Best Practices for Hosting a Virtual Concert or Album Release

best practices for virtual concert

Are you a musician or a singer aiming to tap a global fanbase? Well, this is your chance to stream performances online and immerse attendees in virtual musical events. Today, specialized virtual events platforms aim to create the opportunity for artists, bands and singers to pivot to the world of online music. If you wish for your fans to trip in a safe environment, then follow best practices for virtual concerts.

Whether live or recorded content, virtual concerts are becoming increasingly popular. VirtualDays plays an active role in streaming your new album online with real-life musical effects. Your fans need not travel across seas to witness the biggest break of your career. Instead, a virtual album launch event gathers thousands of music lovers online. It is a highly cost-effective and efficient approach in contributing to a green environment.

Your virtual concert gathers global fans in a safe and secure environment. It wins you maximized revenue and global leads with music producers and sponsors. So, get in the game and make big bucks with your record label. 

Why Go Virtual?

Your audience is already available online. Be it YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, streaming the concert live is no problem anymore. But, these social media networking channels are not a reliable solution to creating an immersive and interactive online experience for the fans. Your audience is expecting a fun evening with uninterrupted live streaming of the entire concert or the streaming of tracks from album launch. You can begin with introducing your band, schedule album reveal segment, host Q&A sessions and present all the tracks from your album. So, why not give your fans something to remember? 

Recently, streaming the entire concert live through a virtual events platform is what’s winning for artists out there. Virtual platforms help artists gather their audience in a 3D custom-designed virtual environment with photorealistic graphics. Also, the virtual platform covers the entire process of your event, from ticketing and promotions to afterparty meet and greet.

Follow The Best Practices for Virtual Concerts

Partner with a Feature-rice Virtual Events Platform

If you wish for your concert and album launch to be the next big hit, consider a feature-rich virtual platform. The process of concert ticketing, registrations, and live streaming has to go hand in hand with accuracy and efficiency. Basically, with virtual platforms, it’s like having an entire team handle the process of streaming your live event. In fact, the platform efficiently manages music recordings or live musical streams to have the audiences seamlessly engage in the event. 

Mainly, the virtual platform is custom-designed with instructing buttons to help attendees easily navigate through the event. There are embedded chat options to engage with the support team or organizers directly. Also, the feature-rich platform has a built-in video vault which allows the fans to record the live performances of their favourite artists and save them in virtual swag bags to access later. So, choose a platform with advanced tech and tools to ease the process of live streaming your musical event.

Before partnering with a virtual concert platform, consider going through a checklist. 

  • Platform should be secure and end-to-end encrypted 
  • Check if available tech and tools support swift streaming of your show 
  • Make sure the virtual environment is customizable with moving avatars
  • Ensure that the global fanbase is welcome at the event 
  • Platform should support live streams on social media channels
  • Artists should easily interact with each attendee through live chat options 
  • Concert halls should accommodate a large number of attendees
  • Fans should be able to save the best performances of singers in the video vault 
  • Concert can be hybrid or entirely virtual with recorded audio or videos

Begin with Ticketing and Generating Revenue

A virtual platform creates a landing page for your brand to receive registrations and sell tickets for the concert. The process is secure and reliable with quick revenue generation. People purchase tickets for the shows of their favourite artists within seconds. In fact, fans purchase tickets quickly as they need not make themselves available for the concert dates or travel to a physical venue. Thus, tickets for the online show sell quicker than the tickets for shows at remote locations. 

With virtual platforms, ticketing and revenue generation is automated and secure. Pre-event ticketing helps you earn money beforehand and poses no risk for your concert. So, follow the tested best practices for virtual concert and watch the revenue bar go high. 

Set Up Gadgets for Recording or Live Streaming

While setting up a virtual concert, it is important to consider the availability of complete recording gadgets and instruments. For instance, mics or audio mixers are necessary for streaming a live show. Also, the lighting has to be good for the audiences to enjoy a seamless virtual experience. For example, the dancing lights and music beat lights could create a real-life atmosphere. Fortunately, you won’t need fancy musical sets, gear or speakers to impress your fans. Instead, basic gadgets would help you run the concert smoothly. 

