How Virtual Onboarding is Helping to Onboard New Employees?

To onboard new employees is challenging for any organization. A growing company is always on the lookout for new employees.
onboard new employees

To onboard new employees is challenging for any organization. A growing company is always on the lookout for new employees. You do not want to miss out on hires who could be a great addition to the company. The Covid pandemic has brought many companies to resort to virtual onboarding and easily host people from far ends of the world. Previously, hiring took place at the main company offices with the physical appearance of prospective employees. However, online event platforms are now widely used for the international hiring of new employees. 

Fresh employees no longer have to run after senior company employees to brief them about their culture and jobs. On the contrary, interactive webinars, seminars, and chat tools are available at a virtual onboarding fair, helping organizations effectively onboard new employees globally. Still, wondering how it all works? Let us have a deep insight into the program. 

What is Virtual Onboarding? 

Virtual onboarding is a formal process of helping new hires to fit in with the organization at an online event. It helps freshers understand the organizational culture and job roles and familiarize themselves with the tools necessary to perform the job. Moreover, the onboarding process is carried out on an online events platform introducing new hires to the company’s current employees. According to studies, 25% of new employees leave within the first year, 22% go within the initial two months, and 4% do not show up after the final hiring. Therefore, building an effective onboarding program is necessary to ensure employee retention by a good percentage.

Companies now welcome remote employees hired through online recruitment events at a virtual onboarding fair. It may seem like a way ahead in the future, but most companies have entirely moved to an online events platform to carry out their future hiring and onboarding of employees.

The Virtual Onboarding Process

A virtual onboarding fair delivers the company’s values, mission, business goals, and job details. Moreover, it also cares about providing the knowledge and skills needed to perform well at their jobs and be an irreplaceable asset to the company. The whole program resembles the physical onboarding of new hires, including sessions describing the company’s mission. Therefore, it is vital to partner with an online events platform to help you exercise virtual onboarding best practices. 

Virtual onboarding allows hosting training sessions and facilitates networking with current employees to train the remote employees. Arrange for high-class training and education for your global employee base to create an overall memorable experience. Let us check how a virtual onboarding fair is helping onboard new employees. 

Schedule Employee Engagement Sessions

A virtual event is the best opportunity for the company to introduce new employees to current employees. Schedule a video conferencing session with new hires to educate them through the company vision and mission. These sessions can also offer 1:1 or group chats for a detailed briefing. Moreover, allow the teams to reach out to freshers and train them through their roles. This shall help in the virtual team building of employees. Also, please keep an open door for new bees to connect with you at any time in case they have any queries. The more detailed the onboarding fair is, the more likely you will retain that particular group of employees. 

Introduce Hires to Company Values

It is essential, to begin with introducing fresh hires to company values. However, it may get tricky to convey company culture and values at an online event. The easiest way is to set up webinars or seminars primarily to describe company values and codes of conduct. Once they understand the ideas, it is essential to help them implement these values into company activities. Consequently, the success of any organization depends on following the company culture as one big team. 

Outline Goals and Expectations

All the employees in the organization have a role to play towards the success of each project. Being mindful of the roles and responsibilities is essential to put out a good company name. Therefore, make new employees aware of the goals and overall expectations of the company. Once the new employees realize the company’s expectations, it will mark the success of virtual onboarding. Finally, inform new hires of how the company will evaluate their performance in the future.

A quick way to achieve this is through scheduling interactive welcome videos, and live, pre-recorded, or semi-live online webinars. Moreover, group or 1:1 chat will effectively educate each employee about its goals and expectations. As a result, employees will have a head start when appearing at the job or begin working on the project.

Keep Onboarding Fair Interactive 

The best way to onboard new employees is through an interactive onboarding fair. For example, suppose you want to keep the employees interested and excited about the job. You can schedule live polling, social walls, gamification, leaderboards, and scavenger hunts to keep them interested. Resultantly, this shall help engage employees throughout the online onboarding process. Furthermore, customized webinars would prove helpful in training the employees with their job roles.

Track the Event’s Progress

When hosting new employees for the first time, it is crucial to ensure that everyone keeps up. The process may be tricky for some, or some might need more time with training. Therefore, keep individual checks to understand the virtual environment and efficiently move about the sessions. Track on the calls received from the teams and how new employees are responding to them. Send reminders to new hires on attending their training sessions. The Q&A session will prove helpful with checking on the employee’s training progress. Install help desks at the event to ensure that new employees are thoroughly guided throughout the event’s progressions.

Get Feedback

Like any other organizational event, a virtual onboarding fair should also be productive for your business. To gauge success, get direct feedback from the new hires during and after the event. Interact and find out what your freshers think of their new venture with your company. This shall also provide you with an insight into how your old employees welcomed the new additions. You can also create a short survey for employees to rate the sessions and leave comments. Additionally, this shall inform you on the progress of training and which employees would need further assistance. 

In Conclusion

Partner with Virtual Days to onboard new employees by hosting a formal online onboarding event. Get your employees and hiring managers to take their upcoming recruitment events at an online events platform and onboard remote employees. Virtual onboarding and the new hire experience will speak for itself once you successfully hire the best asset for your company from across the globe. Wish to host all your onboarding events at VD? Then, get in touch with us today and see the virtual world at its best!  

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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