the company?

This would be the last question that you ask your candidate. Asking this question will enable you to get real-time feedback. With the feedback of the candidate, you can fine-tune your interview and perfect it. Lastly, the candidates can ask what they have not understood about the working of your company. The nature of their questions will you a look into their concerns about working for your corporation and will enable you to soothe them.


The hiring process is daunting, and our company’s main objective is to bring hardworking individuals into the corporation. A good hire will ensure that the workings of the company run smoothly. Moreover, Virtual Career Fairs, such as those held through Virtual Days, are great opportunities to meet a larger number of hopeful candidates. From there, you can choose the best fit for the success of your corporation when you know which questions to ask your candidates.

Author | Zoha Junaid



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