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Do you remember how digital technology predicted a shift to virtual platforms? Well, the future is here already, and we didn’t even realize it. The pandemic wasn’t entirely to blame but sure played a significant role in transforming corporate business dealings. For instance, physical job fairs evolved into virtual recruitment events. With physical gatherings being at a halt, online businesses took a fast track. In 2021, time and distances are no longer relevant with online gatherings of people on a virtual platform.

Many businesses were being run online in the past. However, now a large number of businesses have moved to virtual events platforms to overcome the restrictions imposed by the Covid’19. However, this should not have been the case when virtual event solutions come with maximized benefits compared to traditional in-person events. You receive global attention from industry professionals and peers, receive maximized ROIs, and receive quick analytical reports. In addition, 75% of the hiring processes of leading businesses appear to be virtual. It is a cost-effective and time-efficient approach for new businesses or established corporations.

As a result, businesses are now looking for online platforms to host their upcoming virtual recruitment events. However, the struggle is real when you are looking for an experienced event organizer, planner, and virtual events supplier all in one place. Thus, it will turn into improved hiring processes.

What are Virtual Recruitment Events?

Virtual recruitment events are known to connect hiring managers with job seekers in a virtual or hybrid environment. The feature-enriched platform eases the process of hiring with job matching algorithms, chat, and networking, audio/video conferencing, or virtual webinar options. In addition, by collecting a talented pool of applicants at the virtual recruitment event, employers are at liberty to pick the best candidates. The resumes submitted at the virtual booths can be kept safe for later use by the companies reopening positions for hiring fresh candidates.

Online recruitment takes place in a wide array of ideas such as; online job fairs, virtual career fairs, alumni job fairs, digital networking events, virtual onboarding, virtual in-house recruitment, or virtual recruitment fairs. Companies are using other fun hiring event ideas to upgrade their

What are the types of Virtual Recruitment Events?

Virtual recruitment fairs play a key role in sourcing the right candidates for corporations worldwide. It is because job seekers link up with employers. So, there’s a variety of hiring events that companies can opt and organize to satisfy their recruitment needs. The list goes like this;

Virtual Career Fair 

Virtual career fairs are currently the choice of companies hoping to multiply their employee base. They welcome a global audience to the event to attract and retain potential job seekers. A career fair focuses on creating and presenting employment opportunities for fresh graduates; help them build a stable career. Here, employers either offer internship opportunities or discuss potential jobs with aspiring candidates.

Virtual Job Fair 

Job fairs are built to help organizations find the best talents from across the globe. It is the perfect platform for recruiters to post jobs, collect resumes, and interact with top candidates. In addition, a job fair helps you collect resumes and build candidate pipelines. These events focus entirely on onboarding potential employees, either remote or on-site.

Why Host Virtual Recruitment Event? 

Virtual recruitment fairs play a key role in aiding organizations to accelerate their staffing solutions. Virtual recruitment methods are now handled over online platforms, whether college recruiting events or mass hiring events. Whereas, the traditional recruitment processes manifested some common problems, such as:

  • Low in-person attendance volume due to inability of exhibitors and guests to participate
  • Expenses of traveling, venue, food, and accommodation for speakers and guests 
  • Time-consuming administrative planning and event organization 
  • Tiring manual resume sorting 
  • Hurdles in promotional and marketing campaigns
  • Inability to tap at all the event activity
  • No measurable results to gauge at event ROIs

That is why companies got tired of physical constraints with hosting in-person business hirings. Rather, they preferred hosting virtual recruitment events. Here’s a quick list of how hosting the recruitment processes online can benefit the corporate world.

Efficient Recruitment Tools

VirtualDays uses job matching algorithms to spot that perfect applicant with a sparkling resume. Therefore, a smart resume search feature helps to aid employers with sifting through candidate resumes. As a result, the process is easy and efficient for employers as well as job seekers.

Increased Attendee Volume

People may reside anywhere in the world, but removing physical participation encourages them to join right away. Therefore, more registrations, attendance, employee engagement, and interaction occur at virtual recruitment events. Just a mobile or laptop device connected through the internet makes applicants eligible to join the online hiring events and try their luck.

