Why Virtual Platform is Best Option for High Volume Recruitment?

Here’s an essential guide for you to high volume recruitment for your organization in the year 2023.
high volume recruitment

Hiring a perfect candidate for the job can be a real challenge. But hiring a large number of people all at once could throw you off course. With job openings readily available on the internet, job seekers find a suitable job in no time. Likewise, it takes seconds for hiring managers to take great talent off the market. We understand that the competition is fierce. Therefore, hiring managers have now adopted upscale recruiting strategies to seamlessly conduct mass hiring. Whether it is millennial or gen-z high volume recruitment, a virtual recruitment strategy helps you win every time. 

Wondering how? Hiring managers and recruiters partner with a virtual platform to expand their reach and easily connect with job seekers from around the world. So be it remote work or in-house hiring, a virtual job fair is an answer to your high-volume recruitment needs. Virtual platforms welcome you to the future by

  • Breaking geographical barriers
  • Saving your hiring costs
  • Supporting volume hiring
  • Automated screening process
  • Round-the-clock service

What is High Volume Recruitment?

High-volume recruitment is defined as the process of hiring a large number of people for multiple positions at your organization in a set period of time. Mainly, it is hundreds or thousands of hirings being conducted for various departments, projects, contracts or tenures. It may be large-scale hiring for your company’s short-term or long-term campaigns. For instance, there’s seasonal hiring of employees that you need to fill in for a construction project or cruise management. In other cases, high volume recruitment is conducted for call centres, retail, shared service centres, healthcare, real estate, or for hospitality. Recent research shows that around 65% of organizations have high-volume hiring demands. 

When companies wish to hire great talent at once, they often look for simpler and more effective solutions to speed up the process. But, let’s face it, the mainstream hiring process by HR managers is not to be trusted. It may take weeks to months with all the screening and follow-up interviews. For that matter, digitization brings innovative and scalable solutions for high-volume hiring. Thanks to the virtual recruitment process that has made hiring a concise and efficient process. Wondering how? 

Let us brief you on why going virtual is the answer to all your hiring needs. 

Why Go with a Virtual Recruitment Platform? 

With a virtual recruitment platform, you ease your way into hiring with an all-in-one platform for candidate screening, assessment, engagement and final hiring. The platform primarily acts as a hiring funnel that facilitates recruiters to hire talent faster and with great efficiency. It not only helps you find the right candidate but also filters hundreds of best-matched candidate resumes. Moreover, it saves you from the tiring process of in-person recruitment. On top, a virtual platform is highly customizable for you to create a personalized experience for your candidates.

Here’s why a virtual recruitment platform is the best option for high-volume recruitment. 

High Volume Recruitment with a Virtual Platform

In the era of technological advancements, virtual hiring is becoming increasingly popular. With support from the right platform and software, you can create a good hiring strategy that serves the purpose well. It not only puts your organization on the map but also helps fight high-volume recruiting challenges. Going virtual, you have access to global job seekers who might fit perfectly within your organization. As per glassdoor statistics, companies who have automated their volume hiring have observed a 70% improvement in the quality of hired employees.   

Check out this quick guide to the virtual recruitment process

Virtual Days open doors to endless possibilities. Not only does it fulfil your mass hiring needs, but it also helps build candidate pipelines. This altogether helps save you from future recruitment drives. 

Here’s how a virtual platform is the best option for high volume recruitment. 

Global Talent Aquisition

A virtual platform breaks all geographical barriers when hunting the right talent. It expands your reach to the far ends of the planet removing all the physical constraints. So, your candidates need not travel to a far-off location to apply for their desired jobs. Rather, opportunities knock at their doors online and have them appear 1:1 before a hiring manager. Basically, a virtual platform here acts as a matchmaker for the organization and global candidates. Using high volume recruitment strategies, hiring managers receive thousands of job applications at once. It definitely saves people precious time and money.

Diverse Hiring Opportunities

Volume hiring is always focused on diversity. By globalizing the reach, we welcome talent from different backgrounds, races and ethnicities. Moreover, people of different ages, sex, class and geography feel compelled to work for your reputed organization. This removes any hiring obstacles that might surface for applicants. Thanks to virtual platforms allowing candidates from different backgrounds to easily sign into the virtual career fair and apply for job roles. In recent studies, the United States is recorded as one of the top countries with 34% diverse foreign workers. 

