Choosing the Right Platform for Virtual Events

Right Platform for Your Virtual Events

We are now living in a virtual world. Traditional in-person events will entirely be replaced by virtual events and for all the good reasons. These events gather a large global audience and allow quick, seamless networking. However, careful preparation and execution are essential. To produce a memorable event, you need to involve attendees, exhibitors, and speakers associated with the business. It can be a lot to handle if you are hosting a virtual event for the first time. Thankfully, online event platforms come to our rescue. A virtual events platform could take up the responsibility for your online event. Therefore, finding the right platform for your virtual events is the job.

For that matter, a feature-enriched platform becomes the first choice for you to plan and execute a successful virtual event. The job is not like a walk in the park. Rather it is the process of weeks to months to finally hold an event online through a virtual events platform. Already, the shift from physical or in-person events to virtual events is overwhelming for corporations around the world.

So, there are five major steps to follow when looking for the right platform for your virtual events.

1- Learn About Your Audience

Once your purpose of the event is clear and you know what to expect out of the event, then comes the time to learn about your audience. Consider the following before you make final decisions regarding your event.

These are some important considerations before deciding on the nature of your event and its execution. Finally, it is time to decide on a virtual or hybrid event and an integrated platform to host your audiences.

2- Look for an Integrated Platform

Hosting a virtual event is no child’s play. You cannot invest time, effort, and resources in something that won’t pay off. Without the right platform, software, and sufficient tools, it is nearly impossible to pull off a successful business event. Therefore, an all-in-one integrated platform is necessary to help accomplish everything you have thought out for your event. With less expense and human effort, a seamless networking platform integrates the whole business event before you. Attendees can register for the event on the same platform. Users will not have a problem signing in or navigating the event as it is user-friendly.

It is important to note that you do not compromise on the quality of your event and fall into the trap of some substandard virtual platform. Instead, take your time and analyze which is the right platform for your virtual events-suits your needs and claims to provide a seamless experience.

3- Customizable Events Platform 

If you have found the right platform for your virtual events, be sure that it allows customization. Because nothing could be worse than using a platform that does not support the personalization or branding of your platform. It can be annoying when the event does not represent your business or company culture. After all, your event should capture the attention of your industry peers, competitors, and global corporations.

You need a flexible platform to represent your company’s actual lobby, halls, and auditoriums. Customizing the platform using 3D animations and graphics should be representative of company colors, elements, or fonts. A strong virtual events platform would surely let you personalize the event experience for your audiences. Make sure you get the following options before making a firm decision to partner with an online events platform.

4- Seamless Audience Engagement 

You know it is easy to have live audiences interact and engage with each other or the organizers throughout the event or at tea breaks. However, it gets super tricky to have remote attendees engage with other attendees at a virtual event. There rises the issue with zoom fatigue and human short attention spans. So, it gets tricky first to gain audiences’ attention and later engage them with each other.

The matter of audience engagement in a virtual environment is of grave importance. When picking the right platform for your company events, make sure you inquire the vendor what engagement tools are available for online attendees. Here’s a checklist of features you must look for before finalizing the right virtual events platform.

Also, find out if these tools are flexible and user-friendly for attendees. You can also filter and keep the engagement features most suitable for your event.

5- Research and Compare Virtual Events Platforms 

Let us share another important aspect to consider before finalizing the events platform. It is now time to speed up the process and look out for your options. Whilst the process of analyzing the platform, look around different platforms and compare the features. Consider the nature of the event and your business needs before choosing the most suitable platform. Draw your comparisons and consider the platform that fits you best. It is advised not to choose a platform that offers cheaper rates at the expense of quality and efficiency.

6- Get a Demo 

Get ready as you are at the final step to choose the best virtual events platform for your event. Now it is time to make sure that the platform is exactly as it portrays itself. Request a detailed demo of the platform and its events. Check and test the features, tools, and software the platform is using. What can you do to check if your event would be compatible with the platform? The first thing you can do is design a small replica of your actual event and run it over the platform. Try and test each feature you will use, spend time at the event and explore everything possible.

To Summarize

Sometimes a seemingly simple task can be a big responsibility for us. We understand how looking for a suitable events platform can be tricky. A successful virtual event requires careful integration and a systematic approach before going live. For that matter, Virtual Days formally extends the services of its immersive and seamless integrated events platform. Get a free demo today and join our virtual events platform that seamlessly connects global organizations, businesses, and educational institutes at our online, virtual, and hybrid events.



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