Establishing Candidate Pipelines 

Another clear benefit of hosting recruitment events at online platforms is that it attracts diverse talent to the events. Your company may be from a remote location of the city, but with an online event, you can easily welcome candidates from across the globe to apply for the job roles. Candidates can either take up the option to move to another city for work or work remotely from home. Moreover, this approach helps attract diverse backgrounds of candidates with efficient skillsets and expertise. So, employers host several job recruitment events to build up candidate pipelines for their current and future hiring needs.

Strong Employee Branding 

The customization and personalization at virtual recruitment events display employer branding. For example, you can put standees, company representatives avatars, or company culture with personalized booths. Moreover, the event displays special tabs for video content, vacancies, documents, chat options, and company overviews.

Efficient Information Exchange

Virtual recruitment days showcase video vaults and display a resource center to easily display company videos, photo galleries, brochures, FAQs, and more. This displays an attractive company picture and aids in the formal information exchange for the company.

Secure Live Chat 

Companies’ priority for current hiring needs is the virtual recruitment events. Without a doubt, the exquisite features of a virtual events platform convince businesses to recruit new employees online. They benefit from live chat features, engage with prospects, make booth representatives accessible to attendees, all in real-time. Also, the recruiters can use this technology to interview candidates screened through the job matching tools quickly.

Real-time Analytics Reports

An online event helps you gather real-time analytical reports on the event progress, attendee activities, and overall statistical data on the event progress. As a result, these insights help improve the event quality.

Set up a Feature Enriched Virtual Recruitment Event

Virtual recruitment events can be challenging when hosting for the first time. However, with clear instructions and guidelines to go forward, one can pull off a successful recruitment event. You do not want to leave a bland experience for the applicants or industry peers joining your event for the first time.

As said, the success of an online recruitment event depends on an exquisite feature set. This shall guarantee secure interactions and measurable event outcomes. So, here’s a bunch of guidelines to be practiced and features to be installed in your virtual recruitment event.

Develop a Comprehensive Landing Page

The first thing your audience will see is the landing page. Virtual events platforms allow you to customize it as per the company culture. You can design it however you like:

  1. Set up a registration portal where attendees can build their profiles or upload their resumes.
  2. It should provide an overview of the job descriptions, hiring process, schedules, job search advice, exhibitor details, and any information you wish to equip your attendees with. 
  3. It is your shop, so you can design it as comprehensively for your attendees as you like. You can also use 3D animations and graphics to create billboards and videos to welcome attendees to the event.
  4. Do not forget to assist your audiences when they need help.

Customize Booths with Employer Brand

At the virtual recruitment events, each exhibitor can customize their booths with company representative avatars. Likewise, the booths should enable a quick flow of information exchange between exhibitors, applicants, employers, and event organizers. The booths also have access to downloadable materials that visitors can take away, such as; company job boards, downloadable brochures, chat options, and videos.

The best part about these booths is that your employers can put their marketing materials, logos, and standees.

Provide Enhanced Networking Opportunities 

Virtual recruiting events bring with them enhanced networking opportunities. It allows job seekers to network with employers in a chat room using audio/video conferencing options. Also, a text-based chat option is available, and it swiftly forwards talent accessible for employer representatives. This enables open networking and discussions in the event recruitment atmosphere. Then, visitors are authorized to initiate conversations and develop valuable connections along the way. Formal interactions and networking consist of the following:

  • 1:1 text or audio/video chat
  • Live group discussions 
  • Recorded or live webinars with Q&A sessions
  • Live polling and surveys

Configure Immersive Webinar Options 

To make your recruitment events more comprehensive and descriptive for aspiring applicants, install immersive webinars for the event. These webinars aim to let keynote speakers from organizers present before attendees. Plus, it offers a formal Q&A session with industry experts or other guest speakers to exchange helpful information. This delivers an overall immersive attendee experience.

