The Role of Virtual Platforms in Digital Employer Branding

Wonder why most of the recruitment agencies are moving their hiring processes online. Is this about targeting global applicants?
digital employer branding

Wonder why most of recruitment agencies are moving their hiring processes online. Is this about targeting global applicants? Or do employers wish to market their brand worldwide? Without a doubt, carrying on the recruitment processes over at a virtual platform helps organizations hunt for the right candidate and market their brand online before the world. Above all, the virtual platform is a customizable forum for organizations to attract a global candidate base to their digital employer branding.

We have observed the traditional practices of employers to advertise the job openings through brochures, flyers, newsletters, newspaper ads, and leaflets. However, with time digital practices replaced marketing tactics with advertising jobs on social media channels, pop-up ads, website postings or television. Although, virtual platforms have recently evolved into showcasing an employer brand in the best way possible by hosting a global audience and engaging them within your brand.


Recent studies have shown that 81% of the people today seek online job opportunities and prefer an online recruitment procedure. For that matter, employers look for a customizable platform where they can present their company culture and attract prospective candidates to a wide array of job openings.

Basically, a virtual platform is a complete solution to offer candidates an insight into the organization they are to work for. For instance, an organization presents its:

  • Company resources
  • Brand identity
  • Work-life
  • Employee benefits
  • Virtual tour of the physical office
  • Presentation on the job roles.

In other words, employees are familiarized with the organization and its offerings and make an informed decision about joining the organization.



Today, virtual platforms create remarkable opportunities for employers to altogether earn the loyalties of their prospective employees. The platform particularly becomes a digital hub for the organization to host their hiring events, be it a job fair, career fair or in-house recruitment. In addition, it allows employers to completely personalize the digital space with company representative avatars, standees, banners, and video content. In either case, employers can exclusively use 3D animation and graphics to showcase their brand around the platform, such as using:

  • Brand name
  • Company logos
  • Themes
  • Slogans
  • Tagline
  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Imagery
  • Photos
  • Visuals
  • Videos

From 3D entrances, halls, and lobbies to webinar rooms, the virtual platform significantly allows employers to present their brand at its best.


To begin, carve out an effective plan to present your employer’s brand. First, decide on the type of event you wish to host, such as; virtual job fairs, virtual career fairs or other virtual recruitment events. Plan your virtual job fair accordingly and customize the booth set up to welcome attendees to your organization. Further, from the entrance to the halls, a virtual platform becomes your hub for digital employer branding.

But, first, determine how would your event create a lasting impression on the target audience

  • How would you personalize the experience for attendees?
  • What is the number of job openings, and how would applicants submit applications?
  • How would you interact with the prospects and attend to their queries?
  • What are the main goals of your recruitment event?
  • Does your event accommodate multiple exhibitors or employers?
  • How would you personalize the branding experience for each exhibitor or recruiter?
  • How effectively would a virtual platform help you through digital employer branding?

Once you understand the goals of digital employment, you will have a carved-out action plan to follow through with your virtual presence on the cloud. Consequently, a well-planned and organized event would, in fact, help showcase your brand in the best way possible.


A virtual landing page is the first page where audiences interact with your brand. In other words, this is your chance to familiarize them with your brand as:

  1. The event banner speaks at length about your recruitment event.
  2. The eye-catching visuals and strong slogans mainly capture your audience’s interests.
  3. An overview of the job postings attracts global job applicants to apply for the job roles at your organization and first-hand interact with your brand.

By all means, the virtual landing page becomes a central point for all the employers, exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their brand names as well as identity. This is where you attract the attendees to your brand and in effect encourage their interaction with the employers.


Indeed, virtual platforms especially allow numerous global employers to place their booths within the exhibitor halls and showcase their brand identities. Exhibitor booths welcome attendees and in the meantime encourage them to apply for the jobs posted. Likewise, a company representative avatar attends to the applicants in a custom branded environment presenting the company through:

  • Banners
  • Digital standees
  • Images
  • Attractive visuals
  • Video content
  • Company representative avatar
  • Video vault with resource materials
  • Informative articles and blogs

However, it is indeed important to consider that:

  • Booth representatives should be well versed in representing the company culture, brand or work-life culture.
  • Put an introductory video with a virtual tour of the corporate building, departments and on-site routine
  • Engage attendees in live chat and familiarize them with your brand, company’s vision, aim and mission
  • Put on a constant slideshow to brief applicants on the work environment and employee testimonials


Webinars are considered a great source for employers to educate and inform the audience about their company culture. Fortunately, the virtual platform allows employers to custom-design the webinar rooms with screens displaying the entire presentation. Therefore, it is the most effective tool for showcasing the business agenda, convening the organization’s mission and educating applicants on the long-term action plans. Here, a presenter addresses and interacts with the audience through live Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes or surveys.

If you wish to create impressionable webinars, then implement the following:

  • Allow remote industry professionals to address the sessions and present the best picture of their organization.
  • Train the speakers to introduce your organization, job roles, company’s mission and its culture
  • Use rich content to grab the attention of applicants.
  • Offer downloadable resource material such as company yearbook, portfolio, successful projects list, or competitors lists.

Visit virtual webinars to learn more about creating branded webinar sessions at your next recruitment event.


Virtual platforms have reshaped the marketing and branding approach for employers wanting to go global. Whether a virtual or hybrid model, digital employer branding helps retain the employee base. How an organization educates the people about its brand ensures their loyalties and commitments. So, showcase your brand in a personalized virtual environment and create a lasting impression on your audiences.

Virtual Days encourages employees to join the platform and host remarkable virtual job and career fairs to attract a global audience to their brands. Request a demo today and plan your next recruitment event with us!



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