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Virtual events help expand the reach of your event to a global audience. You can host events in a safe 3D virtual environment diminishing the need for a physical venue, travelling or accommodations for remote attendees. Attendees can join the event from anywhere at any time. It replicates the in-person experience with 3D animated avatars, virtual walkthroughs, customized halls, and meeting rooms.

Our recruitment events platform aims to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage global interactions in a green environment. We plant ten trees against each virtual event hosted from our digital events platform. Diminishing the need to travel to a physical location, Virtual days  helps you save on transportation, venue, and travel expenditures. Is this your first virtual event? Join us to achieve high-volume hiring, international hiring, graduate career building, and virtual onboarding.

During your registration, at the bottom of the window, there is a field where you agree to the terms of use and the terms of your participation. It describes in detail how to manage your personal data.

If the fair is currently ongoing, you can chat with us via the chat function and our team will be able to assist you immediately. Otherwise, you can email your enquiry to support@virtualdays.com and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Please ensure you use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome when accessing the back office. VPN and Firewalls may stop you from accessing core features. Therefore, please make sure you check the system requirement document in advance.

Virtual event platforms are one of the best innovations of the modern era as they just work toward making everything easily accessible and extremely user-friendly. These platforms are designed to make hosting events virtually, keeping in mind the low cost as compared to holding a physical event. They provide the host with an array of features to enhance their event and put themselves well in line with modern times.

Recruitment Events

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A Virtual Recruitment Fair is a candidates screening or hiring event hosted online through a virtual events platform. It is basically an alternative to a physical job fair. All in one, the virtual recruitment fair immerses recruiters in a feature-rich platform advertising job roles, filtering resumes, hosting webinars, and scheduling interviews online with right candidates. A virtual recruitment fair is accessible for all users via mobile, laptop, tablet, and PC and does not require any physical travel.

Virtual Recruitment Fair offers multiple ways of LIVE and on-demand communication in a unified (SAAS) platform between potential job seekers (attendees) and Hiring Companies (Exhibitors). 

Attendees can connect live with hiring managers via Instant Messaging, Voice, and video calls seamlessly through mobile, laptop, tablet, or a PC. No download is required. Users need an internet connection and a browser to access the Virtual recruitment fair.

Virtual recruitment offers many dynamic features such as Matching technology, 3D animated walkthroughs, Live and pre-recorded webinars, interview scheduling, virtual booths, goodies, networking, assessments, polls, and more.

Ideally yes as one of the main aims of running a virtual event is being available to engage live through chat with attendees just as you would at a physical event. If you want attendees to look around then our matching technology will direct them to their perfect job and you will see the applications awaiting you.

Request a demo to learn about the complete virtual recruitment process at support@virtualdays.com

Employers can add documents in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint format or videos in YouTube or Vimeo format. The maximum file size is up to 40 MBs. 

Please email us at support@virtualdays.com for technical support and inquiries.

For any queries regarding the fair, contact our support team at support@virtualdays.com

  1. It's accessible for all users from any communication device.
  2. Job seekers' behavior has changed over the years - Today, most applicants look online to apply for jobs. Connecting them with proactive hiring managers via Virtual Recruitment Fair offers convenience, better reach, and turnout ratios.
  3. 100% reduction in carbon footprint - The physical event industry contributes to a massive 28% of carbon emissions in the US every year. Great if your organization is looking to go carbon neutral.
  4. Excellent for attracting job seekers from Across multiple locations, nationwide or international.
  5. Suitable for a large volume of hiring
  6. Ideal for attracting graduate hires.
  7. Offer an innovative way for candidate attraction and engagement. 
  8. Expedite your recruitment process by screening, shortlisting, and interviewing job seekers all in a single platform.

There is no limit for candidates' registrations to any one event. The largest event we hosted was over 30,000 attendees registered during three days of live events.

A virtual event platform that entertains with the best event features and helps you to host stress-free virtual and hybrid events.

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