Immersive Candidate Experience

When it comes to high volume recruitment, you might feel puzzled about gathering a large number of people on-site. It might cause a situation of panic to assist hundreds of candidates. So to save you from the hassle, virtual platforms help create an immersive experience for job seekers. It allows the face to face meetings with the recruiters in the form of online interviews. In fact, a meeting scheduler option lets everything flow, saving precious time for candidates and hiring managers. Also, real-time conversations through an online platform inculcate a sense of trust. It helps candidates put their trust in your employer brand. Likewise, the customizable UI & UX experience allows users to easily navigate their way through the virtual space. 

It is evident that high-volume recruiting challenges occur at each step. However, if well-prepared, you can give candidates an unforgettable experience. 

Seamless Screening Process

Without a doubt, screening a single applicant takes up a lot of effort, time and resources. It is deduced that 54% of recruiters find screening the most difficult part of hiring. So we can only imagine how tiring volume hiring can get. Saving us from the trouble comes with virtual events platforms. Basically, the platform offers you a seamless candidate screening process. Firstly, the candidates submit their resumes soon as they check into the hiring event. The platform then filters candidate profiles based on the job description entered by the employers. For instance, thousands of best-matched profiles are filtered within seconds to shortlist candidates most suitable for the volume hiring process. 

Later, the filtered candidates may go through elaborate screening through 1:1 interviews. Again, the video chat features are a plus for online human interaction. 

24/7 Expert Support 

With a virtual platform, you receive dedicated support from the tech team. You can reach out to the team via a quick email or the help desk centre installed at the event. The support team assists hiring managers and candidates alike. Virtual Days take this job seriously to guide their event hosts and attendees every step of the way. 

How to Handle High-Volume Recruiting?

If you are a hiring manager struggling with high volume recruitment, you have come to the right place. The first step to successfully mass recruiting is to partner with a solution provider platform that helps you through the event management process. Below we have listed high volume recruitment event that guarantees a 100% global candidate turnout. Once you have the right people on board, it is time to fill in the open positions at your organization. That’s right; you can hire an army of a hundred or more. 

By Hosting a Virtual Job Fair 

Virtual platforms help organizations hire candidates in bulk with a virtual job fair. It allows recruiters to post jobs on job boards, collect thousands of resumes, and interact with candidates in real-time. The profile filtration option automatically screens the best-matched candidates for the job easing the hiring process. Moreover, an audio/video conferencing option is available to offer an immersive online experience to the candidates. There’s no chance of error when it comes to volume hiring with a virtual job fair. 

Virtual Recruitment Drives 

A virtual platform allows hiring managers and in-house recruiters to host exclusive recruitment drives such as career open days or in-house recruitment events. Here, businesses invite job seekers from around the world to a custom-designed 3D virtual venue. A high-quality user experience engages attendees in live chat and networking with hiring managers. Basically, a virtual recruitment drive is built to accommodate more than 10,000 attendees all at once. This helps recruiters achieve their volume recruitment goals. 

Virtual Campus Hiring

Campus hiring refers to an event that is set up within the campus to attract graduate or post-graduate students for jobs in the market. It is considered one of the best ways for high-volume recruitment. Similarly, a virtual platform allows organizations to set up virtual campus hiring programs in the form of virtual open days. The 3D animated platform replicates the college building, welcoming a global student base online. Here, the students easily apply for a project, contract or tenure-based jobs. Thus, hiring managers easily score fresh talent in abundance to fill vacant positions at various departments in their organization. 

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Final Thoughts 

Let’s admit virtual recruitment platforms are the answer to all your volume hiring needs. Whether you are hiring a bunch of nurses or a workforce for the warehouse, we have you covered. With a virtual volume recruitment event, you have access to a global talent pool. Join Virtual Days today and hire hundreds and thousands of freshers or professionals on the same date. You can count on our virtual screening software for quick meet, filtration and mass hiring of employees. So quit wasting time and money on hosting in-person hiring events. 
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