In order to enhance the experience of live recordings of multiple artists, make sure you have the following gear set:

  • Audio interface
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Audio mixers
  • Headphones
  • Mics 
  • Tripods
  • HD cameras

Once you have all the recording gadgets and instruments in hand, it is important to pick a soundproof room and support acoustic sounds for the recordings. Precisely, the better the quality of sounds, the more extraordinary experience it creates for the audience. Although, the ball is in the court of record labels, musicians and artists for producing top-notch live music. However, it is the responsibility of virtual event platforms to live stream the event to an online audience joining the portal from remote parts of the world.

Host Fun and Interactive Meet and Greet Segment

Unlike physical events, online events allow artists to interact and engage with their fans individually. The virtual platform leverages its networking and engagement features to connect with die-hard fans in one-on-one or group chats privately. Also, audio/video chatting options are available with a meeting scheduler option for both the attendees and the artists. Especially, the meet and greet segments at the virtual events are hosted in branded meeting rooms. So let your fans feel special when their favourite artist recognizes them and speaks to them in real-time. 

Besides, to top the meet and greet experience, musicians can gamify their event and engage people in live polling or quizzes to spice up their live experience. Virtual events platforms extend all their services to make the concert experience fun and memorable for your fans. So, pick the platform wisely and follow the best practices for virtual concert. 

Work on Pre-Post Event Marketing

Would you let your efforts go in vain? It is essential to engage in pre and post-event marketing to ensure the success of your event. It would be best if you started promoting your concert and music albums from day one. There are multiple ways to promote the event, such as social media channels, electronic media, television, websites or other digital media platforms. Nowadays, for pre-event marketing, email marketing strategies work best. For instance, the email campaigns run a month, week or days before the final concert or album release event. 

Also, the website pop-up ads, social media sharing buttons, Facebook paid ads, and Twitter or LinkedIn ads help promote the event to a wider audience. Here, the call to action buttons with the ads encourage fan’s ticket purchasing behavior. In some cases, the music companies offer shareable online ticket badges to the fans, which works like a magnet to attract more people to attend the online concert. 

On the other hand, post-event marketing helps through the branding and promotions of your record label. For example, the success factors of people turnout, live engagement and fan reviews are shared either on social media channels or other digital media platforms. Plus, it encourages healthy competition among the competitors and boosts your confidence in following the best practices for virtual concerts and album releases online. 

Attract Global Sponsors to the Concert

Sponsorship works as fuel for virtual concerts. As of now, going virtual has more benefits for you. This way, you attract global sponsors to the event. Your name in the music industry helps you score credible sponsors. Use online platforms to your advantage and attract global sponsors ready to support your music or find it in their best interest to partner with your record label.

Sponsorship is a two-way business. It is important to promote your sponsors at every opportunity, such as at the beginning of the concert, during mid breaks, and post-event meet and greet segments. In the same way, get your sponsors to engage in pre and post-event marketing of your virtual musical night. These best practices for virtual concert helps you win at your efforts.

Collaborate with Other Artists

Do you wish to spice up things for your fans? Collaborate with the other artists and surprise your fans with all their favourite performers playing on a single platform. In fact, the collaboration between top artists and musical brands benefits both parties in the long run. It helps save them money and earn maximized revenue. 

Virtual Days is one such platform that allows you to collaborate with remote artists and live-stream their performances in the same show. So, pair up with your fellow bands and create magic. Let your fans witness the greatness of Jenifer Lopez and Shakira together in one place.

Join Virtual Days

If you are a music producer or artist, live stream your concert or album release through Virtual Days. Your music should transcend boundaries and binaries. Engage your remote fans in an immersive virtual experience by hosting a memorable virtual concert. We have all the necessary tools and technology to push you through the success of your online album release.

For that matter, we bring you a set of best practices for virtual concert which are tested and reviewed through our platform. So get in touch with us today and begin planning your big virtual concert.



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