Virtual Fundraising Ideas 2021

Virtual Fundraisers are the latest innovation in carrying out charity events on a virtual platform.
virtual fund raising ideas

In these trying times, it is more important than ever to reach out and help those who are in need. Fundraising is not easy, especially in times like these when the majority of the nation is going through financial difficulties themselves. However, it is also important to realize that this is the time when people need support the most. With the current pandemic, holding large-scale gatherings is impossible in the physical world, but technology has broken that barrier as well. Corporations can hold charity events on an online platform as well with a few interesting tips and virtual fundraising ideas.

What is an Online Charity Event?

Virtual Fundraisers are the latest innovation in carrying out charity events on a virtual platform. The main goal of the corporation handling the event is to keep the clients interested so that they contribute to your cause. The main purpose of these events is to raise funds for the needy. These events utilize a combination of audio and visual aids through the use of a virtual platform to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

Features of an Online Fundraising Event

Virtual event platforms, like Virtual Days, enable corporations to hold fundraisers according to their own specifications. These could be live-streaming events that would allow attendees to log into the event from virtually anywhere in the world. This event could also span over a couple of days giving the attendees the ability to interact and participate with the corporation at their ease. Event platforms provide a virtual environment in which organizations can post pre-recorded video messages so for people to watch and interact with on their own time. So, the event is moulded to the preferences of the corporation holding the event.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Charity Events

The benefits of holding Charity events on a virtual platform are innumerable. These fundraisers allow corporations to give access to a wider range of people from all around the world. This increases the exposure to the cause and increases the overall donations that are collected. It eradicates the constraints of having to host events in specific physical spaces. Another great advantage of holding your event on a virtual platform is the fact that keeping track of the workings of the event is much easier. Handling money, collecting data, and keeping track of the donors is made much simpler. As these events do not need to cater to the costs of providing food, a venue, and other necessary equipment, it saves money as well. Lastly, they are great for the environment as well. Holding large gatherings on a virtual platform reduces the carbon footprint left behind by people and overall eradicates the pollution created by humans.

The Best Virtual Fundraising Ideas for 2021

Now that the basics of virtual charity events have been covered, the following are a few ways in which corporations can make events unique and interesting.

1. Host Webinars

Webinars are online platforms that provide corporations the opportunity to convey messages with regard to the cause under consideration. As webinars are recordable and have both audio-visual aspects, they are the best mediums for bringing about awareness. They keep the viewers engaged and interested while educating them on current situations. Not only are they informative, but they have also proven to be very useful tools for the propagation of your charity. Companies can reach out to motivational speakers and leaders to further promote their cause.

2. Hold a Virtual Concert

One of the things people miss the most about post-COVID days is the ability to go to concerts and listen to live music. Modern technology can help with that as well. A few days before the fundraiser, corporations can hold benefit concerts through the use of live-streaming software. This virtual concert will show people that affluent and famous artists are also involved with the cause, bringing in more donors. The performances would be streamed live, and people would have to pay a certain amount to participate. The attendees must know that all the proceedings would go towards the cause.

3. Provide a Virtual Tour

Corporations can raise more awareness about their cause when they use modern technology and give attendees a virtual tour. This would highlight the needs of the cause and give people the chance to connect with the organization. Inculcating a virtual tour of the cause would give the attendees a chance to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Not only will it increase awareness for the cause, but it will also increase the funds collected by the organization.

4. Hold an Online Auction

Corporations can set up a page on the main webpage, which will be the medium upon which auctions can be held. Items would be displayed on the page for interested people to review. After which they would place bids on the item that catches their fancy. It is important to keep the attendees engaged before the advent of the event. Through this event educate the audience about the cause and further explain why their participation is necessary.

5. Run an Effective Social Media Campaign

No other medium is as effective as social media when it comes to spreading the word about upcoming events and seminars. Social media is a medium upon which people spend the most time and money these days. Making it a great conduit for organizations looking to raise funds. Corporations should make plenty of social media pages which highlight their cause and the need to raise funds for them. They should also showcase the conditions of the poor and other charities to further raise awareness. Social media pages will further give information to a larger amount of people who are willing to donate funds to help charities


Virtual Fundraising events are the best ways adopted by non-profit organizations to raise money and awareness about their cause. These events are innovative, interactive, and informative, with the virtual fundraising ideas mentioned above, helping companies to stand out. Through the use of experienced online event platforms, corporations can mould charity events to their liking and in accordance with their preferences. Giving back to the community is important because as human beings we are obligated to give back at least some of the resources that we, ourselves have utilized.

Author | Zoha Junaid



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