How to Make Your Online Product Launch Event Successful

To begin with, a business needs a strong online presence for its products to attract potential customers. Showcase the new product to a global marketplace.
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When you have a new product in-store, you don’t simply put it on the shelf. It is highly unlikely that anyone will pay attention to your new products unless you have created hype. In fact, after years or months of dedication, your product is finally ready to see the light of day. So, why not make a big deal out of it? Businesses nowadays realize the importance of marketing their products before they hit shelves. When you get the word out, potential customers, investors, and influencers roll in. Then it is showtime! Showcase the new product to a global marketplace. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has discouraged the physical gatherings of people at a physical product launch events. However, digital technology has enabled businesses to extend their reach online through virtual event platforms. 

The Success of a Product Launch Event

Now, in order to make product launch events successful, businesses are hosting their launch events at a reputed virtual product launch event platform. Your product is now ready to hit stores worldwide, but it is not only the regional market you wish to approach. We are talking big bucks here! So target global audiences and debut your product in front of thousands of people tuning in from different parts of the world. Still, wondering how beneficial is a virtual platform for you?

Here are a few tips on how you can pull off a successful virtual product launch event at a virtual events platform. 

1- Join a Virtual Events Platform

To begin with, a business needs a strong online presence for its products to attract potential customers. When organizing an online launch event, you will need to partner with a virtual events platform. The perfect product launch takes place at the right online events platform. As soon as you’re on a virtual platform, it would be best if you begin planning your event formally. You sure wish to generate new customers and retain the confidence of your online family. For that matter, design an event captivating the attention of new or existing customers across the globe.

Another benefit of an online show is that it generates leads and global sponsors. Moreover, remote exhibitors easily join the event and make their contribution to event sales. The immersive features of a virtual events platform make it one of a kind to showcase the product beautifully using 3D designs and animations. Inform your potential buyers about the benefits of the product. 

In addition, you can access the booths installed at the launch event and customize them as per company culture. Not just that, a virtual events platform is full of surprises and brings in maximum opportunities for you. For example, businesses can easily showcase their products at the booth, create product demos, and receive orders right at the platform.

2- Create Social Media Hype with Strong Marketing Campaigns

Your event is only as successful as its marketing approaches. First, unveil your product the right way before your loyal customers or the global marketplace. Before your big event, jot down all the necessary teasers you can display on your social media profiles. Then, get the attention of customers, marketers, sponsors, and exhibitors. The best approach is to put all five fingers in the marketing of your upcoming product. Wondering how? For instance, you can create social media posts, email marketing campaigns, pop-up ads on the website, press releases, or even news ads. The more people are talking about your event, the more leads you will convert.

Today, smart business marketing approaches involve social media giveaways. You can either promise a free event ticket or the product itself. Similarly, social media can be a win-win for you when it comes to selling tickets. However, email marketing works best to keep customers interested in the event and keep them updated. (Also check the best way to market your product online.)

3- Create an Informative Product Launch Event

Why not use the virtual platform to the fullest? From live webinars, and seminars to private/group chats, a virtual platform fully equips businesses to win over their customers. Create dynamic content for your virtual product launch event. First off, put branded standees at the event, product brochures, leaflets, and a descriptive video presenting all the product details. Then, display the product in a 3D animated form for clients to easily examine your product’s colors, details, texture, size, depth, and other features. These product demonstration videos can be made available as downloadable file for the attendees to keep safe in their video vaults. Moreover, you can link the products to product landing pages.  

Likewise, businesses can set up informative demos, webinars, and private/group informative sessions for customers with a bunch of queries. Again, the more quickly you attend to the queries, the same way you win the sales. 

4- Encourage Networking Opportunities for Attendees

Virtual events platforms allow you to custom design the exhibit booths. Customers or leads can engage in conversations about the products right at the booth through 1:1 or group chat interfaces. Moreover, the booths provide options to either go for audio or video conferencing as per the client’s request. Also, the option of a meeting scheduler is available at each booth for customers to request an individual meeting from exhibitors. In other words, the following networking opportunities are available for businesses.

  • Live or recorded webinars
  • Personalized webinars
  • Group or 1:1 chat interfaces
  • Audio/video meetings
  • Meeting schedulers

Similarly, live or prerecorded webinars are a practical approach to address the ceremony in one place. In addition, there are personalized webinar agendas also available for prospect leads to get acquainted with the company, its products, and services.

5- Choosing the Right Moment to Launch

Since the teaser videos have already created a stir in the world marketplace, it is important to decide when to launch your online event. The process is quite tricky when it comes to posting teasers, mentioning the release date and the actual day of the event attracting sponsors and exhibitors. Do not share teasers too soon; follow two weeks from the release date to the launch event.

Another important factor for the success of your event is that it should fall around big events such as Christmas. But, on the other hand, the newly launched product may become the favorite choice of attendees. In that case, make the product launch event a success by releasing the product right in the time of New Year.

6- Devise a Follow-up Plan to Push Sales  

Usually, it happens that when the launch event is a complete success, the sales go down after the peak days. In these times, you need to send off another wave of product marketing, which shall create the buzz in the clientele. Engage in social media activities, schedule giveaways, popularize the hashtags, run social media ads, and send a newsletter. 

If the sales don’t go as expected, offer discounts, deliver gifts with the products or allow complementary add-ons. The focus is to get these products up on sale for whatever it takes.


A successful product launch requires careful preparation and execution. However, it is most important to host these events at a virtual events platform and let the team take all the headaches. Do not mess with a great opportunity to introduce your product to the world through virtual means. Nowadays, businesses get to accelerate sales by hosting a global clientele at their virtual event. That’s what your business needs, isn’t it? The platform of Virtual Days effectively showcases your product to the world out there. Join us today and run a successful product launch event! 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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