Great Virtual Event Themes for Any Experience and Event Type

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If you are an event organizer wanting to spice up things for your online audience, here are some takeaways. We understand that virtual events can be a handful. Especially when event organizers are responsible for hosting a successful recruitment event or annual business conference. Keeping up with the current event industry trends, we have devised a set of virtual event themes to adopt for your next big event. 

Here’s a set of virtual event theme ideas for any experience or event type. 

Virtual Recruitment Event Themes

Today, hiring managers face the music when it comes to moving their recruitment practices online. Fortunately, virtual events platforms ease the way for recruiters and hiring managers to adopt the best recruitment event themes to interact with global job applicants. Knowing your target audience is the first step toward entertaining them through the event. If you are to receive global applications, make sure your event speaks to people from all nationalities and backgrounds. Thus, deciding on a theme that represents your company culture and entertains your audience is crucial to the success of your virtual recruitment event. 

To begin with, decide on the type of recruitment event you wish to organize:

  • Virtual Job Fair
  • Virtual Diversity Hiring Event 
  • In-house Recruitment 
  • Virtual Onboarding Fair

Recruitment events are a great way to build brand awareness and hunt for the most qualified candidates for the jobs. So, be it any type of event, a virtual platform enables recruiters and hiring managers to use the best working themes for their virtual recruitment events. For instance, the virtual event themes could go as per the season, such as midsummer, winter wonderland, beyond the limit, ahead in the future, etc. 

Beyond the Limit:

When going virtual, consider the virtual event themes that speak of the future. Pushing behind all the limits of the physical world, your attendees step into the new arena of virtual events. So, use the virtual platform to your best advantage and customize the event theme to offer a personalized business experience to the attendees. For instance, you could design the avatars, lobbies, halls and event booths following a similar theme. 

Summer Season:

Celebrating the seasons is one way to design your virtual recruitment event. Welcome fresh graduates to your recruitment event with a dreamy and refreshing outlook of the virtual space. To top up the experience, you can offer midsummer themed virtual swag bags to the job applicants. Also, the entire booths, halls, and lobbies could go according to the summery theme with rainbow colours, bright graphics and themed video content.

Ahead in Future:

Businesses see virtual job fairs and career fairs as an opportunity to create a futuristic environment. The job openings at your organization attract new attendees from around the world. So, it is important to display futuristic virtual event themes to engage audiences in a 3D virtual environment. For instance, you could use the concept of metaverse, multiverse or virtual reality. 

Virtual Exhibition Themes

A virtual exhibition is a golden chance for exhibitors to showcase their products and services before the world. However, presenting your brand in a unique and personalized environment is how you win at your virtual event. So, be it a virtual trade show, product launch, or exhibition, use the feature-rich virtual platform to create a thematic display. Now, to ease the process for event organizers out there, here are some ideas to follow. 

Win Big:

Designing the virtual exhibition event can be tricky. You wish to encourage potential buyers to make real-time purchases. So one way to do it is to create a competitive environment to win the products and services. However, be very careful with what you offer. The attendees’ focus is to win, and the rest would most likely purchase the product.

Booth Hours:

Trade show exhibitors should offer free booth hours so attendees can interact with them and learn more about the event agenda. Consequently, potential buyers make informed purchases. 

Virtual Education Fair Theme

When hosting educational events, it is important to create an engaging and informative environment for the students. Basically, educational events such as virtual open days are a great opportunity to familiarize students with campus life, faculty, and student programs. So, creating an exciting and personalized virtual education event would help you win maximized student applications.

Sports Theme:

A sports gala theme works best for sports enthusiasts. You can customize the virtual space with tennis, football or cricket animations and graphics. Also, offering sports-themed prizes and swag bags wins your students’ trust. 

Activity Theme:

Students are easily excited with activities that put their skills and intelligence to the test. For that matter, a virtual education fair could offer various activities for the students to engage in. For instance, a virtual escape room is an activity that demands a bunch of students to escape from a locked virtual room. It helps students bond well and spend some quality time at the event. 

Outer Space Theme:

What else would excite the students? Give prospective applicants an out of this world experience by creating outer space themes. Currently, popular outer space themes are zero gravity, space travel and asteroid escape. Your animated avatars could wear astronaut costumes or you could design booths according to the space themes. 

Virtual Conference Themes

Today, business professionals and industry peers gather online at virtual conferences. A large number of attendees join online conferences to discuss new business agendas and ideas. Although, it is a challenge to make the virtual space exciting and engaging for the attendees. For that matter, event organizers plan out various themes to entertain the attendees throughout the business conference. Here are some ideas to follow when setting up your next virtual conference. 

Dream Team 2022:

A conference would boost the morale of team members. Teamwork is what helps organizations win before the marketplace. So, a dream team theme would encourage the teams to perform their best throughout the year. Also, the theme works best to appreciate the teams that won you top deals.

Seasonal Themes:

Seasonal themes work well for every event type. However, virtual conferences are best designed as per the current season. This offers a beyond-reality experience to individuals joining the event from the comfort of their homes. Virtual event themes such as winter wonderland, tulip festival, Christmas and spring encourage the audience to celebrate the season or holidays.

In Conclusion 

A virtual event is a great chance for event organizers to design and adorn the virtual environment with creative themes. These themes are ideal for any experience or event type. However, personalizing the experience for your target audience would ensure maximum registrations and attendee turnout. So it’s a win-win situation when you invest in event themes.  
Virtual Days leverages its advanced tech, tools and software to custom-design an entire event experience. 

Request a demo today and pick great virtual event themes for your next virtual event.



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