How to Host a Virtual Job Fair

Looking to host a job fair? Go digital and reach a larger audience. This guide will help you to get started and gives you some advice on how to host a successful virtual job fair.
host a virtual job fair

2021 has brought a shift in the hiring processes for businesses worldwide. It is no secret that in-person events now seem like history. At present, the pandemic discourages mass gatherings of people at a physical location. As a result, businesses worldwide have smartly shifted to online event platforms to organize their recruitment events. These events easily onboard potential candidates from across the globe. Therefore, host a virtual job fair to attract remote job seekers and potential employees.

Currently, businesses prefer remote job interviews and hirings. Job seekers virtually approach job fairs from far ends of the world. At an online job fair, a global pool of candidates gathers to try their luck. Interestingly, each year around 86% of the hirings are achieved virtually. So, whether a recruitment event or a virtual career fair, attendees are engaged in an online environment. They easily connect through the internet using laptops or mobile devices. Thus, a virtual job fair is an excellent opportunity for employers to host top talents.

What is a Virtual Job Fair? 

virtual job fair is an employee recruitment event designed to attract global candidates on an online platform. It is the replica of a traditional in-person event. However, it diminishes the physical gathering of people at a location. Here, applicants join the event from the comfort of their homes. Also, they do not need to travel to distant locations or spend the day at a physical venue. They may join the event for a few hours and apply for their desired roles.

Wondering how virtual job fairs are different from physical job fairs? A virtual environment features booths, lobbies, and exhibit halls. Here, attendees connect with employers or company representatives over the internet. That is how they build networks or find out about vacant positions. All of the applicants can attend from the comfort of their homes. They interact with the hiring managers and present their expertise. Thus, they can score a suitable position for themselves.

At first, attendees register for the event. Then, they are guided to halls and lobbies to engage in 1:1 or group chats regarding the job openings. Moreover, online platforms offer audio/video conferencing. It helps educate short-listed candidates about the firm and its culture. If you are still wondering how do I host a virtual recruiting event, check out the following steps.

How do you Host a Virtual Job Fair? 

Businesses need the right virtual event platforms to host a successful virtual job fair. In fact, an organization should not waste resources on events that fail to produce greater results. Therefore, before planning the recruitment event, you need to clarify your objectives. What do you expect to get out of it? How will the hiring be beneficial for the company’s growth? Which resources will prove more helpful for the company’s projects? These are the factors to consider before filling out the vacant positions at your firm.

Nowadays, virtual event software is the new gamechanger for organizations. Also, recruiting fresh global talent can completely change the standing of a company. The question here arises, are virtual career fairs worth it? Now, let us consider some ideas on how to host a virtual job fair.

Choose an Online Job Fair Platform

When a company hosts a virtual job fair, its first hurdle is looking for an ideal online events platform. Hundreds of virtual events platforms are available online. But, finding the right fit for your company is the challenge. Though, there should be no compromise on quality. So, look for a platform that offers amazing event features, including chat rooms, lobbies, interactive booths, audio/video presentation options, and exhibition halls.

Choose a platform that meets all your needs when it comes to locating your target audience. In addition, it should offer personalization and customization for the event. Therefore, partner with a platform that understands your business culture and ideals.

Devise a Plan and Timeline

When hosting a virtual job fair, devise a careful event plan and timeline. Like, on a virtual platform, businesses create job boards to collect resumes. For example, attendees can upload resumes and wait for their shortlisting. Then, employers network with top candidates applying from far ends of the world. To start:

Set up an Immersive Virtual Environment

The virtual event platform enables businesses to customize the virtual environment as per their needs. You can format an interactive and engaging online environment for your company. So, put behind traditional job fair practices, set up immersive lobbies, exhibit halls, and auditoriums. Also, you can personalize your event by depicting the workspace or office building through captivating 3D designs.

Besides, online event platforms offer a self-select avatar library to make an animated avatar of your real staff. You can also make the virtual space colorful and engaging so attendees won’t miss anything they experience at the physical event.

Get Speakers and Exhibitors Onboard

Invite keynote speakers to the virtual job fair who can educate prospective employees. Also, get recruiters or exhibitors on board to benefit or contribute to the event’s success. However, you only ask speakers for your event after it is well-planned. Finally, you can contact them via email, social media platforms, or phone numbers.

Market the Event Online

Another contributing factor to the success of your event is pre and post-marketing. For example, you might want to promote the event globally to attract maximum sponsors and investors. Accordingly, devise marketing kits to entice the exhibitors to set up exhibit booths at your online job fair. As a result, you will maximize the impact of your event and earn a good name for your company.

Likewise, virtual job fair marketing helps spread the word and attract talented candidates to the event. In addition, they remotely connect with the organization to extend their services.

Keep Attendees Engaged and Interested 

As soon as job applicants have registered, send them emails, reminders, workshop information, and event attendance tips. Most importantly, use your website or social media platforms to keep prospective applicants interested. Another way to win at the event is to convince the attendees to upload the resumes beforehand.

By doing so, you will be able to screen the candidates for final interviews before the event. Another vital aspect to remember is to keep a follow-up with attendees after the event. Find out what they liked about the event to practice your strengths for the future.

In Conclusion

It can get challenging for employers and hiring managers to host a virtual job fair. Thanks to virtual events platforms helping companies loosen the burden of recruitment. Now, the corporate world finds it best to pair with a virtual job fair platform and host their next big global hiring. The platform of Virtual Days helps businesses look for that one perfect candidate that is the last piece to sit in a puzzle. Let us assist you in organizing and conducting global recruitment events to locate suitable candidates from across the globe.

Interested in learning more about the possibilities that virtual events can create for you and your company?

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