Host Virtual Networking Events to Expand Your Network

To keep up with the business trends of the marketplace, Virtual Days becomes an end-to-end virtual events platform for corporations worldwide.
Virtual Networking Events

2021 has brought significant shifts in the business dealings of corporations. At present, the traditional business networking methods have entirely evolved with technological advancements. People no longer host business partners over tea to discuss important matters and negotiate. Rather, business statistics is now focusing on the rate of traffic that is attracted to their websites. Or it is the number of leads collected with their online presence. Likewise, business networking processes have moved online. The pandemic alone has played a significant role in influencing companies to host virtual or hybrid events. Moreover, most business conferences, meetings and trade shows are hosted virtually with an online audience onboard. Fortunately, these virtual networking events promise a global market when organized through events platforms.  

Do you wish to expand your professional network? Surprisingly, virtual platforms bring great opportunities for businesses to expand their reach. Ignore anyone who tries to buy you for traditional methods of dealings. So, your online networking events are now accessible to people worldwide. They can join your business network from anywhere and participate in the meetings. Therefore, distances are irrelevant when considering online gatherings of hundreds of people at a single virtual event.

Globalize to Expand Your Professional Network

Why not reach for the stars? Nowadays, there is only one way to go about your business, and it is the way forward. Your competitors and industry peers are adopting current business trends to put a foot forward in the marketplace. Also, we cannot deny or doubt the contributions of digital technology in transforming the face of online networking among businesses. The global reach has attracted many small and large enterprises to move their business dealings online. With in-house meetings and regional conferences, companies restrict their professional networking. However, organizing online conferences, meetings, and exhibitions makes a global audience interested in your products and services.

When a company builds its online profile, the chances for a professional network increase by 100%. Moreover, your global business network expands with your company.

Partner with a Supportive Virtual Events Platform

How would you organize and set up successful networking events? Virtual events platforms extend their services for leading corporations and businesses to host online networking events. These events include virtual trade shows, virtual product launches, virtual conferences, virtual meetings, virtual exhibitions, or hybrid networking events. Now, businesses display their products and services online for international professionals using 3D animations and graphics. Moreover, they get to host their remote teammates, business partners or potential prospects- at online meetings or webinars. 

When like-minded industry professionals interact and engage at an online platform, they exchange business ideas and work together towards a common goal. Who wouldn’t like to expand their business network? Interestingly, it is always wise to have professionals supporting your business ideas and helping you through global marketing. Now, corporations realize the importance of a virtual events platform. It offers a 3D virtual environment with virtual event marketing opportunities. Additionally, virtual webinar rooms, exhibition halls, event sponsorship, chat options, and networking opportunities help corporations take over business matters professionally.

Hook Professionals with Event Branding

Once you have decided on the virtual events platform, it is time to personalize the event experience for the attendees. You can fully custom design your landing page, halls, lobbies, booths and content for your website. After customizing the event experience, the industry professionals are impressed and ready to engage with your business. Moreover, there is a chance for you to represent your brand for people to relate to it globally. Your company is the talk of the town for industry professionals. In fact, the entire event is branded with logos, company colours, branded standees, videos, booth designs and company representative avatars at each booth. Thus, people quickly access and relate to the hospitality of your networking events. 

Suppose you are hosting a virtual trade show or a virtual product launch. Be sure to put exhibition booths displaying your company theme and branding. Use innovative strategies to make your online product launch event a success. Like, your networking event has more convincing power when the industry professionals have built their trust in you. Suddenly, you’re in the spotlight, and people are talking about your products and seeking your services. Indeed, these are smart kickstarts for you to expand your professional network through online means. So, why not make the most of your virtual networking events?

Engage Industry Professionals with Networking Events

Virtual events offer many interaction and engagement opportunities for their attendees. Use the networking features to connect and engage with business professionals from around the globe. Here’s a list of networking opportunities virtual networks provide; 

  • Connect with global audiences through text, audio, or video chat
  • Engage in private or group meetings
  • Set up chat rooms with custom topics to facilitate business dealings
  • Look for matching user profiles with similar interests and work experience
  • Use advanced matchmaking tools to connect with like-minded individuals
  • Use interactive webinars and seminar tools to capture the interests of individuals
  • Offer cross channel interactions with social media profiles
  • Use interactive gaming features to help event attendees engage in fun activities

Streamline Event Marketing and Sales

Why do businesses aim to expand professional networking? With online marketing of your brand, the company earns the maximum benefits, such as; global recognition, international market, increased return on investment, boosted product sales, and services outsourcing. However, what matters most is how your business streamlines event marketing and sales. For instance, you can track your event marketing leads using virtual networking events software and confirm sales following the event. Moreover, these platforms allow you to reach out to prospective leads from your professional network.

Post-event marketing is the most important for your virtual networking. Your hospitality made a lasting impact on the global attendees, and now is the time to assess their loyalty to your business. Firstly, send out post-event emails to re-invite potential industry professionals to engage in business networking with your company. Then, you can thank your attendees for their time and interest in the event or straight-up share the business proposals with them. Finally, a follow-up on the leads would be wise when your event causes much buzz. 

In Conclusion

Virtual networking events help expand your professional network. It is the ultimate solution for businesses in 2022. To keep up with the business trends of the marketplace, Virtual Days becomes an end-to-end virtual events platform for corporations worldwide. In fact, you may be residing at any corner of the world; connect with us and let us help you organize a remarkable business networking event. Use our feature-enriched platform to streamline your business deals with professionals across the globe. Join us today and watch us put your brand on top of the world!

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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