Virtual Showroom

Take your marketing and sales to the next level with virtual showrooms

Wish to engage your customers in an immersive digital environment? Create global brand recognition with a 3D digital showroom where audiences seamlessly interact with the products and services.

Why Build a Virtual Showroom?

Tour the virtual space showcasing your products, tools, machines, catalogues and demos. In a virtual product showroom, you get an infinite open space overcoming any possible limitation of the physical exhibition. Here, the possibilities are endless as you can set up a virtual furniture showroom, virtual fashion showroom, pet show, food show or vehicle showroom. With a virtual presence, you win global leads, prospects, customers and clients all under one roof. Recently, global businesses have brought their marketplace online. Virtual Days offer a chance for brands and retailers to get on board and provide a superior virtual reality experience to audiences joining from around the world.

Create Photorealistic 3D Models of Your Products

Get the most out of our digital showroom software by creating 3D designs and graphical representations of your products. Provide all the product information to your virtual showroom service providers and create photorealistic 3D models of your products accessible to your global market. Plus, let your customers view the digital showroom from any device and make quick purchases. Virtual Days helps you pull off a successful event with maximum ROIs from your car model displays to window and door showroom.

Woman in VR headset touching objects in virtual reality.

Create a Stunning Digital Showroom Display

Display your Brand to Global Market

With a virtual showroom software, a 3D showroom is designed to receive the attention of audiences from across the globe. As per statistics, 53% of the global B2B marketers prefer a virtual brand experience over a physical exhibition. So, why not set up a digital showroom for remote or online attendees ready to make purchases. Mesmerize your customers with valuable displays of the products all over the showroom. Plus, you can place a representative at each exhibit booth attending to queries and helping customers make an informed purchase decision.

Discover Product Details with Animated Display

The digital showroom display of products would help customers formally examine the products. Virtual Days extends a team of graphic designers and 3D animation experts to highlight your business through the products. Your customers can explore the product details through an animated product display at each exhibit booth. Present all the product’s features, dimensions, size, colors, and depths through an animated display or a demo video and win leads easily. So bring your auto shows and fashion shows online to a global marketplace.


Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Showroom Event

Virtual showrooms are the game-changer for online sales and marketing for businesses worldwide. You access an online event and easily move about the virtual space, examining products and inquiring about details. Once you have selected a product, you can lock the item for purchase. Thus, use our virtual events platform to showcase your products at a global marketplace and win maximized leads. 

  • Unlock global reach by presenting exhibitors to a wide audience 
  • Attract prospect brands, sponsors, and customers to your exhibit booths
  • Let exhibitors and customers easily engage with each other
  • Save up on traveling, accommodation, venue, and food costs
  • Get real-time progress reports and ROIs record
  • Receive orders at the booths and close sales by reaching out to customers

A virtual event platform that entertains with the best event features and helps you to host stress-free virtual and hybrid events.

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