Show Off Your Campus Facilities with Virtual Open Day

Show Off Your Campus Facilities

Wondering how to score maximum admissions for your institute this year? The best way to encourage students to enroll in the available programs is by showcasing all your facilities. Mainly, interested students approach student advisers to guide them through. These advisors assist students with all their queries and complete aspects of their admissions to the university. The queries may range from personal to academic in nature. For that matter, institutes organize an open day for all the prospective students to familiarize them with the campus facilities and available programs. 

However, with Covid 19 pandemic, we have observed a decline in traditional methods of university open days. Like, with education moved online, the digital technology also leveraged virtual platforms for hosting virtual university open days. Now universities get to show off their campus building, faculty, and programs to a large number of prospective students joining online from across the globe. 

Why Host Virtual Open Days?

The feature-enriched virtual platforms allow universities to present a glimpse into their facility in a safe and progressive way. At first, the students get to experience campus life, speak to the faculty, network with campus counselors, visit libraries and halls, attend live talks, and roam around the campus through a virtual tour. In short, a clear heads up on all the available student facilities helps students make an informed decision about their higher education. On the top, virtual events platforms allow universities to keep open days running for as long as they wish. 

Are you still wondering why it is important to host a virtual open day? Virtual platforms allow you to create a dynamic virtual space using 3D animations and graphics that portray your campus’s replica. As a result, you get to create branded booths for varied departments at the university, showcase student dormitories, and entice them towards recreational activities. In addition, each booth and hall is equipped with university admin avatars to enhance the virtual experience for students and their guardians. 

But, there’s more to it and let us explain how universities can show off their facilities through a virtual open day. Also check, why do universities need to host a virtual open day?

Present a Virtual Tour of the Campus Building 

To begin with, attract the student base to the campus building. Showcase the entire building in its full glory. It may be a 360 degree recorded tour or live virtual tour of the campus corridors, halls, sports grounds, auditoriums, libraries, or hostels. Make sure you engage the students in a way that they can imagine their future. For instance, the students joining from far ends of the world should be able to tour the entire campus building they are to study at. Moreover, these students must visit the departments they wish to apply in. 

These campus tours encompass virtual building and facility tours. By installing a map at the virtual open day, you allow the students and parents to move about the space exploring the facilities independently. 

Show off the following campus facilities easily using a virtual open days platform.

Showcase Campus Life

Once the attendees step at the landing page, they expect to have a taste of the campus life awaiting them. A student journey documentary would be ideal for prospective students to clearly understand their life at the campus. For that matter, the faculty, staff, and administration are the right information source for the students. They can brief them about the student advisors, academic affairs community, hostel life, recreational activities, programs enrollment, library access, and student meetings. 

In short, the students learn about the quality of education, programs, quality of service, and positive student experience, 

Present Programs and Course List 

The next step towards showcasing your facilities is to engage students in your available courses and programs. With virtual open days, universities can set up departmental booths with faculty avatars to engage students in a healthy discussion about available courses and programs. So, create departmental booths that present the course information to students and attend to their queries in real-time. In short, students receive the programs information on: 

  • Program Areas
  • Degrees Offered
  • Concerned Faculty and Departments 
  • Summer or Winter courses
  • Exchange Programs  
  • Research and PhDs
  • Course Calendars
  • Online programs 

In order to make an informed choice about their course of study, students should have access to information about these program facilities.

Present Recreation Activities Facilities 

Recreation is an essential part of a student’s life besides academics. The newly admitted students get to interact with their seniors, faculty members, or university staff through these activities. Here, the virtual open day allows you to share a detailed student recreation activities calendar. Basically, it includes all the upcoming events details students can take up between their scheduled classes. For instance, the schedules of weekend trips, concerts, sports events, and prom. 

In addition, it also carries information about students’ active involvement within management in these recreational activities. In fact, students also get to learn how to earn easy tickets to these events and get an idea of bake sales and luncheons.

Show Off-Campus Libraries

The digital display of libraries is a safe and efficient way to familiarize students with campus facilities. Like, the students attending the open day online would benefit from a tour of the well-stocked libraries. Once they get a clear understanding of the number of helping materials available at the campus libraries, they get to make an informed decision about their admission to the institute. For instance, a law student expects many books available within the library. For that matter, the virtual open day allows universities to showcase the entire subject-specific libraries.

Moreover, some other categories of books and DVDs are made available for the students to engage themselves within the facility during their free time. Here, the librarians are also available online to attend to students’ queries specific to their major subject. Also, the students with research degrees get a clear idea of the text that could support their study. 

Exhibit Computer labs

In order to complete routine homework and tasks, students need computer systems. So, for that matter, universities set up computer labs for students on campus or digital libraries for students opting for online education. As soon as you give them a virtual tour of the computer labs, geeks decide to enroll. Also, you receive the attention of prospective students who are looking forward to lab memberships on a yearly basis. So, it is better to put out all the available machinery specifications for software and design students to take a sigh of relief. 

Present Sports Facilities

Student life has its perks as it helps an individual explore its potential in areas other than studies. They do not just have to sit at the study desks. Rather, students enroll themselves in co-curricular activities such as sports. For instance, the university sports facilities offer students the opportunity to join sports clubs. Thus, universities use the virtual events platform to showcase the students’ sports facilities such as; playing fields, indoor stadiums, golf grounds, football courts, swimming pools, and tennis courts. These facilities are easily accessible to the members of the sports club. 

Additionally, some campuses offer indoor gyms for students to carry on their routine workouts during the day.

Student Dormitories 

The dormitories available within the campus are a plus for most students. It is an affordable and convenient choice for students to stay close to the other campus facilities. So, use virtual open day to your full advantage and set up a 360 tour of the student dormitories. In fact, the parents and guardians are most interested in this facility. As a result, it encourages them to quickly enroll their children in universities.

In Conclusion

Introducing the students to all the campus facilities is how you convince them to enroll. Earlier, one could not imagine the scope of virtual open days. But, by partnering with a feature enriched virtual events platform, universities can present their campus facilities to prospective students residing in far ends of the world. Campus life is what students are interested in. So, present them with all relevant information on your university facilities, from libraries and recreational activities to student dormitories. 

Virtual Days encourages universities to use its dynamic platform and familiarize students with all its campus facilities. 



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