Ensure Easy Navigation for Attendees

Your choice of a virtual platform will come into play when the event is user-friendly for your attendees. For example, a virtual recruitment event should provide a fantastic user experience with expert navigation. It must allow visitors to browse and move about swiftly. The event space should be guiding each one of the attendees with signs or buttons. For example, it should have a state lobby, auditorium, exhibitor hall, information desk, networking lounges, each serving a specific purpose. They allow job applicants to navigate through the environment easily.

Install Virtual Help Desks 

A virtual recruiting fair can be easily daunting for someone attending a virtual event for the very first time. In times like these, organizers need to aid in helping attendees easily move about the event space. For that matter, help desks will be set up at the virtual hiring event. These act as a help or information desk with your technology or support providers onboard. This is to ensure that attendee queries are promptly answered and attended to.

Employ Smart Resume Search Tools

During an online event, resume searches of global applicants can become a real challenge. However, this issue is overcome with smart resume search features applied for a quick shortlisting of candidates. These searches focus on the employer’s interests or selected areas. They have access to tap into the best-matched profiles or resumes in a matter of seconds upon screening. Indeed, the job matching algorithms operate efficiently for both the applicants and the employers.

Set up Real-time Job Boards

A virtual recruitment fair consists of a job board where talented individuals and prospective employees submit their resumes. These job boards are highly descriptive with all the information on the job, such as; timings, job roles, location, and salary packages. Then, right at the platform, exhibitors can extract relevant pools of candidates screened to close the hiring process.

Uninterrupted Event Analytic Reports

Through a virtual recruitment fair, organizers gather real-time analytics reports. From digital footprints at the landing page to several registered candidates, applicant attendance is recorded. Moreover, you can measure the performance of attendees at each booth. For instance, registrations, attendee booth visits, or webinar views. Likewise, organizers receive complete data on an application received with resumes and chat initiated at the event. The detailed reports on the entire recruitment event will include:

  • Details on registrations
  • Total booth visits
  • Clicks per each tab
  • Total number of downloads
  • Chat volume
  • Total number of webinar attendees

Gamify the Recruitment Event

One of the fun hiring event ideas includes gamification tools such as scavenger hunts or leaderboards. These make the event easier to digest and fun to continue with. You can incorporate more game options to make the event more appealing and exciting for the attendees. Healthy activities as such are a must if you wish for your attendees to have a good time at the seemingly plain event.

But before you get started on setting up the event, make sure you follow this checklist.

Virtual Recruitment Event Planning Checklist 

Now that you feel confident to host a job or career fair, how about going over a checklist? You can consider or reconsider the important aspects which could otherwise be ignored in the event organization hassle. Let’s check what you cannot miss when setting up a successful recruitment event.

  • Define your event objective- Plan on throwing a refined hiring event like consider global employee hunt, define job roles, and predict attendee turnout.
  • Specify the event metrics you wish to achieve
  • Define your audience body and identify the target
  • Streamline content for audiences to relate to 
  • Pick a confirmed date for the event with surety on the availability of exhibitors, employers, sponsors, keynote speakers, and applicants (this suggests that you avoid public holidays or days with important events scheduled like sports)
  • Have partners onboard-Make sure they are notified well before the event, briefed, and guided about the event thoroughly. Also, create and provide for their materials, so there’s no mishap at the hiring event. 
  • Work on the promotion and marketing of the event with strategic channels such as email marketing, social media, and your official business website.
  • Set up an informative landing page and get people to spread the word for your event.
  • Work on the content for your event-Most importantly, create compelling content for a wholesome event experience. 
  • Deliver exactly what your visitors expect
  • Use live polling, surveys, or questionnaires to deliver your event’s purpose.

In Conclusion

A virtual recruitment event is the ultimate solution for companies to resume their hiring in a pandemic-stricken world. So, now organizing virtual recruitment events does not seem that scary. With a clear understanding and ultimate guide, anyone can run a successful event and benefit from it.

Here are some key takeaways from the virtual recruitment events guide;

  • Job seekers can easily join from the comfort of their homes
  • Virtual job fairs offer convenience, flexibility, and efficiency
  • Online events cost half as compared to physical events
  • A virtual platform can provide several powerful features 
  • Virtual Days is the ultimate service provider for your virtual career fairs



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